Tears of Blood

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1. Husband Dearest

So we’ll begin with the story in a bit, I just wanted everyone to know of the changes I made.

1 - ‘Zayev’ - Jihoon’s Ex is now named Reqing. I don’t know why I gave him an English name yet the character and story is from a mix of ancient China and Korea :)

2 - Since Reqing is here and they are ‘husbands’ there will be sex, swearing and more graphic ‘details’ hopefully you all aren’t angry about this :)

3 - Mother and father-in-law is in the story too.

4 - I hope this all makes sense now :) Happy reading.

5 - please read until the end

“Wuqing, you need to calm down,” his wife soothes as she ran her fingers through his long ink-black hair, “If you don’t, you’ll die from a heart attack or grow old,” she snickered.

Wuqing turned around and took her left hand in his, looking down at her hand he closed his eyes and placed his forehead against her hand, sighing he complained, “Chushan, I am already ten thousand one hundred years old and you being in my life extended my lonely years, if not for your love and devotion, would I still be here?”

Chushan looked down at her husband with love swimming in her eyes, she smiled at him as she caressed his cheek, “But you my lord gave me everything I’ve always wanted whether it be friendship, company and a child. And to answer your question, if it wasn’t for my love, you’d still be that adorable little bunny who warned me against everything.”

Wuqing frowned, turning around, he let his wife mess with his hair as she sent spiritual power through her fingertips to his mind to calm him down.

Sighing once again he said, “But that boy is impossible! He never listens to me and its as though he is the father and I am the son… Why is he like that, I was never like that when I was younger, I wanted to learn so much and become strong and yet he is choosing to forget his teachings! He used to be so adorable when he was a baby and I was his God but now… he curses me and wishes for my death to hasten, does he not know that I am immortal and that I will only die when you perish?”

Chushan sighed. Tilting her husbands head back, she looked into his eyes, “Reqing will always love you. Let him experience life the way you have and let him cultivate the way he sees fit. Everyone has a right to choose their own path just as you and I did.”

“But Reqing is my only heir and my baby,” Wuqing protested. Chushan shook her head gently, “I know that dear, but our baby is a grown man.”

Wuqing stood up and glared at his wife, his resentful energy spiralled out of control. Chushan formed a defensive array around her and left her husband to go out of control as she heard him growl, “How could he get married without our permission? Not just that, he married a man and its been 10 years?! Chushan 10 years?! Do they have a child together? Can men fall pregnant?”

Chushan smiled at him, “I agree that what Reqing has done isn’t correct but it’s not uncommon for men to fall in love. It’s rare but not uncommon, all we can do now is just wait to meet our son-in-law and I want you to be nice alright Wuqing?”

Wuqing’s resentful energy diminished, “Whatever, let’s make another Reqing but I want a daughter, not a son!”

Chushan looked at him unamused, “I don’t mind but will I fall pregnant? It took us twenty years to make your ungrateful child.”

Wuqing looked at his wife and pulled her in for a hug, holding her close to him he mumbled, “Maybe the heavens will bless us with another even after I committed all those sins years ago.”

Chushan patted her husband and pulled him to their chamber to do as he wished.


“So you are really going on a date Jihoon?” Asks Lanhua astonished.

Jihoon looked at the little fairy dressed in all black and nodded his head, “Yes, I was forced!”

Lanhua shook her small head with a smirk, “I can’t believe that my little Jihoon has finally decided to give dating a try again,” she teased.

Jihoon rolled his eyes and continued to get dressed. He couldn’t decide on a good outfit to wear and it was starting to frustrate him since he already went through twelve robes.

“Jihoon you look fine, stop stressing and hurry up or you’ll be late,” Lanhua said half-heartedly.

Sighing, he shook out his arms and decided on the outfit he was currently wearing. For some odd reason he was too nervous and the thought of being with XinYi on a date was ridiculous.

“You know, I have this weird feeling Jihoon?” Lanhua suddenly says making Jihoon pause. He looked at her and narrowed his eyes.

“What does it feel like?” he asked knowing that she might be right about something since he’s been feeling odd too.

