Tears of Blood

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Wang So’s Disruption

Jihoon, TwT

cough, Wang So cleared his throat.

Jihoon, “Lanhua told me that there was material I could study hidden in the forbidden room, so I made copies of it and left afterwards. I studied all the material I copied and now I am here to cultivate.”

Wang So, “I see…”

Jihoon bore his teeth at Wang So. Seeing this scene Elder Teng didn’t know what to think. In the beginning, he felt something was off with Jihoon not knowing that he was an exceptional being.

Wang So, “What do you plan on studying?”

Jihoon shrugged his shoulders as he looked around the hall at the different weapons, medicinal herbs, and vials.

Wang So, “What would suit you best?”

Jihoon, “The only thing I am struggling with is bringing the dead back to life, hopefully when I can achieve that Lanhua will let me stay home and sleep my life away.”

Wang So and Elder Teng, “...”

Elder Teng, “You mentioned before that Lanhua is your guardian, where is she?”

Jihoon, “At work.”

Everyone, “...”

Jihoon walked over to the herb section and saw a white jade box that was sealed, he opened it and was shocked. Inside the white jade box was a dried black herb that was close to its death.

Biting down on his lip he asked, “Why does it look like its dying?”

Wang So, “It is dying.”

Jihoon, “Why?”

Wang So, “That herb is one of the demonic herbs we caught fifty years ago in the jungle on Scorched Island, ever since we brought it back it’s just been withering away. Our alchemy and mage division have tried their best to sustain its life but it refuses to cooperate with us.”

Jihoon looked back at Wang So with squinted eyes for a moment. His gaze then shifted to his father who was looking at him with worry on his face. Slowly moving his gaze to RuiHaan he smiled, his eyes widened, waving at RuiHaan to come over.

RuiHaan had been stunned this entire time because he did not expect all that happened to be caused by the Jihoon he met a week ago. RuiHaan was frightened but didn’t let it show on his face.

He stood up and walked over to Jihoon with a smile on his face and asked, “Do you need me for anything?”

Jihoon, “Mn, unsheathe your sword.”

Nodding his head, RuiHaan did just that and held it out in front of the two of them, Jihoon then lifted his hand and slit his wrist open above the demonic herb.

RuiHaan panicked pulling his sword away, “What are you doing?” Jihoon’s lips pressed into a thin line, unwilling to speak.

RuiHaan stood back, although he wanted to stop Jihoon, he didn’t dare touch him in case he overstepped his line and made the powerful Jihoon angry. His blood gushed out dropping onto the dried up demonic herb. Soon a gulping sound came from the jade box

Next a slurping sound and instantly all the blood that filled the white jade box vanished. Looking closely at the demonic herb, it was moving, breathing heavily from drinking all the blood fast.

Its shrivelled body was plump but still, it laid on its side.

A few moments passed, the demonic herb slowly stood up on its roots. The demonic herb looked something like an octopus but with a long neck, its tentacle-like roots were wriggling in the air while its head faced forward-looking at Jihoon.

Its head that was oval had no signs of having a mouth or eyes, but soon one slit appeared in the middle of its head and opened, two rows of sharp white teeth were visible. It opened its mouth, parting its teeth and an orange tongue slithered out of the cavity.

Jihoon’s eyes slanted as if his eyes were smiling - amused. Looking at the demonic herb he said, “If you move, you will regret it.”

The demonic herb’s roots stopped moving, moving its head to look up at Jihoon’s face it spoke with a snake-like whisper, “Was it you that gave me food?”

Jihoon, “If you are referring to my blood as food then yes, it was I.”

“Your blood, I want more…”

Jihoon, “Why?”

“I haven’t eaten in years, I’m hungry.”

Jihoon, “Anymore of my blood and you will die.”


Jihoon looked at the demonic herb and shook his head. He stepped forward. The demonic herb rushed at him, opening its mouth it hooked onto his arm and sunk its teeth into Jihoon’s skin.

Jihoons blood started leaking from the puncture marks. The demonic herb started sucking on him ferociously.

RuiHaan, “Jihoon?”

Jihoon tilted his head to the side and smiled at RuiHaan, “Don’t worry, it’ll stop sucking soon.”

Immediately after he finished saying those words the demonic herb stopped sucking on his body. It let go and dropped to the floor letting out an ear-piercing screech. The screech the demonic herb made created a soundwave that travelled out to the ocean that surrounded the Spirit continent.

All those who were minding their own business in town and at the port were covering their ears right now and the children who couldn’t handle the sound were crying from the pain and ringing noise.

Seconds later the screeching stopped and the demonic herb stopped moving. When it stopped moving a breeze blew through the hall and as it passed the demonic herb, it took what was the demonic herb with it in a trail of ash.


Jihoon took a piece of cloth and wrapped it around his wound. When he was done he turned around and looked at Wang So saying, “I have no money to compensate you for killing that thing, I did warn it but as you saw, it refused a toast only to drink a forfeit.”

Everyone, “...”

Wang So looked at Jihoon for a moment. After a long pause he walked up to Jihoon and asked him if they could speak in private, agreeing to Wang So’s suggestion, Jihoon followed him out under all the astonished and terrified gazes of the cultivators, sect leaders, guild master and headmasters.

Elder Teng called the vice headmaster of the all-girls academy to the side because Jihoon took her weapon, the two of them waited for headmaster Wang So to return. All the cultivators disbursed quickly to tell others about what just happened and before Jihoon left he told RuiHaan to wait for him.

RuiHaan was then cross-questioned about how he knew Jihoon and after telling them all, they couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat off their foreheads.

This was an auspicious day...

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