Tears of Blood

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2. Small Doses

Reqing glared at Jihoon and didn’t move. Raising his hands, Jihoon cupped Reqing’s face, forcing him to look directly at him, he said softly, “Reqing, please don’t do anything that will make me sad again, I don’t want to have to run away from you again, I’m willing to give you a chance but not if you’re going to hurt my childhood friend.”

Reqing’s heart squeezed, his red eyes turned black and he let go of XinYi. Placing his hands on Jihoon, he pulled him in for a hug, resting his head on his shoulder he said, “I can’t help being jealous, you know I love you Jihoon.”

“And you know I can only take your love in small doses,” Jihoon answered him. He shrugged Reqing off but held onto his hand, looking over at the panting XinYi he said, “As I said before, I’m married and this is my husband Kong Reqing. We’ve been married for over ten years already so I can’t date anyone,” squeezing Reqing’s hand he added, “Not that I want to. I made a promise to him when we got married and I will keep to that promise, I love him no matter what, even if we fight or are angry at one another, I’ll still love him.”

Looking over at Reqing he said, “You ruined our time together.” Reqing frowned and looked away. Looking back at XinYi he said with a bitter smile on his face, “Can we reschedule? Could you also forgive him this one time, I’ll make sure he doesn’t misbehave a second time.”
XinYi looked at Reqing with hatred. There was no way he could beat this guy up who had so much resentful energy seeping out of him. He looked between the two of them then looked at their hands that were joined together.

Looking away he said, “Jihoon, I don’t understand. You went missing ten years ago in Deadman’s Wonderland, how could you be married for ten years and didn’t you love my brother?”

Hearing his words, Reqing grew angry, Jihoon quickly hugged his arm catching him off guard, Jihoon looked at XinYi and said, “The years we’ve been married should never be counted,” Looking up at his handsome husband he continued, “I may have loved your brother once in the past and if I never left, you and I could have been together but I love my husband more. Our love his complicated, toxic and furthermore dangerous but I love him.” Jihoon’s eyes teared up turning red, blood leaked from his eyes, “It’s suffocating but no matter how much I try to hate him, I just end up loving him more. Each breath that I breathe is all thanks to him…”

“In all, what he’s trying to say is that you shouldn’t count the years we’ve spent together in years but breaths,” Reqing said. Stepping forward, he held their hands up, “Don’t think you can try and take him from me.” Wrapping his arms around Jihoon who was crying tears of blood, he hugged him firmly and wiped away his tears, “I told you before Jihoon, you shouldn’t cry, I don’t like it.”

Looking at XinYi, Reqing said, “I’m taking him home, don’t let me catch you near him again!” Jihoon pinched Reqing’s side, “Reqing~ don’t be mean.”

“Ah!!” Reqing groaned, wrapping his aura around Jihoon, they disappeared into his black mist appearing in a mansion within Reqing’s Crimson world. He carried Jihoon in his arms and lied him down on a comfy bed surrounded by skulls and bones, which the headboard and furniture were made out of.

Closing Jihoon with a black quilted blanket, he leaned down and kissed Jihoon on the lips. A black-cloaked skeleton walked in holding a bowl of water and cloth. Stopping beside Reqing it bowed and spoke in a deep voice, “Here’s the water and cloth you asked for, young master.”

Reqing looked into the bowl of red liquid and took the cloth and bowl, “Any new developments?” He asked but the skeleton shook its head, “None so far.” It looked at Jihoon on the bed who was flushed in the face, bowing it said, “Welcome back young master Jihoon.”

“Mnn, thanks,” Jihoon nodded. The skeleton left, closing the doors behind it. Dipping the cloth into the bowl, Reqing wrung it out and wiped away the blood on Jihoon’s face and hands. Looking over at Reqing’s beautiful tanned complexing he said, “No matter how many times I am here, it still creeps me out, how can you live in a place like this?”

Reqing smiled down at Jihoon with love in his eyes, “It’s my special place, my love.” He answered. Jihoon chuckled and placed his left hand on his forehead, taking in deep breaths he looked up at the ceiling saying, “What did you do to me?”

Reqing smiled and placed the bowl and cloth to the side on the table. Taking off all his clothes, he climbed into bed and pulled Jihoon into his arms and hugged him, relaxing the side of his head on Jihoon’s he looked at the painting of a woman hanging on a tree he said, “How else will I get you to sleep soundly beside me, in my arms?”

Raising his hand, Jihoon ran it up Reqing’s chest. Moving his head a little closer he rests his forehead against Reqing’s chest and sighed, the smell of blood was strong on Reqing’s body, that paired with the cold temperature coming from his chest, eased the flustered dizzy and uncomfortable feeling that he had.

Reqing could feel the heat coming off of Jihoon and his breath that fanned over his chest made the member harden between his legs. Jihoon frowned and turned pink feeling the thing touching stomach, “Don’t you dare!” Jihoon warned him.