She stood up from the death apple she was sitting on and flew to his shoulder, sitting down on his right shoulder. “To be honest, it’s similar to the same feeling when you were born. I’m not certain and you know that I no longer look into the future so I can’t tell you exactly what it is but it might be the birth of a new and powerful demon,” she says and Jihoon’s body stiffens.

“More powerful than me?” he asked her and she shakes her head.

“Not really but almost, I’ll be going with you just in case something happens to you and let’s bring Haha with since she could be waking up anytime soon,” she says and he nods.

Jihoon headed into the cave where he kept Haha and picked the now beautiful girl up that he created and waved his arms, transporting her to his domain.

Lanhua masked herself with the invisibility charm and they were off. Everything seemed to be normal in the human world so they eased up a little.

Walking on towards the restaurant where he promised he’d meet up with XinYi, Jihoon paused as the evilest laugh he was familiar with entered his ears.

The world around him suddenly turned crimson red and there was no one around. Lanhua remained silent but stomped her feet three times on Jihoon’s shoulder notifying him to be ready for what is about to come.

Black fog wrapped around his waist and squeezed him tightly but not so hard that he’d be crushed. The black fog changed into a man and the man’s cold chest rubbed against his back. He raised his right hand and cupped Jihoon’s face and raised it to look at him. Jihoon’s black orbs met his red orbs of lust.

Jihoon’s eyes widened in surprise but soon turned sad. The man narrowed his eyes and wiped away the tear falling down Jihoon’s cheek. Leaning down he placed his cold lips against Jihoon’s cold lips. Licking his tongue against Jihoon’s bottom lip sent shivers throughout Jihoon’s body making him whimper and unconsciously open his mouth.

The man didn’t waste this opportunity and ravaged Jihoon’s mouth. Jihoon trembled in his embrace, just before he was about to lose himself in the kiss he felt a kick to his neck and a mental transmission enter his thoughts, “Jihoon, don’t forget what he did, you can’t let him control you like this!”

The warning from Lanhua brought his thoughts back. Opening his eyes, he saw the man before him stare into his eyes with curiosity. Jihoon ripped himself from the man’s embrace and raised his hand, sending resentful energy to his raised hand then brought it down slapping the man across his face.

He stumbled back and held his cheek. Jihoon looked down at his hand that was now throbbing and hugged it. He glared at the man who looked at him as if he was wronged and in shock while cupping his cheek.

“Jiho...” he started but was cut off, “Don’t even mention my name you asshole!!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

The man’s mouth opened about to say something but Jihoon turned around wiping away the tears that were falling like a waterfall. The man suddenly went into a panic and suddenly appeared in front of Jihooon.

He cupped Jihoon’s face but his heart tightened the minute he looked at Jihoon. He never enjoyed it when the person he loved cried because it wasn’t the usual like any other human or cultivator, it was the tears of the dead, Tears of Blood that stained his jade-like skin that left the one looking at it feel terror.

He quickly wiped away most of the tears and forced kisses on Jihoon’s lips as he struggled but ended up collapsing into the man’s arms. They both dropped to the ground and Jihoon cried his cold heart out into the man’s black robes.

Feeling at a loss on what to do, he patted Jihoon’s back leaving him to cry his heart out and kissed his head while smoothing out his hair too.

After what seemed like hours, Jihoon finally stopped crying and was hiccuping in his arms. Raising his head, Jihoon saw that the man had dry tears staining his cheeks and reached out to wipe his cheeks clean.

The man smiled softly and took the hand in his that was wiping his cheek and kissed inside of his palm. He looked at Jihoon and felt terrible for making him cry the way he did. He never meant to but it was now too late.

Swallowing the saliva pooling at the back of his throat he said softly, “J - Jihoon, I’m sorry.”

“I - I d - don’t f - forgive y - you!” He answered and buried his face in the man’s chest.

The man sighed and nodded his head. After a moment of silence, he said, “I still love you and never stopped loving you.”

