Tears of Blood

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Blood Incantation – Crimson Sky and Terror

The following day all the young cultivators along with their sect masters arrived at the section of the academy that was for the Demonic Arts. This section was a wide expanse of land that was now covered by a barrier and had one entrance.

The entrance was a plain wooden door surrounded by the barrier. One could see the other side of the barrier which was the same as before - just plain land and nothing else. This confused many, previously there used to be a building in the middle of the area but now there was nothing and the only new thing was the barrier and door.

One of the demonic cultivating sect’s elders went to the door and knocked on it - nothing.

The door never opened and the knock didn’t leave an echo behind. This elder looked at the other elders around him. They began speaking amongst themselves and the same elder who knocked on the door turned to look at the door once more and said, “Instructor Lee, all your students are here for your first lecture.”

Silence… no reply.

Thirty minutes went by - nothing.

An hour went by - still nothing.

Two hours, three hours, four hours.

Still, nothing was heard. The crowd looked restless and most of them were angry, some were worried especially the demonic cultivators. They wanted to learn and looked forward to this lesson only to be disappointed.

Seeing that the crowd looked as of they were going to leave, Jihoon snapped his fingers. The sound amplified causing a ripple that spread throughout the entire area, blowing against the crowd outside the barrier, making the weak fall over. The ones who fell over quickly got up and stood behind the stronger cultivators while the stronger cultivators were alert.

They all realized that the amplified sound attack wave came out of nowhere and if it had the intent to kill embedded into it, it could most likely kill the majority of the younger cultivators there.

The sky suddenly turned a crimson before their eyes. Looking up at the sky everyone’s eyes widened with fear, headmasters, sect masters, all the cultivators young and old started trembling with fear.

In the sky above them was a skull with blood dripping out of its mouth releasing a deadly aura while it chewed on what seemed to be a person’s body but not just one, there were many in its mouth because multiple legs were hanging from its mouth - releasing a killing intent that they have never felt before.

While they were all distracted by the skull in the sky a pool of blood started rippling beneath their feet. A few of the cultivators saw this and they instantly closed their noses. A breeze blew past and instantly they were wrapped in a bloody stench. This stench was so awful that the younger and weaker cultivators and even the stronger female cultivators started throwing up.

The blood at their feet started to boil intensifying the stench. This brought pressure with it and this pressure started grabbing on to the cultivators and pulled on them making some kneel, struggling to fight it.

When half of the cultivators were kneeling the others tried fighting the pressure, this included the higher realm cultivators.

Seeing the struggle before his eyes, Jihoon looked to the side signalling for the second wave of attack to start.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

The giggle of a little girl sounded out piercing right within the bodies of the cultivators, making their nerves go numb from the loud and scary giggle. The little girl who laughed started singing,

“One, two, I’m coming for you.

Three, four, I’m standing at your door.

Five, six, I’m at your feet.

Seven, eight, Climbing on your bed.

Nine, ten, want to be my friend.”

“Ahhhhhh,” a woman’s cry was heard.

All light before their eyes turned dark then slowly returned to normal. A blue sky was before them, green grass and the barrier from before was still intact. The sobs from the weak were still heard and the scared females had pale faces along with a few males.

“You can come in now,” Jihoons voice gently echoed throughout the area. The door that stood firm dissipated before their eyes. After it dissipated, they could see through the entrance and it looked nothing like what they were seeing on the other side of the barrier.

The elder who spoke before was the first to enter and his sects martial students walked in after him with pale faces, slightly exhausted. Soon the other two sects followed. The remaining sects young martial cultivators looked at one another, some thought that after what they experienced they didn’t need to study with the demonic cultivators.

With much hesitation, they finally started to slowly leave. As they were walking away, they noticed that the young master Kang XinYi and his sect martial brothers stayed behind. The second sect that stayed behind was the Eum-Ag sect. The sect grandmaster was with them.

Leading his sect’s cultivators in through the door followed by the cultivators of the Yong sect. Passing through the doorway, they entered a spacious room that was filled with books and tables paired with seats.

In one corner of the room, there were cauldrons lined up and stacked on shelves. On the shelf beside it were brown pots covered with fabric lids tied with string. On the desk right in front of the classroom sat Jihoon with a white rabbit in his arms, stroking its ears down flat.

He looked at the two sects that entered and wasn’t at all surprised. Smiling at them he said, “Please take a seat.” He climbed off the desk, walked around his desk and placed the rabbit down in a basket and gave it a carrot.

Looking over at everyone who was seated he smiled. He looked at the first desk in front of him. There sat a young boy who looked at him with glistening eyes.

Taking off the black coat he had on to reveal the black chain with blue crystals around his waist and his black - blue robes that he had on during registration day.

RuiHaan was also seated in one of the desks thinking, “He has no shame dressing like that.”

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