Tears of Blood

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Before Jihoon knew it his body was picked up, his legs forcefully wrapped around the waist of the other.

The one who picked him up kicked his legs and jumped over the barrel landing elegantly on the ground. Digging his tongue deep into Jihoons mouth seeking the very depths of his soft and warm mouth.

His jaw grew uncomfortable but the other didn’t want to stop. His hands rubbing all over Jihoons body that sent shivers through his body making him slowly lose his sense being pulled into the others trance which made him scared for his life.

“Plop” The other pinned him to the ground; opening his eyes from the shock, “W-what are y-you… Kang XinYi!! STOP!!”

XinYi snapped out of it and looked down at him; one tear fell from his left eye . . . looking down at him, he said, “Seungho . . . do you know how much I’ve missed you?”

Looking up at him frightened, he was about to speak but the words never left his mouth. Tears started falling from his eyes. Lowering his head he looked away.

Trying to keep himself from crying XinYi swallowed. Lifting his hand he brushed the hair covering Jihoon’s face. Tracing his thumb against his cheek he said, “There is no way you can deny being Seungho, you look just like him and although your birthmark isn’t on your neck, the guqin string is still on your body.”

Looking down between Jihoons legs on his right inner thigh was that very guqin string shaped like a bow. Rubbing his thumb against it his mind wandered for a bit; feeling the sensation brought by being touched in such a place, he whipped his head around, grabbing XinYi’s hand, “Don’t!”

Looking into Jihoons eyes XinYi’s mind cleared – coming too he backed away. Sitting on the grass looking at Jihoon’s naked body he became embarrassed, turning his head away

Seeing that XinYi had calmed down, Jihoon sighed. Getting up, green mist enveloped him forming clothes on his body.

Once he was fully dressed he looked at the one on the ground, “Get up!” Standing up XinYi faced him with tears in his eyes, “Seung . . .” – “Don’t you know that it’s wrong to force yourself on someone> I won’t report you to the headmaster so leave, I’ll forget that this happened.”

XinYi’s eyes turned sharp with anger, “How can you pretend that nothing happened! You’ve been missing for ten years and now you’re saying you’ll forget!”

Feeling wronged with the sudden accusation Jihoon folded his arms against his chest and berated, “Listen, I don’t know who you think I am but let’s get one thing straight here . . . I am an instructor at this place for cultivation studies and you have no right to sexually harass me.”

“Seungho!! You can stop pretending now, there’s no way you can fool me any longer, I already saw the Qin mark on you!” he answered back with determination.

Jihoon, “…”

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