Tears of Blood

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Text of the dead

On the way to Instructor Lee’s class, his students and the observers bumped into a dilemma. One their way they arrived at the tree before the classroom they did not realize that they had already arrived because they were to absent-minded due to the excitement of learning something new in class today.

Speaking to each other they walked for over an hour and a half when someone finally complained, “Why haven’t we reached the classroom yet?”

Everyone stopped walking and looked to the front. Before them was the class but they haven’t reached it yet. A few started walking and the ones behind, namely the elders saw that although the students were walking towards the classroom, the classroom seemed further out yet it was near.

Some of the students who watched noticed this too, “What’s happening?” Someone questioned. The ones in front who were in the lead stopped, turning back and looking between the others and the distance they walked… All to find out that they never left.

“How long have we been at this now?” Questioned another.

“It should be well over an hour now…”

“What’s happening, is it another trick?”

Jihoon snapped his fingers and the illusion broke away. The students saw that they were already in class. Confused, one asked, “Instructor Lee, how did we get inside?”

Jihoon was seated behind his desk eating blood coloured grapes looking at them. “Get to your seats, I’ll explain when you all have settled down.”

Following his instructions everyone sat down in the seats they sat in yesterday. Silently they looked at Jihoon who was chewing on these blood gems that resembled grapes. The students sense evil energy seep off the blood gems. The elders seated at the back of the class from the demonic sects frowned looking at it.

This stuff that he was eating wasn’t something that they had information on nor have they seen it before. Out of curiosity, an elder asked, “Instructor Lee, if I may, what is it that you are eating?”

Looking at the elder he placed it down. Raising an eyebrow he looked at the bowl of gems, answering, “This is a fruit grown in the demonic realm.”

“How does it taste?” Asked a student.

“Uhm… if I were to make a comparison to the human food, the juices taste like that of an apple mixed with pineapple, carrot juice and pomegranate. It also has a hint of thyme and rosemary to it…”

“Instructor, you said human food,” one student answered.

Jihoon raised a brow and nod his head, “What I am eating is not human food and can only be consumed by non-humans.”

All those in his class trembled, so to say that instructor Lee, this entire time was a nonhuman, if he wasn’t human then what was he.

The class became eerily quiet and no one said a word. Jihoon noticed that the atmosphere became tense and swept his gaze over everyone including XinYi who looked at him with a pained expression.

Sighing he got up and walked to the front of the desk and sat down on it. Crossing his right leg over his left and fixing his robe he started, “What you all experienced today is called Demonic walls. Demonic Walls are a terrible thing that is quite annoying for those who realize it but can’t expel it. For the weaker cultivators who experience it will have their spiritual energies slowly sucked out of their bodies by the user who set it up. It’s a nice and easy way to cultivate but is not very effective nor practical.”

Seeing that no one answer, he continued, “There are two types of demonic walls. The first type makes one see an illusion meaning that one would think there was a wall when there actually wasn’t and is nothing but an illusion… this is normally used as a maze when someone is hiding something and wants others not to know of its existence.”

“The second demonic wall muddles one’s sense of direction and memories of path which is more powerful. When you chose a path at a fork, in reality, your mind is confounded and you go the other way, there’s a slight deviation in your steps. The demon spirit or cultivator confines your mind to widen the deviation. So without knowing when you thought you were walking in a straight line you in reality just walked in circles which you all experienced earlier on. Once you’ve made around you will realize and ask yourself how the fuck did you get here.”

He added, “But in recent years there’s a new demonic wall that’s been created which is the third type and most deadly and once you experience it you’ll never make it out alive – the creator of this wall is a deadly omen and I hope that none of you ever have to experience it.”

Flipping his wrist, bamboo mats with text on it floated to his students, “Here are the two types of demonic wall spells, practice it and don’t use it on innocent people. This will be beneficial for you all to know during exam trials and or wars that you will experience.”

Sweeping his gaze over them he said, “As for me being nonhuman, you are truly lucky to have men as a friend and not a foe. I will be setting an exam soon for you all to take and there will be many traumatizing creatures and experiences during that exam so if you are one of those who have a weak heart, I do suggest that you come and speak to me, I don’t want people dying on me.”

Getting off his desk he went to sit behind it again and took out scrolls. Walking to each desk he handed one to his students and the extras to those who were sitting around and observing his lesson.

They opened the scrolls and were confused by the words. Jihoon said, “The following is in the text of the dead – this means that only dead people can read what is written on it. Since everyone is alive in this room I’ll translate it for you all – remember now, since this is in the text of the death only they can read it and it’s a way to leave messages for other dead people, some who adventured into the graves and forbidden realms may have seen these odd-looking characters on walls, or on a path practically anywhere. But these characters mostly don’t show themselves unless the one who wrote them is powerful and wants everyone to see it.”

“The text is a song written by a young woman who died during the war ten thousand years ago because her loved one kept visiting her and it left her in unrest – the text reads as follows: Why does thou sit upon my grave

And will dead lips to speak?

Why does thou weep upon my grave

And will not let me sleep?

My breast it is as cold as clay

My breath is earthly strong

And if you kiss my cold clay lips

Your days they won’t be long

How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart

Where we were won’t to walk

The fairest flower that e’er I saw

Has withered to a stalk

When will we meet again, sweetheart?

When will we meet again?

When the Autumn leaves that fall from trees

Are green and spring up again

How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart

Where we were won’t to walk

The fairest flower that e’er I saw

Has withered to a stalk

From tomorrow you all will be learning the characters because you will need to communicate with the dead. At a later stage, I will teach you to play the sound of the dead and it will be more effective than communicating through text and no, don’t even think of asking me to teach you the music first, you need to start from the basics!”

“Now, sit and study the Demonic Wall spells, you all are free to go outside and test it out, this is not free time you need to study just like everyone else and because you all have me as your instructor and not someone else, I won’t be going easy on you – have fun, I’m going to sleep!”

He ordered and rested his head on the table. He wasn’t in the mood for teaching after what happened yesterday after class and he’s thought that XinYi wouldn’t attend today but here he is and staring straight at him – how embarrassing.

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