Tears of Blood

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Instructor Lee

Hours passed and Jihoon still didn’t return. RuiHaan saw that Elder Teng led the vice headmaster of the all-girls academy to her lodging and asked her to return the next day. RuiHaan was slightly relieved that he didn’t have to spend time with Jihoon after what he witnessed, he needed to adjust his mindset because there seemed to be more to Lee Jihoon than he thought. He returned to the Yong sect inside the Heavenly Soul Cultivation Academy and went to cultivate.

By sundown, all the cultivating sects received a message from the Headmaster Wang So.

"To all sect masters, clan heads, guild masters, principals and vice-principals.

I Wang So hereby send out this letter to inform all the cultivating sects, guilds and academies that Heavenly Soul Academy for Cultivation has accepted a new instructor.

After continuous debates, the new instructor Mr Lee Jihoon will be taking over our Demonic department. As you all know this and have personally experienced Jihoon’s power in the spectator’s hall this morning, you would agree that he is qualified and I hereby think that this is beneficial to the Academy.

I took it upon myself to ask Mr Lee to be the master of our Demonic Department because as you know, although we do not have an instructor for the demonic department, our demonic cultivators have been left behind and this is unfair towards our students studying the Demonic Arts.

From tomorrow, the demonic cultivators will have an instructor and all need to attend class. To those students who want to take this opportunity by all mean, please attend and listen in on the lectures provided by Mr Lee.

Instructor Lee has informed me that he will allow those who do not practise the demonic art that they need to know his teachings too, his reason? Because it’s written on the statue carved by the founding fathers.

Please notify all students that they are to attend his classes, if not instructor Lee will curse their entire nine generations."

When the three demonic cultivating sects received the news they were ecstatic and immediately told their students not to be late for class and that they needed to learn with diligence from their new instructor.

All the sects told their young cultivators to attend, telling their senior students that they could attend if they wanted to but it was not necessary.

Arriving back in the shadow realm, Jihoon sighed, “Why are things not turning out the way that I want it too?” Tilting his head to the side he continued, “All I ever wanted to do after waking up was sleep and do nothing but nooooooo! I must do this then I must do that! I learnt all that bullshit for nothing and now I am an instructor at that place!!! All I wanted to do was live a comfortable life but nooooo, I ran into my sister then saw my father and now ... Wait! Am I getting paid for that job?” ಠ_ಠ

Gritting his teeth he punched his fist into his palm getting his teeth, “That old man will be cursed if I don’t at least get more than twenty silver!” (Low standards my dear Jihoon...)
~~~AAAAA Chuu~ Wang So sneezed and turned around in his headmasters’ pavilion with a shiver going down his spine, “Who in their right mind is cursing me?”~~~

Scratching the back of his head he walked into his home slumping down onto the bed of skulls, he closed his eyes and thought back to this morning.

Today was just supposed to be him getting into Heavenly Soul and choosing a profession but who would have guessed that he would find out Elder Tengs true character, he truly didn’t expect the elder whom he had met once before today would have the courage to lie and say that he would protect him against the others - somewhat hoping that he could have relied on Elder Teng while at Heavenly Soul, “I must thank him later.”

His father’s facial expression came to mind. It had only been ten years and Mr Yoo looked as though he had aged one hundred years since the last time they saw each other. “If I can, I’d like to go home and meet the new baby or well the youngest child of the Yoo clan.”

“Kang Jinha must have gotten married already or maybe not, I wonder did my brother get married to that woman? He probably did since he always did what father said.”

“XinYi~ he looked as if seeing me pained him so much... My best friend, I wonder how did he feel when I found out that I died, I hope he didn’t take it too badly, that day we did promise to meet up because he wanted to tell me something... I wonder what it is but I guess its a little too late now, a whole decade has passed.”
“Jihoonie~” a whisper sounded from beside his ear. Instantly his body froze while shivers made its way through his entire body while his heart started beating crazily fast.

Stiffly turning his head to the side his eyes constricted, his body flew to the wall as he looked at the figure covered in blood from head to toe.

Darting his vision around the room he saw that the bloody footprints from the entrance of his room till his bed. Making eye contact with the bloody thing, it gave him a toothy smile from ear to ear. Its sharp teeth similar to knives gave him the shivers.

“Jihoonie, come play with me~,” it said in a whispered hiss... getting up on all fours it speedily ran up to him frightening him.

Holding out his hand, he stopped it from coming near him. The bloody thing opened its mouth letting out a long pale grey tongue and licked his hand.

Pulling his face Jihoon said dissatisfied, “Haha, you haven’t fully grown your body yet to the outer skin, so why are you out of the cauldron?”

“But Jihoonie, it’s so boring and warm in there, I want to play with my hoonie!” she complained.

“Ah! I told you not to come out or else you will set back my work of art!” Picking her up he carried her on his side back to the dome-like cave.

Standing in front of the cauldron he said, “I know its been ten years but we only have another two more to go, I will let you out again in a few weeks time like I always do and we can play alright... you need to understand that in order for you to grow back what you have lost, your patience is needed, I miss playing with Haha too but I am being patient and waiting, the others are also waiting for you, so be good this time and stay inside here okay?”

Although reluctant, she nodded her head and let him put her back into the pool of blood. Sighing Jihoon shook his head, “No wonder you came out, the blood is almost finished.”

Turning around he walked out and went hunting, returning with more blood filling the half-full cauldron back to the brim. Dusting off his hands and clothes he closed the cave with a seal making sure that she wouldn’t come out again.
Lanhua arrived home in commoners clothes from the shop she had opened up. Walking towards Jihoon that was on his knees scrubbing the floor inside the house. She looked at the bloody water and her eyes constricted, “Jihoon!!! Why is there so much blood inside the house?”

Turning around to look at the human-sized fairy he grinned, shrugging his shoulders he said, “Haha came out to play.”

Turning to look out the window she gazed at the cave near their home and asked, “How far has she developed?” Still scrubbing the floor he said, “The first inner layer of her muscles have grown, I had to add more blood into the cauldron, I think unless it’s continuously full she won’t come out.”

“All my life in the shadow realm, I have never met such a stubborn soul and you too Jihoon, you should be proud of what you achieved so far... you gave her soul a frame to live on and now her body is developing...”

He got up from the ground and threw the bloody cloth in the bucket. Looking at Lanhua with a frown he said, “I was given a job and Heavenly Soul, I will be the new Demonic Arts instructor.”

Her face twisted in disgust, “Who in their right mind would hire you?”

Jihoon wanted to cry, this fairy was truly vicious but then again, Wang So should be sacrificed to the beasts for making such a decision.

Wang So ... ╥﹏╥

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