Loving Her | #2

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It seemed, at many times, that Andy found Vince indescribable. He was up and awake at the strangest times in the day and night, his active mind finding his journal to write notes of poetry he had thought of in the middle of a dream.

There were times he had fallen asleep to a movie, with her, only to wake up in a second to write something down, and fall back asleep.

His mind was always active. It was boyish and fun.

They had spoken of his mannerisms in the times the spent together many times. He told her his brain had always been overly active, even since he was a child, and the only person who nurtured that creativity was Dana, his nanny. She had taught him how to read, how to write. She had taught him all the basics his mother would never bother with.

They had enjoyed a dinner with Dana, her husband, and her two daughters on an evening early in their love. Dana was, essentially, Vincent’s mother, a staple in his life. Her daughters were the older sisters he never had.

There were shared memories and pictures of Vincent in the bath with his hair spiked.

Her home was warm, and she understood quickly how Vincent had been taught to love from a woman with such a large heart.

“Andy! Want a piggy back?” Vincent asked enthusiastically. It was out of the blue, weird and something incredibly tempting to Andy who watched the boy run in front of her so she could hop onto his back.

She wrapped her freckled arms around his neck as they continued up her street, his own arms holding protectively onto her legs.

“We should run,” the brunette’s words were immediately rebutted by the red head who was not interested in breaking a leg, “Come on, Angel. It would be great fun!”

“You’re on crack if you think that would be fun.” Vincent only smirked at her words as he sped his walking pace subtly, until he was sprinting with her body clinging to his back, “You’re a little bitch, Vincent! I hate you!”

Their smiles were beaming as they entered the house Andy shared with only two of her brothers, and her father. Andy’s sweet laugh resonated around the patio as she clambered out of Vincent’s grip, fishing her key from her pocket as they reached her door.

Vincent immediately found purchase on the couch next to Graham, second oldest of Andy’s family, upside down.

Graham - better known as ‘Gray’ - was the tallest of the Carr boys, sitting pretty at 6′5". He was an unintentional ladies man with his boyish style, but his blatancy always made for some slaps across his face. He didn’t, and couldn’t, censor himself at times. Andy understood him the best, she was the one who suggested that, along with a focus on his stress disorder, he should go to therapy.

Gray was protective of Andy, even if he knew that Vincent was good, “Hello, boyfriend of my sister.”

Vincent nudged the older brother, playful as he always was, “Come on, Gray. It’s lil’ old Vincent. Don’t give me that”

The redheaded boy turned to his little sister, ignoring the charismatic Vince who hung himself over the couch, “What are you two lovebirds up to?”

Vincent, as usual, took the centre stage for the conversation, answering for the ‘lovebirds’, “I think I’m going to pass out, what about you Andy?”

The green eyed girl rolled her eyes at her boyfriend who had too much blood rushing to his head. He had already done this once before in protest of her leaving his house. He had managed to fall unconscious, something that anyone who knew Vincent would know was inevitable.

“Vincent, just sit normally”

“Where is the fun in that?”

Andy raised a curious eyebrow to the curly haired boy, noticing the evident redness in his cheeks, “You don’t pass out?”

Vincent only grinned in reply, holding onto the couch to keep himself stably upside down, “But the spiky tingle feeling will go away if I do that”

“Do you know what pain is?”

“Not particularly, no” Vincent was paying little attention to her words at this point, in the middle of his head rush.

She folded her arms over her chest as she noticed that was where her partner’s eyes were glued, “It’s a physiological response from your body telling you to stop doing something. ”

He pouted at her censor, tongue in cheek teasing, “What a boring concept”

“And they say I have problems” Gray mumbled from beside the two, attached to his phone.

“We accept your issues, Gray. Do the same for Vincent”

The curly haired boy grinned, reaching the eyes of Andy’s brother.

Any of Andy’s disjointed family that Vincent had met absolutely loved him. Andy had been in a creative rut for such a long time, and it was made visible in the lack of works she presented to them proudly. She had lost confidence in her own ability, but his reassurance and his love had brought out that artist behind the lens within her once again.

He lit a spark her sadness had put out.

Graham raised a curious brow to the boy with a small part between his teeth, moving himself from the living room couch “I have therapy in a few, dad’s out for the weekend with Will, so please don’t fuck on the couch while I’m gone”

“GRAHAM!” Andy’s face flushed.

“I sleep next to you, Red. Don’t think I haven’t heard you two hitting it.”

“That’s not true!” Vincent only smirked as he watched his lover blatantly lie to her older brother for the sake of not wanting her cheeks to forever be red.

Graham didn't quite get the que, continuing his justification to the conclusion, “your bed isn’t that creaky with just two people sleeping. You’ve had a lot of sleepovers before, Andy. Some of us are insomniacs who wake up to the sound of a bed shaking very easily.”

Andy stomped her foot childishly as Gray moved from his place on the couch “Shut up!”

“Why are you mad? It’s worse for me!”

“Go tell your therapist about it, then!”

“I will, you big baby” he ruffled her hair as she glared at him.

“Fuck off”

Gray raised his hands in surrender, pale green eyes dancing in amusement as he left the two alone.

Andy kneeled in front of the couch, a smile to her upside down lover. Vincent captured her lips in a swift motion, knowing they were his for now, before he pulled back with the playful grin he was known for.

“Told you your bed was too squeaky”

Vincent found himself tumbling to the floor at a sudden push from the girl blushing like a mad man.

“Shut up!”

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