Loving Her | #2

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Like part of a movie scene, the wind had blown her loose strands of cherry blonde hair into her face, getting caught in the pen which she held between her teeth while opening her locker.

Andy brushed back the strands in irritation, the bangs she had cut herself in the midst of another mental breakdown having grown back to an awkward length.

She didn't really care about image, though. She was the one behind the image.

As she went to grab her Physics text book, she stopped, noticing the folded up piece of paper that had been pushed into the space.

Cautiously, she took it, unfolding the paper and reading over the words.

'I would have never been able to look up if you didn't promise me you'd be there when I did'

She had to stop her jaw from dropping.

Another love note.

She held it against her chest, her heart beating far too rapidly because of the sweet words written for her.

She had gotten one every day this week, believing that it was some happy-go-lucky idea that the school council had to make people more inclined to find a date to the graduation ceremony in a little more than two months, but soon found it to be untrue when no one seemed to bring it up.

Andy would never admit to it (though she had, a few times to a few people), but she adored romance.

She was the kind of girl that would almost faint at flowers, and felt her heart soar at sentiment.

But actually getting flowers and sentiment?

That wasn't her forte.

She was always busy with her film projects, and never found time to invest in a person enough to like them.

But now, someone was sending her love notes.

Love notes.

Beautifully written love notes.

She had searched the poems on the internet, seeing whether her mysterious person had just written out something they found, to see that it wasn't true.

They were all original.

And all for her.

"Daydreaming again, I see"

Andy almost jumped at the sound of Vincent pointing out her new habit, as she did ever since getting the first note.

She hadn't told anyone about just how personalised they were, in case it was just an accidental, or one time thing, but it had been a week now.

Should she mention it?

"What's that?" Vincent asked her, gesturing to the note she held so tightly onto.

So she could answer him, he took the pen from her teeth, putting it onto the pile of her books.

"Nothing" She smiled softly, brushing her hair behind her ear as she thought about those words.

"If it was nothing, you wouldn't be blushing" Vincent pointed out, foiling Andy's plan of keeping her secret admirer her secret.

Vincent watched as she bit her lip, her softly painted green eyes dancing with happiness as she stared up at him.

"I think it's a love note"

Vince raised an eyebrow at the girl, noticing her change in attitude. Andy was usually quiet, busy.

It made it much easier for him to control his crush on her when she was cold, but this new side to her made him crazy.

"A love note?" He asked, clarifying her statement.

She nodded.

He smirked at her dreamy state, finding it rather amusing "Can I read it?"

Andy thought it over as she looked at the light brown haired boy, who stared at her curiously with warm brown eyes.

Since Parker met Sloane, he had become closer with all of her friends, the same way Sloane had become close with Parker's friends.

Andy and Vincent had connected through a love of film and poetry, and would occasionally watch romantic movies together, just as friends.

Just as friends.

Andy didn't like being 'just friends' with him, but was too worried about ruining their friendship to do anything about it.

And now with these love notes, she might not have to worry about thinking about him when she was meant to be doing anything else.

She handed to note to him, watching as his eyes scanned over the words.

"Bit short for a love note, don't you think?" Vince raised an eyebrow, giving the paper back to Andy.

She narrowed her eyes at him, defending the person who wrote the note "It's not the only one"

Vince smirked slightly, folding his arms "Is it now?"

"I don't have them here, obviously, but-"

She stopped when she realised he was only smirking more, utterly amused at her.

"It's true!"

Vincent laughed whole-heartedly, making Andy's cheeks turn a soft pink.

She folded her arms, glaring at him "What makes you think I would lie about this?"

"I don't think you're lying"

"Then why were you laughing?"

"You were being really cute, defending this random person who's putting notes in your locker"

"I'm sorry, I find it sweet" Andy stated angrily before grabbing her textbook and turning away.

Vincent's eyes widened as he noticed how mad she was. He ran infront if her, grabbing her arm to stop her from walking away "No! I didn't mean- shit" He pinched the bridge of his nose, realising how his comment sounded "I just meant that it was like one of the movies we watched together, you know? Just... I like seeing you happy"

Andy's cheeks flushed instantly at her crush telling her such sweet things, conflicting what she kept telling herself about him.


The silence between them was calm and serene before Vincent spoke.

"Come on, I'll walk you to class, you dumbass"

The girl blushed down at her feet, before keeping in step with him.

When he asked about her latest project, she spoke animatedly, speaking of everything she needed to do, everything she was doing.

Vincent watched the way she moved, the way she spoke. How her fingers wove through her hair to brush it away from her face.

She laughed when she remembered something, her eyes crinkling at the corners, a wide smile on her lips.

They parted at the door of her classroom, but it would be a lie if Vincent were to say he didn't linger slightly longer, noticing her light emerald eyes meeting his one last time before he left.

He noticing most everything about the red head, from the small sprinkle of freckles on her nose, to the lighter blonde strands that ran through her hair.

He smiled as he left, thinking of the notes left in her locker, and how many there would be to come.

Because he would always have something to write with her as his muse.

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