Loving Her | #2

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"Why, oh why, my blessed morning saint, must we tarnish a moment with another when this very minute - no, second - should be cherished, held like a China doll in the heavy passing wind-"


The boy gave his girl a cheeky grin, brushing Andy's hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear, "Yes?"

Her pale cheeks blushed, a soft giggle leaving her lips, "We're just having pizza with the gang, im not leaving you for another woman"

"I don't wanna get out of bed, red"

"That is such a damn shame because you have been in bed all day. It's nearly 5 o'clock"

"Let us wait until I've basked in enough of you to last me a lifetime"

"Hey I let you get up when you have work," Andy moved on top of her lover, kissing his nose as she brushed his hair back with her fingers "I expected nothing more than to cuddle up to you and stupid you has to go to stupid work so you could get stupid money to pay for stupid food and living. Stupid economy"

Vincent's arms wrapped around her waist, tightening to keep her in place as he muzzled his face into her neck, "That's why we should forgot the stupid pizza and just be here"

"Nice try, Vince," Andy quipped, wiggling out of the boy's vice like grip, throwing on the first shirt she found.

Vincent watched in admiration as she stretched her arms over her head, the long t-shirt lifting just enough to reveal a small fragment of her strawberry-dotted cotton underwear.

He shuffled across the sheets, sending a delicate slap to her left butt cheek. Andy squeaked in sudden surprise, immediately smacking the boy in the head as she grumbled out 'pervert' with a bright pink blush on her face.

As the hours passed between the lovers, they listened to the redhead's favourite playlist.

In the end, they were dancing around the kitchen with one another, singing along to each tune still with a hold on sharp knives and the hot oven steaming behind them. It was a miracle that they weren't hurt, in hindsight.

Entering Andy's house not long after was their four closest friends, all but Parker bursting into fits of laughter at their antics.

Parker had his lips in a thin line, too worried about their safety to laugh at the fact that Vincent was balancing a carrot on his head. Vertically.

As incredible as that feat may have been, he still had a knife in his hand.

Parker's voice was cold as he spoke like an authoritative figure to the curly brunette, "Vince, put the fuckin' knife down"

Vincent smirked to the taller, grumpier boy, shaking his head for the carrot to fall. In the action, he caught the carrot with his knife, causing a round of applause from his best friends at the incredible feat.

The playful boy eyed Parker with a raised brow "You're not my dad, you can't tell me what to do"

"That's very true, Parker." Sloane nudged Parker's shoulder, causing the grey eyed boy to frown "He does deserve accreditation for the deduction of that detail" a subtle smirk on her lips caused a flower of love to bloom in his heart.

Parker playfully glared at the hazel eyed girl, until the male brunette chided in "Thank you, Lo. An actual intellectual is with us"

"You're the dumbest person I know" Parker deadpanned as the group moved themselves further into the apartment.

Vincent threw an arm around Parker's shoulder, "Dumbest person you know so far"

A shrug on the taller boy's part to removed the arm in one move, "Are you serious?"

"I am many things, Lawson. Serious is not one of them"

In the quips between two best friends, Sloane and Andy paid attention to the cooking pizzas, pulling the fresh and warm slices from the oven to cool on the bench as the boys continued their back and forth of jabs.


The group moved to the pizzas, Parker immediately finding his place next to Sloane with his fingers laced between hers.

"Don't wow me, I know I'm astonishing"

"I don't think I'll ever understand you"

Bea and Mark, on the other hand, both without their respective partners, were watching the scene with curiosity.

They were unlikely great friends, the two who were alone. In another world, maybe they could have found a different love with one another. But Mark had Clara, and Bea was, as she liked to put it, very, very gay.

It was almost as if the two joined one another with the animosity they had both faced, being minorities.

The Indonesian lesbian and the African-American vigilante artist. The duo the world needed.

"That's the idea" Vince winked, pulling off a slice of the piping hot pizza and taking a bite.

A bite which was immediately regretted by the boy as he burned the insides of his mouth.

The piece tumbled out his mouth as he heaved in cold air, a disgusting but amusing sight as he held out his tongue to fan with his hands.

"This is why I don't hang out with Vincent" Mark grumbled, finding his place at the dinner table, uninterested in the food (which Vince promptly popped back into his mouth so he wouldn't waste it) after the visuals served.

"You live together" Bea stated, almost a question in itself.

Why did they live together?

"And that is the wicked truth of my life"

Right. They're best friends.

"Don't turn into Parker" Vincent grumbled as he held an ice cube to his tongue, Andy watching her partners action curiously.

Bea let out a small laugh through her nose "I second that"

"Hey!" Bea smirked to her bubbly hazel eyed friend, who huffed in defense for her lover.

"I third that" Parker muttered from his girlfriend's side, taking a bite of his pizza that had cooled down (unlike Vincent's had when it just came out of the oven). Sloane pouted to her partner, who was oblivious to the issue of self hate to someone who was in love with him "What?"

"Don't say that" Sloane grumbled, protective of her lover, her small arms holding onto Parker's bicep "I like you"

A small smile reached Parker's lips, "Cute," he mumbled, wrapping his arm around Sloane eith a kiss on the top of her head "you're too cute"

A moment of love was promptly ruined by the subtle ADHD of Vincent, who was shuffling through the pantry for the sake of causing a ruckus.

Andy raised an eyebrow to her counterpart "What are you-"

The curly haired boy was grinning proudly as he held up an indistinguishable brown ball in his hand "Dare me to eat a whole onion raw?"

The room echoed with the same answer from Mark, Parker, and Sloane "No"

Mark was the one to elaborate for the silent parties "No one wants that"

"Actually, I wanna see if he can fit it all at once" Bea stated, lighting up the dusty brunettes face in acceptance.

"Me too!" The red head beamed to her partner, who was already peeling the onion like an excited child on Christmas.

"He'll choke" Mark stated blatantly as the brown eyed boy began widening his mouth in anticipation for the onion he planned to eat.

A small smile reached Parker's lips as he took another bite of his pizza "Finally"

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