Loving Her | #2

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It was now he faltered, with gritted teeth and chalk white knuckles attached to the steering wheel.

Around the cherry red head, he had never felt the anger he did now, coursing through his veins.

She had always calmed his restless soul. But now it was she who made him seethe.

He felt his anger pooling in to his car like dangerous fumes as she read out the words she didn't know he wrote for her.

"I swore I'd seen you once before

In a memory, in a dream.

Your face was never new to me.

Those eyes, I knew them.

Your voice was a memory.

I recognised your beauty,

I'm sure.

But maybe I'm just over thinking,

Because all I can think about is you." She huffed, leaning back into the leather seat.

Vincent's eye twitched. They had been in the cinema parking lot for 20 minutes now following the end of their movie and he was yet to feel he was able to drive without pumping the accelerator or brakes like a mad man.

"That is someone I want to meet. I want to know, Vince. It's so... beautiful"

Andy's gentle words caused the fumes steaming from her words to dissipate into a mellow breeze that dampened his mind.

He felt almost lifeless. She wanted to know so terribly, but it was him. Did she want him? Well, would she want him?

She was asking for permission to fall in love without him.

"What if it's someone you don't like, like that?" He spoke softly, jaw and hands unclenching from the wheel.

"Honestly? I don't care." Andy spoke honestly, a soft smile on her lips as she fiddled with the paper in her hands. She moved her attention to Vincent's sorrow filled eyes "The least I want to do is thank the person for making me feel like less of a side character in my own life. For each moment I get these notes, my heart beat races and my blood moves more than it ever does and it feels good. I want to feel good. This person, whoever they are, with their words, makes me feel good. They make me forget I'm jut some other depressing teenager."

Instinctively, Vincent's hand cupped her cheek, lifting her head back from where it fell, daring her to look deeper into his eyes and call his bluff.

I'm what you're looking for.

Her green eyes sparkled, her pink lips partially parted in surprise at his touch. His thumb brushed over her ever-reddening cheeks, a half smile ghosting it's way onto his lips "That's not what you are. Depressing. You're incredible, okay? A random person doesn't know that, this person is guessing. They don't show how-"

"I want to meet them" she interrupted, knowing he was trying to convince her otherwise.

He frowned, retracting his hand from her "And be disappointed? You've practically fallen in love with someone you don't even know." The girl fell silent at his honesty, making Vincent release a deep sigh from the very centre of his lungs "I'm trying to help you out"

"Are you?" Andy asked genuinely.

Vincent was almost offended by this. He had only ever shown love- friendly love - and care for the girl. Sure, now his motives were skewed and her ill thoughts saw right through his façade, but she had no reason otherwise to disbelieve him "Yes"

"Then please," her small hands took his, holding on desperately "help me meet whoever portrays love like it's... A fairytale"

"It-" He let out a gentle sigh, watching the girl that he loved plead for him "It very well can be. You've seen it. Parker and Sloane"

"What proof is there for the rest of us? What if they're just the lucky anomaly?" She muttered solemnly, subconsciously gripping his fingers tighter within hers.

"You just have to believe. You have to believe in something or we have nothing." He scoffed at his own brooding thinking "Literally nothing."

Andy's irises shone up to Vincent through her lashes as she bit her lips gently with a ghosting smirk "Well there can technically never be nothing"

A smile perked up Vincent's lips at her attempt at comedy. She didn't like sad things. She liked to laugh more than anything, and he wanted her to. And he couldn't help but to laugh at how she tried to change the conversation for jocularity.

"Is there ever anything?" He tried back to her, following along with her humour "Are we in Elon Musk's simulation?"

"Oh frick man, we gotta watch out" She returned, her heavy heart lightening itself in his soft smile.

"Imagine it's like Sims, we're out here with -20 IQ in his world"

"Do you think the animals have figured it out?"

"Axolotls probably"

Andy furrowed her eyebrows, tilting her head curiously at him "What's an axolotl?"

"You don't know!?" Vince practically screamed.

He had dreamt of having an axolotl since he was a child. It was always on the Christmas wish list he would give to Parker to post to Santa.

Andy punched his shoulder playfully, green eyes glistening as she held her cheeky tongue between her teeth "Nah, I do, you just got pranked man"

You're beautiful, Andy.

Vincent clicked his tongue in reply, eyes leaving the girl who caused his heart to ache, "Damn, fuckin' fooled me"

A beat passed as the smiles faded and the waved washed back Andy's thoughts.

"Vince?" she spoke quietly.

So did he, "Yes?"

"I think I just... I want to know. Like I wanted to know my mum, before she left. Like I want to know my little brother and older sister, but they won't let me. People who are supposed to love me, I don't know. Even if this person only wants to see me for half a second at the end of school, I just wanna know so fucking bad."

Vincent had seen her low. He had seen Andy in her worst and in her best. But he had never seen her beg. Not like she did now.

She was asking for his permission. Like she did her father when she wanted to meet the other half of her broken family. Like she did her mother who pushed her away.

The least he could do, unlike her father or mother, is let her.



"Okay, I trust you. You're a stronger girl than anyone likes to give you credit for. I'll be here for you, no matter what"

"Pinkie promise?"

He paused for a moment with a stutter as she held her pinkie out. He hadn't made such a promise since he was young, but Vince knew there was no other choice than to loop his finger with hers, careful to not shake the bond.

"Pinkie promise".

That was all that was said.

And the words that faltered his lips, just as she needed them,

'i love you'

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