Tears of Blood

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7. Return

Reqing’s eyes opened, he felt a slight pressure on his chest and turned to his right to look what it was and ofcause it was Jihoon.

Looking at Jihoon’s peaceful sleeping expression, he frowned.

Outside of the home, the clouds in the sky started whirling and turned black. Lanhua who was outside, looked up at the sky and her face paled.

The basket of fruit she held, dropped to the ground as she vanished and reappeared outside the bedroom door.

Raising her hand she knocked on the door, “Young master?”

Reqing who was about to choke Jihoon, paused and looked at the door, “Lanhua?”

“I’ll be coming in,” Lanhua said and pushed the door open.

When she looked inside the room, she saw that Reqing was hovering above Jihoon and looking at him intently.

Closing the door she asked, “What happened young master?”

Reqing got off the bed and walked over to the table, Lanhua helped him dress as he answered, “Nothing, I just wanted to make sure he was alive.”

Lanhua nodded, “Shall we proceed with the wedding?”

Reqing closed his eyes and shook his head, “No, I have another plan, I’m not sure it’ll work but it should in the least prove of some use.”

Lanhua raised a confused brow, she had been doing research all this time to find a way to fix Jihoon’s condition and the only way she saw fit was to get the two of them married and copulate.

Biting the inside of her cheek she asked, “But young master, how will you correct young master Jihoon’s condition?”

Reqing looked at her briefly and said, “I’ll retrieve his soul from the Astral Plane.”

Lanhua’s eyes widened in horror, yes, this way was a possibility but her young master had so many lost and vengeful souls in his body, reaching the Astral Plane was already a difficult feat on its own and when or if he reaches the Astral Plane, both he and Jihoon would be sucked dry no?

Reqing saw the worried look on Lanhua’s face but didn’t pay it heed.

He walked over to the bed, cast a spell on Jihoon that would keep him asleep then scooped him up bridal style and disappeared before Lanhua.

When they disappeared Lanhua immediately started panicking, what was she going to do if they never came back or if they returned as zombies instead?

How was she going to explain what happened to her young master to her master and mistress?


Reqing appeared before the gate that lead to the Astral Plane and looked down at Jihoon that was sleeping soundly in his arms.

Just as he was about to take a step forward a being showed up in front of the gate and held a book in her hands, she looked down at Reqing and Jihoon.

Their names appeared above their heads and she searched her book for their names finding both in her book.

She looked up at Reqing and said, “Kong Reqing, son of Kong Wuqing and Feng Chushan. You lived for eight minutes and died but your parents defeated the guardians of the Astral Plane and revived you.”

She looked at Jihoon in his arms and said, “Yoo Seung Ho, young master of the Eum-Ag Sect, death by internal bleeding.”

Her eyes met those of Reqing and asked, “You don’t pla…”

With just a thought, Reqing snapped her head and tore her body to shreds. Raising his foot he kicked open the gate and walked in.

Reqing and Jihoon were covered in a golden glow thanks to Reqing’s mother’s enchantment on his body that activated and trapped all the souls inside him. Because he was holding Jihoon, the enchantment moved to Jihoon as well and protected him.

Reqing peacefully walked around within the Astral Plane in search of Jihoon’s soul but as he searched within the Astral Plane, time went by extremely fast which sent Lanhua in a state of panic, she wasn’t sure if she should return home and ask for help or wait.

A year already passed and being within the Astral Plane was taking its toll on Reqing. Just as he was thinking of leaving and returning when his energy was replenished, he heard multiple voices singing the same song that he heard before.

The sound wasn’t clear but it was enough and when Reqing came closer to the sound, he found partickles gathered together as they sang; “Dark the stars and dark the moon.

Hush the night and the morning loon.

Tell the horses and beat your drum.

Gone their master, gone their son.

Dark the oceans, dark the sky.

Hush the whales and the ocean tide.

Tell the salt marsh and beat your drum.

Gone their master, gone their son.

Dark to light and light to dark

Three black carriages, three white carts.

What brings us together is what pulls us apart.

Gone our brother, gone our home.

Hush the whales and the ocean tide.

Tell the salt marsh and beat your drum.

Gone their master, gone their son.”

Reqing tiredly looked at the particles and realized that it was the broken pieces of Yoo Seung Ho’s soul.

Holding Jihoon’s body up towards them, he cast a spell, “Aizgājusi dvēsele, es jums pavēlu atgriezties tur, kur jūs piederat.”

The particles gathered around Jihoon’s body and one by one melted into him.

Reqing walked out through the gate and saw that there was a new guardian stationed here and looked at him shocked.

The guardian quickly alerted the higher ups but just then, Reqing disappeared too and not a trace could be found of him when the higher ups sent guardians to investigate him in the different stars.

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