Tears of Blood

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3. Soul Bride

Sneaking into his father’s private room, Reqing and Lanhua searched for an orb, finally finding it after ten minutes, the two of them quickly left as if they weren’t there. Back in Reqing’s palace, he took out the orb with a galaxy inside it, holding it out to Lanhua he smiles, “Okay, take me to my bride!!”

Lanhua shook her head unamused, with her hands on her hips she warned, “Young Master, just because I told you that your bride is on another world, does not mean you should seek her out, do you know how much trouble you will get us into and who knows, you meeting her might cause something terrible to happen.”

“Uhhh! Lanhua just do it please, let’s go find her so that I don’t have to marry that clan’s daughter.” Reqing complained making Lanhua chuckle, she looked down at the orb with her white eyes as she said, “I’m only helping you because I don’t like that girl too.”

Reqing grinned happily as he watched her use her power. Lanhua’s whole demeanour changed as the spiritual power around her danced, she looked into the orb with her third eye and scanned the starry worlds. Her eyes stopped on a world and she couldn’t help but smile, Reqing who was watching her grew excited, but as much as he wanted to ask he didn’t, he knew well that you shouldn’t disturb and oracle when they are busy.

Lanhua frowned suddenly and stopped looking into the orb. The spiritual energy in the room settled down and she wiped the sweat beads off her forehead. Gazing up at Reqing she said, “I found your bride young master.”

“Okay, but why are you frowning, is something wrong?” Reqing asked. Lanhua smiled sheepishly and shook her head, “No, everything is absolutely fine, it’ll take us time to get to your bride’s world but we’ll meet her.” Lanhua said leaving out many details about his bride.

Reqing nods his head, “How long do you think it will take to get us there?” He asked her. Lanhua thought for a moment, “At your current cultivation realm of the shadow arts, we’ll arrive there within three months but your energy will be depleted and you’ll have to rest well before meeting your bride, I suggest we take our time before arriving there so that young master’s energy isn’t depleted.”

Reqing hummed, “Alright, what should we do then?” He asked as he sat down crossing his legs. Lanhua flew over to him and sat down on top of the orb in Reqing’s hand, “We could take our time getting there and travel from world to world to suck up the resentful energy. You’ll gain more energy that way and by the time we get there to your bride’s world, you can settle in his world’s undead domain.”

“His world has an undead domain?” Reqing’s eyes sparkled, but then the words registered, he looked down at Lanhua surprised, “My bride is a man?”

Lanhua scratched her nose and grinned, “That is correct and he’s beautiful.” She said again, minding much detail.

Reqing tilted his head to the side with a frown, “I didn’t expect my bride to be a man.” Lanhua sighed hearing his disappointment, smiling weakly she said, “Young Master, you are free to marry the young miss from the Kou clan. Remember, you asked me to search for your soul’s bride, not your bride. Young Master, you must understand, anyone can marry and have a child but they won’t be complete unless they have their soul’s bride with them. When it’s like this, there is a tendency for divorce, bastard children and more. I found your mother for your father which made you possible, I do not know if your parents will have another child since it took them fifty years to finally conceive you. I won’t be sure of it until I meet your bride, the two of you might be able to have children but I wouldn’t know until then, again, you can choose the young miss from the Kou family, I have no objections.”

Reqing shook his head with a sigh, “I’ll take my chances with my bride I guess, it’s not like I am in a rush, how old is he?” He asked out of curiosity.

Lanhua smiled as she kicked her legs, “He looks to be about fifteen years old.” She answered Reqing groaned. Flipping his hand, a jar of black stuff appeared in his hands, bringing it to his mouth he drank from it and wiped his mouth, “Well, we could take our time and before we go see him.”

Lanhua pursed her lips, “Actually, we need to meet him before the end of this year.” She said. Reqing looked at her then smiled, “I guess we should get going then.”

Reqing packed his necessities and headed to his parent’s pavilion, entering it he instantly regretted coming this here. His mother’s loud sexual moans and groans were echoing around and it just pissed him off.

Closing his eyes, he kicked their chamber door open and yelled, “I’m leaving, I’ll be back in a month,” he lied. His parents stopped moving and looked at their son through the turquoise net, his mother looked at him and asked as she pushed her pissed off husband off her and got up from the bed. After covering herself she walked over to him, touching his face she asked, “Did you eat?”

“Yes,” he nodded as she touched him. She waved her hand and sixty jars of resentful energy and demons blood, she placed the jars into a sack and handed it to him, “This will last for the duration that you are gone okay, be sure to not overdo it too.” She said as she kissed his forehead, Wuqing walked over with his dick swinging left and right as he walked and stopped beside his wife, he gave his son a once over and said, “Whatever you are going to do, make sure it doesn’t affect your mother and me. I know you’re going to catch on to shit but you must understand, you’re our only child and if you die, we’ll be sad and pissed.”

Reqing grumbled and nodded, “Yeah, I’ll mind myself while I’m out,” Reqing said. Wuqing kissed him on the forehead, “Love you son.”

Chushan grinned at her boys, “I love you both too,” Reqing said and disappeared leaving black mist behind.

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