Jihoon looked up at him and knew that he wasn’t lying about loving him. He loved the man too but what he did was too wrong for him to forgive him.

“Why are you here Reqing?” Jihoon asked.

Reqing looked at Jihoon and felt his heart tighten at the look of hatred in Jihoon’s eyes and the harshness in his voice.

Averting his gaze he answered, “I’ve come back to take you home with me. My parents want me to marry someone so I told them about you.”

Jihoon’s eyes widened in shock. He knew who Reqing’s parents were and how terrible it would be to anger them, “What did you tell them about me?” He asked nervously. Reqing looked at Jihoon with a frown, “Everything. Me and you being married and you being a man,” he answered and Jihoon instantly felt a bad premonition come about.

“Why?” he asked and trembled when he saw Reqing’s eyes harden.

“I know I wronged you in the past but you are married to me whether you like it or not, so why wouldn’t I tell my parents? Do you not want to be with me anymore?” he asked and Jihoon felt guilty.

Jihoon was about to apologise then saw the smirk tugged at Reqing’s lips and glared at him. He was tricked yet again by this asshole. Reqing hugged Jihoon and said, “Don’t worry, they’ll love you but why are you going on a date with someone else?”

Jihoon rolled his eyes, “You have perfect timing you know?

Reqing stood up and helped Jihoon up as well, stepping back, he took a good look at this husband of his who ran away from him, after a moment he asked, “So, are you going to explain your actions or will I have to kill that man.”

Jihoon’s eyes widened, he ran up to Reqing and fist his robe, shaking his head, “No Reqing please, it wasn’t a date but only two friends meeting up to catch up on lost time. Please don’t do anything rash.”

Reqing hugged Jihoon to himself and said with a smirk on his face, “Jihoon, you know that I can’t stand it when other men have their eyes on you.” Pulling back he cupped Jihoon’s face, looking into his eyes he said, “No one else deserves you but me. I’ve reflected on my wrong doings and I promise I won’t repeat my actions, please give me another chance to make up for lost time and to gain your forgiveness also your adoration again.”

Jihoon’s eyes watered. He looked away as all the bad memories with this man returned, looking up at Reqing he shook his head, “I love you Reqing but what you did was not right, how can you expect me to forgive you so easily.”

Reqing frowned, “You already said you love, isn’t that proof enough?”

Jihoon struggled out of his arms, “Loving you and forgiving you are two different things! You need to earn my forgiveness!” He said firmly.

Reqing looked over Jihoon’s shoulder. Rubbing his hands over his face frustrated he turned around, “You know, I really am trying but you keep running away! Don’t think that you’ll escape me this time, I’m dead serious about taking you home with me and you better not run because next time I won’t just let it slide,” he warned and disappeared.

Jihoon was back to where he was under a clear blue sky and looked around. His body involuntarily shuddered as everything seemed to be normal. Lanhua came out from her hiding place as Jihoon made his way to the restaurant, “H-how do you think he found us.”

Jihoon shook his head, “You tell me, you’re the oracle and it seems like he only got stronger, I was afraid of this.”

Lanhua sighed, “Well, all we can do now is appease him and make sure that he doesn’t kill everyone around us again.”

He enters the restaurant and is taken to the room where XinYi was. When XinYi saw him walk in, he frowned, “You’re five hours late.”

Jihoon sighed, sitting down he looked at XinYi, “I’m really sorry but there was nothing I could do, my husband just returned and he is not happy that I’m here to see you.”

“Jihoon what?” XinYi asked confused, he couldn’t believe his ears, “You have a husband?”

Jihoon took in a shuddering breath as he felt Reqing’s resentful energy envelop him from the shadows. He secretly sent his own resentful energy into the shadows to calm him down and it worked but XinYi spoke again, “I asked you out on a date and now you are telling me you’re married?!”

Reqing’s eyes widened the hardened. He stepped out of the shadows and grabbed XinYi by the neck and squeezed. Jihoon ran to them, pulling on Reqing’s arm he said, “Reqing please don’t, he is just misunderstanding everything, you know I won’t be with anyone but you!”

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