Reqing chuckled, planting a kiss on Jihoon’s forehead he said, “As much as I want to I can’t, you’re not in the best state to fuck.”

“Reqing~” Jihoon squealed. “I know, I know,” Reqing snickered, hooking his finger under Jihoon’s chin, he raised his head to look up at him and kissed his nose, “I’m just happy to have you here with me.”

Jihoon rolled his eyes, “Please don’t flatter yourself.”

“Alright, alright, sleep my love,” Reqing said and ran his fingers over Jihoon’s face closing his eyes. Jihoon immediately fell asleep.
Reqing smirked and licked up Jihoon’s neck, his hand snaked into Jihoon’s robe and grabbed onto the fairy that was hiding away. Pulling his hand out, he looked down at Lanhua who was tapped between his fingers and thumbs.

He looked at her with an evil smile on his face and climbed up off the bed making sure to close Jihoon. Lanhua looked at Reqing with terror in her eyes and on her face, squeezing his hand tightly around her little body she “Ah!!” in pain.

Reqing walked over with Lanhua in his hand to the wall near the bed and chucked her against the wall. He walked over to where his robes were lying and pulled on his inner robe. He turned around and looked at Lanhua who was healing her broken limbs, smirking he sat down on the floor in front of her.

She stood up and looked up at the evil man before her and pointed her little finger at him, “Kong Reqing! What did you do to Jihoon?!”
Reqing looked down at her lazily, “What I always do to him to make him sleep.”

Lanhua huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, “And yet you claim to love him!”

Reqing scoffed, “Of cause I love him, I just can’t help it that he gets in my way and does shit that he isn’t supposed to.” Looking over at Jihoon on the bed he added, “Besides, he keeps fucking running away because of you.”

“How dare you!” Lanhua growled, “You make him suffer that’s why!”

Reqing’s hand flew out fast and grabbed Lanhua, she struggled but yelled when he squeezed his hand, placing his thumb at the back of her neck he said, “Give me a good reason why I should keep you alive.”

“Jihoon will hate you!” She said through gritted teeth. Glaring at him she added, “Then it will be a war against the dead, do you really want that to happen? What will your father do to you?”

Reqing gritted his teeth, stood up and threw her against wall again. Before she could heal herself, he wrapped her up in his resentful energy bringing her to his face, “Don’t you fucking dare use my husband and father against me!”

Lanhua struggled but still managed to speak, “You’re nothing but a disappointment, you’re the son of one of the strongest dark lords in all the nine realms. Instead of honouring your father’s hard work, you go against him and do what you like! You could have been one of the strongest but you keep doing what you must not! What do you think will happen to you when your father finds out who your husband is?”
“And so what if I disappoint them! I never wanted to be like my father or my mother, can’t I be myself?! I did all of this on my own and if they won’t accept me and my achievements then so be it, I have my husband and we’ll live happily together,” Reqing argued back.

Lanhua scoffed, “And so what if you achieved what others couldn’t, that doesn’t mean you can get away with what you did, Jihoon may love you but that was all due to your manipulation, he hates you!”

“He doesn’t hate me, he loves me!” Reqing gritted through his teeth.

“That’s what you think,” Lanhua laughed. Reqing let her go dropping to the floor. He looked down at her with a pained expression saying, “You’re pathetic for speaking to me like this, did you forget that you are the one who helped me.”

Lanhua stood up and stared up at him, “At least I’m trying to make things better,” she answered. Reqing kicked his leg out kicking her. She flew against the wall hitting it, blood spurted out onto her chest.

Reqing walked over to the bed and sat down, he looked at Jihoon who was sleeping. Lanhua’s words hit the mark, they were all true, Jihoon only loved him due to his manipulation, knowing this one fact made him feel terrible and guilty.

Turning around, he looked at Lanhua who was panting heavily from continuous self-healing. She stomped her way over and glared at him, she could see the hurt in his eyes but he needed to be told right from wrong, “Young master! What will you do when your father meets him, if you don’t present him before master Wuqing, he’ll come and find Jihoon himself.”

Reqing narrowed his eyes on the fairy and scooped her up gently, placing her on his shoulder he said, “I have no plan on hiding Jihoon, I’m proud to have him as my husband.”

Lanhua sighed and pinch his cheek, “Ah~ your parents will love him…”

They have a love-hate relationship :) - What do you think of this chapter? The next chapter will be up next week (Don’t know when) and I will take everyone back eleven years in the past. We’ll understand what really happened with Jihoon’s family, what happened in Deadman’s Wonderland and the steps after that (In the up coming chapters) Please look forward to it and NO ONE is allowed to hate on my baby Reqing :D And I hope everyone now knows why it’s called ‘Tears of Blood’ and the second book ‘Breath of Life’ will be explained later.
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