Loving Her | #2

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l o v e ?


i carved a letter into the dirt one day,

i think we had only turned seven,

and i asked you to be in love with me.

i didn't know what it meant, at seven.

but you did, and you said you wouldn't.

i drew another letter to you the next day,

i think we just turned eleven,

and i asked you what love was.

i still didn't know, at eleven.

but you did, and you wouldn't tell me.

i penned a letter to you again in a few weeks,

i think we were now sixteen,

and i asked you why you didn't love me.

i didn't know you were with an older boy, at sixteen.

but you were, and you couldn't tell me about love.

i sent a text to you a month or two ago,

i was twenty one and so were you,

and i asked if you still loved the older boy you told me about.

i didn't know that he hit you, and you left him even though you had no where to go.

but you didn't love him, and you didn't reply to me.

i wrote an email to you today,

i'm now thirty-three,

and i asked if you had any love at all.

i didn't know you were asking for me everywhere.

but i didnt send it,

because i knew what love was,

and you never did.

isn't that lovely?

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