Tears of Blood

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Jihoon clapped his hands twice and a cold breeze blew through the classroom, “Alright class, as you all should know by now, I am Lee Jihoon and I will be your instructor for the demonic arts from now on.”

Looking at them all with a smile on his face he asked, “Is there any questions before I start today’s lesson?”

The class was silently looking at him... after a few seconds passed a young lady from the Juhong sect raised her right hand.

Jihoon, “Yes...what is your question young lady?”

“Why do you call it the dark arts when everyone else refers to our way of cultivation as the way of the demons, demonic cultivation?”

Jihoon, “That is a good question. Everyone has their own opinions on certain matters and believe me you that I too used to think how we cultivate is called Demonic Cultivation. Demonic Cultivation involves killing innocent lives whereas the dark arts explore more on the resentful energy but in a way also involves the lives of the living or what I would call, once living - the dead.”

He continues, “I learnt while I was cultivating that I am a Demonic Cultivator and I do things differently from what is written in books. My methods of cultivation are on par with those of the ancient days whereas you, the new generation cultivates using the current method by either using the blood of animals or the energy gathered by the dead animals. Before I continue with my explanation, can anyone of you tell me why the current method is safer than the ancient method?”

Looking at the girl that asked the question who shrunk down after she asked him a question, he looked elsewhere. Seeing that none of the students was willing to answer and Jihoon wasn’t willing to answer too an elder from the Jing Sect raised his hand and said, “Because the ancient method used the energy from humans and if one wasn’t able to control it they would suffer the backlash then go on a rampage like Kong Wuqing.”

Jihoon nodded, “That is true but also false.”

“How so?” the elder who answered asked.

Jihoon, “It is true because if you are not strong enough then you will lose yourself after consuming the resentful energy and go on a rampage but also die. Most people would instantly die once the resentful energy can’t control you.”

He continues, “Kong Wuqing is one of three who have successfully managed to control the resentful energy. He never went on a rampage nor received a backlash.”

The elder from the Heavenly Soul School, “Excuse me but how is that so… According to the founders he received a backlash and died.”

Looking at the elder, Jihoon smiled, answering him with enthusiasm, “Elder believe me when I say this, what the founding fathers thought was a backlash was a mishap on Kong Wuqing’s side. I have never seen or heard about the soul of Kong Wuqing entering the Nether Realm, so Kong Wuqing couldn’t have died by the backlash.”

Shock. Evident on everyone’s faces. Jihoon’s words brought a shock to them all.

“So are you saying that Kong Wuqing still exists?”

Jihoon, “Of cause but then again, whether he exists or does shouldn’t matter anymore because if he wanted revenge, do you think we’d all be here today?”

“But why?”

Jihoon, “That I do not understand myself.”

“Then Instructor Lee, do you know where he is?”

Jihoon, “I have my suspicions but I won’t be telling you them.”

“If Kong Wuqing is still alive, shouldn’t he have appeared already?”

Jihoon shook his head, “If I was Kong Wuqing, I wouldn’t show my face after being defeated but what I do believe is that he has already changed his ways and might be the master of one of the sects.”

Everyone, “Eh??”

Jihoon clapped his hands and said, “Back to my explanation, the current method is safer but also it takes the cultivator years to achieve what a cultivator from the others sects would take, whereas the ancient method would supply you with enough martial power to jump a few realms well mostly depending on the amount you intake.”

RuiHaan put up his hand and asked, “How did you gain your current level of cultivation?”

Jihoon looked at him then rolled his eyes, “I fell and woke up with my current cultivation.”

RuiHaan, “Lies.”

Jihoon, “Why?”

RuiHaan, “You said that you study the ancient method, doesn’t this make you one of the three who has successfully absorbed the resentful energy and who is the third person, why have we not see or heard of him?”

Jihoon sighed, RuiHaan seemed to be an intelligent person that caught on quickly. Hearing RuiHaan’s question the others all looked over in shock after suddenly realising this, they heard him say this too but were too shocked to hear that Kong Wuqing could be alive.

Jihoon, “That is true, I, unfortunately, have cross paths with the third person or to put it correctly, I Jihoon am the third person. The second person and I are no longer on good terms and if I see him in the future, I will kill him.”

RuiHaan, “Why, what happened?”

Jihoon, “He can be considered to be evil.”

“Who is stronger?”

