Tears of Blood

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5. Shadow Man

Lanhua stood to the side behind Jihoon observing him. It’s been three days since he was brought here and that incident and all he did was sitting on one of the hills within the Crimson world’s graveyard and looked it over with a blank stare.

He was completely surrounded by a river of blood, walking corpses and terrifying spiritual beasts that were growling at him ready to attack, but it was as if he didn’t notice them, she tried to offer him something to eat as well but he ignored her completely.

After shooing everything away, Lanhua went to look if her young master was doing well, but Reqing was still unconscious, his complexion didn’t show any changes, but from the way the resentful energy within his body was spiralling out of control was something she’d never seen before.

First, it would settle but then it suddenly it would spiral out of control and she had to use her energy to settle it by force. Sighing, she forced his mouth open and poured blood-like liquid in then help him drink it.

Placing a cork in the vial, she walked over to the table and placed it down. Her mind wandered for a second on possible solutions when she suddenly shivered, her eyes sharpened and immediately turned around.

She was completely taken aback when her eyes landed on Jihoon who was sitting by Reqing’s side combing his hair. She watched his movements that were slow and almost hypnotic but quickly snapped out of the hypnosis.

Placing her hand on her beating heart, she mumbled questioningly, “Young master, your power is that strong?”

She gave Jihoon a good look and analyzing his ability, but she couldn’t find a trace of Reqing within him. Looking closely between Jihoon and her young master, she saw that the resentful energy between them were merging.

Narrowing her eyes, she asked herself, “How is this possible, there should be conflict instead?”

Jihoon who was braiding Reqing’s hair, looked over at Lanhua and asked, “Conflict?”

Lanhua looked at Jihoon surprised, she’d been trying so hard to get his attention all this time but he ignored her instead.

Bowing, she asked, “Master Jihoon, are you aware of your surroundings?”

Jihoon’s eyes suddenly blanked out, turning hollow and his body slumped. He looked down at Reqing and caressed his nose, he smiled lovingly at Reqing and mumbled, “I miss you.”

“Young master Jihoon?” Lanhua asked helplessly.

Shaking her head, she went outside and gathered some of the fruit from the trees within the domain, then brought it back to the house Jihoon and Reqing were in and placed the basket with the fruits in it down on the table near Jihoon, bowing she said, “Here is something to eat… when you feel hungry later.”

Just as she left and reached the door, she heard Jihoon say, “Thank you.”

She turned and looked at him and her eyes widened, within Jihoon’s shadow Reqing’s red eyes were staring at her, he smiled at her then forcefully shut the door kicking her out.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she clutches at her hair, “There’s two of him now!”


Jihoon sat there tracing Reqing’s features with his left index finger with a smile on his face. Jihoon remembered his face and his pleasant voice, but couldn’t remember who this person was. That woman who he has met just days ago said that this devilishly-handsome man was his husband, but how?

“I remember that I was supposed to get married, but why don’t I remember our wedding and your name?” Jihoon asked himself.

The Reqing within his shadow whirled up from the darkness and formed a person. Jihoon felt something familiar approach him and turned around. The thing before him was dressed in all black and its skin was gray in colour.

Jihoon smiled, looking up at him, then turned to look down at the one sleeping in the bed. The Shadow sat down beside him and brushed his hand down Jihoon’s back.

Jihoon looked at him and asked, “Shouldn’t you be sleeping? You still look tired.”

The shadow beside him nod his head, then hugged Jihoon from the side. Cupping the shadow’s cheek, he said, “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up for so long, why are you waking up only now? That woman said you and I are married, shouldn’t we go somewhere to be alone? We are alone, but she is here too, and so are those other things that are scary.”

Tears streamed down Jihoon’s cheeks as he continued while placing his hand over his heart, “I missed you so much and I don’t know why. It feels empty here, but I don’t feel empty at all. My head is empty too, but I keep thinking about you so it shouldn’t be empty right?”

Rubbing Jihoon’s shoulder, Reqing couldn’t say anything, nor did he feel anything at all. This person, he barely knew and the feeling he was feeling were all things that he was feeling. His soul wanted to return to his body, but couldn’t because it was trapped after being infused with Seung Ho’s soul.

Reqing placed his cold lips against Jihoon’s cheeks, then ran his fingers through Jihoon’s hair. Looking over at his body Reqing analyzed his own condition, his body was still adapting to function with only half a soul and was doing fairly well but it would take time.

Looking back at Jihoon he sighed, Jihoon was whole, but his black soul was confusing Jihoon’s innocence that wanted to leave, but was being forced to stay behind, it was amazing to see that Jihoon was okay but his mental state wasn’t all that fine.

Sighing he looked back at himself thinking of a way to bring himself back to a conscious state so that he can help heal Jihoon’s soul and mind.

Jihoon suddenly sprang up pulling Reqing out of his thoughts, he looked up at Jihoon that went into a panic and ran outside. Standing up, Reqing followed after Jihoon and found him back on the hill spaced out looking down at the house they were just in.

Sitting down beside Jihoon, Reqing saw that from all the way up here, they could see his body lying down on the bed through the window and smiled.

Lanhua came over and with a concerned look on her face, and bowed, “Young master, should you be away from your body, won’t this affect your body?”

Reqing shook his head, pointing up at the sky, then down at the ground beneath them, he shrugged, Jihoon who was beside him calmed down and looked over at the two, after seeing Reqing’s actions he said, “He says he made this place and its part of him to begin with, everything will be fine even if he is separated from his body.”

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