Loving Her | #2

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"I would stay awake for years if it meant that you could sleep well tonight.

If it meant that you felt alright." Andy dropped the note down to the beat of her heart, her pale green eyes watering a touch as a soft squeal leaving her lips as she sighed.

"It's sweet, Andy" Sloane laughed over the phone, smiling at her friend's bubbly attitude from the notes if the secret admirer.

"Sweet?" Andy scoffed, sitting up in her bed in a wild gesture that Sloane couldn't see "It's beautiful! How does someone write this and give it to someone without wanting to take any credit for it?" She ran her fingers over each note she had laid our on her sheets

"I don't know. Sometimes speaking face to face with someone is much more daunting than just being able to imagine how it would be." Sloane thought back to the nervousness she hid from Parker the day they met, her heart blooming with the love they had found in one another "Take it from someone who knows"

"But you and Parker are dating now. It turned our well for you." Andy flopped back down with a sigh, her head falling off the bed, her legs and abdomen the only thing holding her up on the mattress "Maybe it could turn out well for me, too"

"Don't you like Vincent?" Lo asked, curiosity laced in her voice. She could barely ever find herself in a 'love' conversation with the ruby haired girl. They spoke more of arts and imagery. Occasionally, academics, but that was neither their interests.

"I do, I really, really do," The girl thought about the lovable boy, how he made her feel and notice so much more of the world's life. She let out a soft sigh, pulling herself up onto her bed more comfortably "but he just doesn't seem that interested"

"Because you never pay attention"

Andy blew out a raspberry, cuddling into her bed covers "I don't know. This guy, whoever he is, is making it like a competition between the two. And with Vincent, it's like, maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but with this guy. Wow. It's so mysterious, and beautiful."

"What if it's a girl?"

Posing this question was what Bea had posed to Sloane initially, the night she had first been texted. It was one she didn't mind, since she preferred boys, but never knew if there was a girl out there who would take her heart.

"Then I'm going to date her, fuck. It's not who the person is. It's the writing, Lo"

Sloane smiled at the familar thought process between the two of them. Love was love, and they knew that.

"I know what you mean"

"I know you know what I mean. That's why I'm telling you about it" Andy laughed at her friend, thankful that Sloane had found the happiness she so greatly deserved from the world.

"I can't believe he's mine sometimes. Of course I had fantasised about him, the hottest brooder around, actually liking me, but now... God, he loves me. And I love him. It's so scarily perfect"

The grin that formed on Andy's face was one of the proud friend that saw exactly what she wanted for someone she cared for so dearly "You deserve this happiness, Sloane. Never think you don't"

"You sound just like him," Sloane bit her lip, looking toward the photo she had on her bedside table of her lover - the only one she owned of just him as he smiled "telling me I'm worth the world, and what not"

"Because you are"

A soft smile lit Sloane's delicate features. Her heart beat twice before she spoke again to the confused red-headed girl across the line "And so are you"

There was a silence following those quiet words, their meaning so sincere and serene that both girls fell into their own separate loops of thought, almost breathlessly.

For Andy, she thought of a love she might have.

For Sloane, she thought of a love that she never imagined she'd have.

She stared at the crescent moon tattooed upon her skin, the symbol of constant change, and a small grin graced her lips.


The girl blinked out of her reverie "Yes?"

"I don't know what I'm going to do" Andy admitted with a hefty sigh, pulling her hair back into a ponytail with the hair ties that clung to her wrists.

In times of stress she could hardly solve in an instant, her hair made movements such as this.

Up, down. All around.

She was never comfortable until her issue was resolved or her anxieties well repressed.

Sloane thought deeply for a moment, wishing to be by the side of one of her greatest and dearest friends "That's okay. Take it as it goes"

Another sigh left the green-eyed girl's lips, turning into what would be better described as an irritated huff as she rested her heavy head's weight on her arm "Also I have to piss"

"Go piss"

"But we're talking"

Sloane giggled at one of her greatest loves - a friend she'd had for every time she'd ever needed one - acting like a complete ignoramus "We've seen each other in a lot worse states than pissing you can stay on the phone you fucking weird bitch"

"It's different..." Andy pursed her lips before releasing a tight-lipped sigh of embarrassment, her cheeks heating past boiling point "I get stage fright"

Bellowing in laugher, the golden eyed girl almost lost all balance of herself -catching her senses the moment before she rolled head first off her bed. Calming down and wiping the tears of laugher from her eyes, she continued to speak with blatant honesty to her embarrassed friend "Stage fright? Are you kidding?"

"Hey!" Andy sat back in a huff with an over-exaggurated pout on her lips - though Sloane couldn't see her "It happens to a lot of people"

"If you don't get to that toilet right now I'm going to... Uhhh... Tell you to go pee again? I don't have any threats"

The redhead sighed with happiness in her breath and finality in her words "I love you"

A smile cast itself on Sloane's face at her sudden change of heart and conversation "I love you too"

No words were more honest from either girls. There was love through the friends, and there always would be that love resonating between them, no matter what weathered their feelings.

They cared for all the people that refused to.

And they joked that way, too, because nature could call as well as phones could.

"I'm gonna go pee, bye"


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