Tears of Blood

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Demonic Choir

Seconds after he realised this, a deafening “hum” sounded as if it came out from the mouth of a beast, sounded and echoed in Deadman’s Wonderland.

The dense fog above him turned poisonous green in colour and the blood from all the dead started boiling, creating a deep and bloody stench, making the previous scent of blood intensify.

A deep voice sounded out. As if a demonic choir started singing, consisting of male and female voices, both young and old:

Look at me.
Look at us.

Why is he here.
Why are we here.

Such a young youth... sent to his death. A deep sigh comes from the being’s mouth

Listen to me.
Listen to you.
Listen to us.

We are all.
We are one.

I am you.
You are us.

Death, Resentment… We have it all.

Love, Hate… Death to them all.

Let us make a pact.
Let us make a pact. A little girl gigglesLet us make a pact.

Let us be a family.
Let us be one.

Let us live.
Let us be free.

Let us strive to be the one
And you...will be free.

The little girl giggled who giggled before, giggled for the time of half an incense stick when lit then stopped.

The demonic hum sounded again bringing with it a strong gust of wind.

The blood in the valley he laid in started boiling, making bubbles of gas that bubbled till the stench from the valley deepened, giving off an intoxicatingly disgusting bloody smell that kept him from closing his eyes - keeping him alive.

The blood, the gas, along with the resentful spirits, forced into Seungho’s body.

His body was flipped over and pulled up towards the heavens by an invisible force but did not leave the valley of Deadman’s Wonderland.

Hovering in the air, the resentful spirits forced their way through every wound on his body and every hole they could find. The pain of having his body overtaken hurt so badly that his appearance turned wretched, he had the appearance that would scare anyone lifeless.

His pale body turned grey almost withering away. The muscles and organs melted down leaving nothing but flesh and bones.

Seungho was still conscious and frightened when he heard the voices sound out from all around him... being unable to speak or scream made him well up with fear.

He could feel the stinging pain from foreign elements invading his bones, streaming into the gaps between his skin, this feeling felt similar to thin long needles swimming around between the layer of skin and nerves... setting up camp and taking over his body.

The only thing he was currently capable of was moving his toes and fingers because the skin pulled against it and breathing in the air but even still while breathing in, his chest wasn’t moving yet he could still somewhat breathe.

The more they invaded his body the skinnier he became, this continued till his skin wrapped around his bones.

At this stage, his eyelids widened and pulled back, almost making his eyeballs pop out of the sockets.

As this is happening, the spirits, blood and lost souls in Deadmans Wonderland immediately flow faster into his body restoring it. From his skinny body, it began to plump up and return to what it looked like before; this included his damaged limbs, neck, brain and face.

The tears stopped flowing and his eyes closed shut, sealing his eyelids with a bright green light.

From inside his nose, mouth and ears, a bright green light was shinny out and lighting up the entire valley outside the mountains.

His body rotated slowly for the next few days in midair, taking in every last drop of blood, every last bit of the green and poisonous fog, accepting everything, including the spirits and lost souls without a fuss whether they were man or beast, male or female - all with no exception.

Outside the mountains, a thousand meters away, the clans, villages, guilds, sects and animals also beasts in the surrounding area could see this green light shining through the clouds alarming everyone.

The heads and elders of each sect, clans, guild and the villages looked up into the clouds in that direction feeling that this phenomenon was a bad sign.

After doing some calculations, they realized that the green light that lit up the sky was coming from inside the mountain valley in the direction of Deadman’s Wonderland.

All the curious youngsters who were cultivating and walking around in their respective sects stopped to look at this beautiful phenomenon, not knowing what all of this meant.

This phenomenon lasted for a week, which made the respective heads curious as to what was happening. No one slept during this week or cultivated because they felt something keep them in place to watch as the green light slowly disappear.

Not long after it finally stopped, the elders were dispatched along with the high ranking and powerful students to inspect the area and investigate what had happened.

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