Tears of Blood

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Ancient Tongue

Smiling lightly he answered, “I’m making it drink my blood.”

Elder Teng, “Why?”

Jihoon looked at the chains the previous owner and said, “It won’t leave me as it left her.”

Elder Teng said, “But when you are in a battle and someone stronger than you break it both of you will die what makes it worse is that you can’t form a contract with another weapon.”

Jihoon looked at Elder Teng like he was an idiot.


A deep and dark voice came from behind them all, turning around they all saw a silver robe that had white patterns on it standing in the air looking down at them as if it was the ruler of this world. Besides the silver robe was a silver hairpin a jade tassel and a dazzling silver spear. The three items stood in the air with no one controlling them.

The higher realm cultivators bodies started trembling in front of the presence of these three items. Previously it was just the cultivators vice Headmasters, presidents and sect leaders along with a few elders and their powerful disciples were in the hall but since the arrival and attraction the three items brought along with them, it attracted the disciples in the Heavenly Soul academy, the elders who were in closed cultivation and the current Headmaster of the academy who was hiding in the shadows watching them all.

The reason why everyone was alarmed by the three items was that the three items belonging to a man that existed ten thousand years ago, that same man who made Jihoon frown. That person who waged war against the entire world, Kong Wuqing.

These three items were locked up in a glass case hidden beneath the academy and surrounded by an unbelievable amount of arrays that trapped them inside - who would have guessed that it could manage to escape?

“I knew it, I knew that I wasn’t imagining things!” Yelled the silver robe hysterically.

The hall was silent... all that could be heard was the hurried breathing of the younger cultivators, Elder Teng was the first to snap out of the daze he was in and respectfully he bowed facing the silver robe and asked, “Respected elder, this lowly one does not understand.”

Soon everyone else came out of their daze and looked towards the silver robe expectantly. A hum came from the robe before it spoke and said, “Do not be fooled by this young man, he is very dangerous.”

Elder Teng looked at Jihoon who was looking at the robe with his mouth open, pointing at Jihoon he said, “This fellow here?”

Silver robe, “Mmmmm.”

Confused he asked, “But elder, this fellow is harmless.”

“Nonsense!!” yelled the silver robed.

The silver robes yell made them all tremble inwardly, some of the lower levelled cultivators covered their ears from the lingering ringing the yell left.

Elder Teng looked at Jihoon who was covering his ears and quivering while crouching on the floor. The higher realm cultivators looked at Jihoon and couldn’t understand why the robe insisted on Jihoon being powerful yet he couldn’t handle the amplified sound from it.

The silver robed fluttered in the air and after it let out a breathing sound, the silver spear shined bright and in a blink of an eye, it flew across to Jihoon with terrible speed and killing intent... The elders and leaders of the sects quickly set up a barrier to protect the students but they were too late, the spear stopped right in front of Jihoon and the ripples it brought with it after it stopped finally diminished after a few seconds but the scene in front of them wasn’t what they all were expecting.

Everyone thought that Jihoon would be pierced by the silver spear but the sight before them was unimaginable. Jihoon was standing up straight with his face looking up at the silver robe with the tip of the spear between his middle finger and index finger with a light smile on his face.

Silver robe, “What is your name?”

Jihoon, “Heh, what makes you think that you are worthy of knowing my name?”

Silver robe, “Will you allow the four of us to follow you?”

Jihoon, “And why would I need the dirty robes of Kong Wuqing?”

Silver robe, “Young man, if you know who we used to serve then why do you reject us, we would be a great help to your ambitions.”

Jihoon looked at the silver robe and tilted his head, “All I was told is to study cultivation and live normally for the time being then look for a job so I can earn money, what ambitions should I have besides those?”

Everyone, “...”

Jihoon exhaled and sighed, letting go of the spear that was trembling between his fingers. The spear didn’t return to the silver robes side and instead hovered in front of him. Seeing that its brother didn’t return the silver robe said, “Young man, can I ask you a question?”

Jihoon looked at it with listless eyes, “What is it?”

Silver robe, “Ten years ago, under the library pavilion there was a strong presence that entered the forbidden room and left after twenty minutes, was that you?”

Hearing this the Heavenly Souls elders eyes widened with surprise including the Headmaster who was hiding away, they did not know of this. Jihoon, however, looked at the silver robe and smiled, “Heh, to think that there was something that could detect me.”

Silver robe, “There was a deep and deadly demonic presence that vanished from this world, was it you’re doing?”

Jihoon, “❈❈❈”

Silver robe, “❈❈❈”

The two of them started speaking in the tongue of the ancient era leaving the others unable to fathom what is being said and what was said before this strange language. What’s more, who was this Lee Jihoon?

After a while, Jihoon gave up arguing with the robe and told it that they could serve him but only when he felt like it. The four of them were happy and with this, Jihoon placed them inside his spatial ring.

Jihoon scratched the side of his face. Lazily he looked at Elder Teng and said, “I have my weapon now, what’s next?”

Elder Teng looked at Jihoon with a confused expression. Jihoon’s eyes widened, he pulled back the green mist and returned to how he previously looked. With a panicked expression he looked at Elder Teng and was about to cry, he quickly wiped away the tears and said, “I didn’t mean to do it, Lanhua told me I must show myself to the public and enter Heavenly Soul to cultivate and be normal. I didn’t choose to be like this but if you no longer want me here I can leave.”

Hearing this the Headmaster decided to show himself, coming out from the void he stood beside Elder Teng and looked at Jihoon, he said, “You are called Jihoon am I correct?”

Jihoon, “...”

Elder Teng, “...”

Everyone, “...”

Jihoon looked over at Elder Teng expectantly. Although he knew that this man was here the whole time he did not know of his identity.

Elder Teng looked at Jihoon and said, “This is the Headmaster of the Heavenly Soul Cultivating academy, Wang So.”

Jihoon, “Oh...”

Elder Teng, “...”

Jihoon, “Yes I am called Jihoon, it’s a pleasure meeting you.”

Wang So, “You entered the Academy ten years ago without us knowing, how did you do it?”

Jihoon, TwT

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