Loving Her | #2

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In a soft heartbeat, the world turned slowly but surely through each passing second.

Tender caresses of the moonlight were hushed to bed gently by the gentle kisses of the sun that lasted through every smile and kisses laid.

A shine that to painted the grass, and a lustre from stars which reflected that on waves against golden sands.

Time passed by like a freight train on a deadline, and no one could hold those days back, they couldn't take that weight alone on their shoulders.

Even if they tried so desperately.

As days moulded into weeks, Vincent almost didn't feel like he was the one writing those notes anymore. He was opposing himself for Andy's attention and affection. Though he hated it, he so adored the look on her face as she read each handwritten note.

Her apple green eyes lit up with adoration, sparkling like soft moonlight in the water of a settled pond. Her peach pale lips drew into a delicate smile, her cheeks being brushed with light pink that contrasted against her light freckled skin - it was so beautiful.

It was, truly, his greatest inspiration.

"Yo gayboy, ready to get your piss on? I want to get fucked up and you're my guy of the day"

Vincent cracked a smile as the girl ran to his side, elbowing his ribs gently "Not tonight Bea, it's a Tuesday"

Bea's grey eyes squinted at the boy, who she knew fully would party any time "Exactly why you'd be up for it"

"You're not wrong," a scoff left my boy's mouth as he shook his head at the shorter girl "But I'm broke at the moment"

She scoffed. Being broke had never stopped them before "Coward" She muttered under her breath, her silence taking place as she walked towards Sloane.

Sloane smiled as the image of the girl she had first met shone through Bea. Confidence through the roof, comedic gold in each sentence, teasing tricks - much like that of Loki.

Only problem was when they entered the school gates, she was back to Shy Bea who wouldn't say a word she didn't have to.

All because of Amber fucking Priestley and her insecurities. How dare she. Fucking cow.

One thing to note about Sloane was that she always had a complacent smile on her lips through her day to day life because she was truly content.

However, to see her eyes red with fury and her jaw clenched, it was clear in her set expression that the next person to cross her way was dead.

Though terrified of the petite girl in her current stature, Vincent placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, relaxing her stance almost immediately. He cleared his throat before he spoke to be sure his voice and purpose was clear - he was the serenity and tranquillity for his friend "What's shaking, Lo? The frown you've got on is kind if terrifying"

Sloane gritted her bottom teeth from behind tight lips "That's a story for a much, much, much..." her fists clenched to a chalk white with blemishes of red that proved that she knew her fists all too well "Different time"

Vincent asked not of the scars left on her delicate hands, but trailed his words to attempted comedy so that stained expression on the girl's face would change back to how it was before the wind changed "I didn't think evil was a look you could manage"

A sly smile did manage to reach Sloane's lips, her body no longer straining to keep her in her place.

She was always thought of as so gentle and fragile , even when she was younger. But gentle only lasts so long as you're unbroken. What she had done, the moon and sun were the only witnesses. Sloane could control it better now, though, the pent up anger.

She was a secret to be unravelled, and only she, and a boy with ocean eyes who saw her with only love, knew that for sure "Oh, you'd be surprised at what I can do when someone rubs me the wrong way"

Of course, Vincent did wonder of the story which caused a blushed beauty to turn into a fierce fire. It was freakishly stunning to see such wavering emotion from someone who had been so consistent. Vince would never ask, so, for now, he would be the smile she needed "I can just see you on the big screen. As you scream, 'Omae wa mou shindeiru' to your competitor. 'N-n-nani!?!-'"


"I'm Asian, leave me alone"


At her absolute silence, Vincent sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. He squeezed the bridge of his nose with eyes screwed shut as he admitted to the true fact "Andy made me watch anime again"

He felt as if his heart beat slower as he saw the smirk growing on the girl's lips. In his mind he begged her to stop in her tracks, but she would tell him what he refused to admit - genuinely- to anyone, even himself at times.

"W. H. I. P-"

He groaned at each letter she spelt it out for him - how utterly in love he was with a girl he believed wholly and fully would never love him too.

"Don't finish that-"

It was futile, and the both of them knew it was, because when Sloane set her mind on something , she achieved exactly that. Even if that thing was being a huge piece of shit "P. E -"


"D." A mischievous laugh left her lips as she saw the downcast look on the brunette's face "Baby boy, you are WHIPPED"

"Leave me alone"

The boy sulked, because he knew that he was, well and truly, whipped.

Without her he was lacklustre. Without his muse, what would he write?

The feeling of her was fading as she left his line of sight like fading light.

The tempo of his heart slowed and he lost his air without her around.

'In the moment,

My heartbeat was steady,

My lungs were heavy,

And I had never felt further away from you.'

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