Tears of Blood

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Never Win

After the class left, XinYi stayed behind because he didn’t get enough time with Jihoon yesterday.

He didn’t walk up to Jihoon and stayed seated in one of the desks. Jihoon whose head was down resting on his arms and eyes were closed, felt a glare staring at him.

Spreading out his awareness, he felt a familiar presence that he knew all too well sit in a s=desk near him. Without showing him that he knew he was there, Jihoon ignored him.

three hours passed and Jihoon was fed up because sitting in this position was hurting his back. Sitting up in his chair, he glared at XinYi and folded his arms, “How long are you going to sit there?” he asked and saw XinYi smirk.

I have all the time in the world,” he said making Jihoon’s brows knit.

“Don’t you need to cultivate?” he asked while sizing him up.

“I can do that later, I’m currently doing something else now,” he says, confusing the fuck out of Jihoon. How can he be doing something when he’s just sitting there.

“What are you doing?” he asked hoping to relieve his confused state. XinYi looked at Jihoon and said with a smile tugged at his lips, “I’m trying to think of a way to get you to fall for me!”

Jihoon’s eyes widened... This person, he though. Groaning he complained, “Why is it that you haven’t changed?”

Hearing this, XinYi felt at ease. His eyes softened, “So you do remember me.” He says making Jihoon’s eyes widen in realization, ‘I fell into his trap!’

“You never could beat me in a logic competition,” XinYi smirked. Jihoon could see the cockiness ooz off of XinYi’s body and he cursed.

“Why won’t you just give up?” he asked listlessly.

“I was never one to gu=ive up and you know that Seung Ho,” he says making JIhoon roll his eyes.

Placing his head on his open palm, Jihoon looked at XinYi with a smile, “Yeah, your dumbass was a pain to deal with and it seems you’re still a pain to deal with.”

“Let me take you out for lunch,” he asked making Jihoon blush, “On a date?” he asked hopefully.

XinYi scoffed, “No! It’s just two friends going out to eat.”

JIhoon’s mouth opened in shock, he couldn’t believe this, “No!” he glared at XinYi. XinYi burst out laughing. Grabbing his stomach after his fit of laughter ceased, he wiped the tears away from the corner of his eyes.

Looking at Jihoon with love and affection in his eyes, he smiled, “Okay then, its a date!”

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