Jihoon looked at the boy who whispered this question under his breath, “I don’t know, but let’s just hope he doesn’t realise his ambitions…”

Jihoon continues, “Like I was saying before. Resentful energy comes from us humans. We love, we hate and we resent, those that kill us and our loved ones. Now if someone was killed, and absorbed straight away then there wouldn’t be much resentful energy in them but if that soul lived a life in the shadows, cursing his or her killer, when that soul gets absorbed after years of hiding, the resentful energy intensifies by ten folds or even worse, it is so resentful that it allows you to control it with hidden intentions.”

“Hidden intentions?”

Jihoon, “Mn, when it feels that you are unworthy of its power it kills your soul and takes over the body, attacking whoever and all those it does not care about.”

“Instructor Lee?”

Jihoon, “Mn?”

“So the dark arts is the same as demonic cultivation even though it has different methods and the same objectives?”

Jihoon looked at the girl who asked him this; she looked to be only thirteen years of age, answering her he said, “The dark arts involve all elements. What I am going to teach you is different from what you have been taught about demonic cultivation. The dark arts will make you stronger, wiser and if one day you have to kill, you won’t hesitate.”

“But killing is forbidden.”

Jihoon, “I know, but does that mean that just because killing is forbidden, others won’t kill you?”

He continues after sighing, “What I am trying to say is that the dark arts will show you what demonic cultivation is all about, where it originated and why it exists. The dark arts will be of all elements concerning life and death. I can easily take anyone’s life and bring that person back to life again, whereas if it is just the demonic arts, the soul that returns won’t be of the original body.”

RuiHaan, “How, this is so confusing.”

Jihoon, “I know, I too didn’t understand it in the beginning and only understand after I practised what I was taught.

Clapping his hands together he added, “Okay that’s it for now, I’m not someone who likes speaking so let’s start, you are all welcome to see me after class if you have further questions just no debates… So all those who aren’t demonic cultivators please stand on the left, my students please stand on the right, all elders and sect masters are well come to observe the lesson without interrupting us – you all can sit on the left as well.” He ended off bluntly not in the mood to continue pretending that he knows what he is talking about.
Facing his fifty-plus students he smiled and said, “All wind elemental users raise your hands.”

“Water… Fire… Earth… Light… Shadow… etc.”

After getting the just of it all he said, “Having elemental powers doesn’t mean anything when you are a Dark Arts user… everyone I know that you all studied and woke up your elements because it could help you develop your cultivation… now you all will no longer be a part of the generation that uses elements, you will be the new generation that is like a hybrid.”


Waving his hand, small clay pots appeared in front of each of his students. “Take it.” He said; the clay pots dropped into their hands. Inside of the clay pots was a seed and nothing else. Waving his hand again, a barrel appeared on the floor in front of him filled to the brim with green sand that reeked of blood.

Waving the smell away before it reached his nose and pinched his nose with his fingers, saying in a nasalized voice, “Come forth and cup two handfuls of the sand into your pot then pick out a desk and stand behind it, also take out the seed before you scoop in the sand.”

Walking to his desk ten pots appeared out of nowhere with each housing a seed that floated out of it hovering in the air the opening. There was no movement from his students… without raising his hand one of the students stiffly walked over to the barrel while yelling “AHHHHH”.

His sudden yell frightened the others … “W-WHY IS MY BODY MOVING ON ITS OWN… HELP!!”

Soon the other all stood stiff and started squealing, moving to line up behind the fellow who yelled. “I gave you your instructions, why hesitate. Scared. It seems my trick didn’t scare you enough outside, should I bring out something scarier?” Jihoons voice sounded coolly while he was busy prepping his clay pots.

A similar barrel suddenly appeared on his desk and he started scooping out handfuls of the same sand into the clay pots on his desk. After much deliberation and seeing how unfazed his Instructor was, the boy did the same and felt the power constraining his body ease off.

Sighing in delight he walked up to a desk and stood behind it. Soon the others all did the same and wiped the sweat beads off their foreheads. All of them finished and waited behind their desks but their instructor was still taking his time filling the clay pots on his desk.

The classroom became eerily quiet and an icy cold breeze blew against their necks making the hairs stand up...

BANG!! Slamming his hand against the desk he caught their attention. Smiling he said, “Poke a hole in the centre of the sand and place the seed inside, cover it gently and wait for my next instruction.”

He turned around under their gazes and just as they all blinked he vanished!?!


Profanities, vulgarities damaging their ears. The ladies were stunned, this was their first time hearing someone so vulgar. A black hole opened up behind his desk and Jihoon stepped out with a cauldron in his hands behind him, “GET BACK HERE AND LET ME SKIN YOU ALIVE, I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU BITCH. KILL ME, KILL ME, I DARE YOU!!”

Waving his arm the black hole closed and he sighed. “Instructor Lee, who was that?”


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