Tears of Blood

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8. Completed

Jihoon opened his eyes confused. There was this complexed feeling within him.

He sat up on the comfortable bed and looked around the unfamiliar room in a daze.

His eyes landed on a figure sitting on a chair surrounded in black smoke with a dark red aura dancing on his skin.

The figure was staring right at him but didn’t say anything or move.

Staring at the figure for a good while, it finally clicked who was sitting in front of him. With widened eyes Jihoon asked, “Mr Reqing, what are you doing here?”

Reqing opened his eyes and asked in an eerie voice, “Do you know where you are?”

His question stumped Jihoon. Jihoon frowned and looked around, “True, I do not seem to recognise this place.”

Jihoon suddenly felt a thumb in his heart and grabbed at his chest. Sweat beads formed on his forehead.

With every second that he blinked his eyes, memories of tragic past filled his mind including that of his own death and the time he spent with Reqing.

When his thoughts calmed down he looked over at Reqing confused who was just staring at him.

As much as he wanted to scream in terror after seeing what his mind showed him, he couldn’t get past one of the scenes that showed what happened to him, the reason why he was alive - he had Reqing’s soul inside him.

“Why would you give me your soul? That is a taboo, what if I am not compatible with it? What about you? No wonder you are surrounded by the darkness,” Jihoon said.

Reqing’s calm gaze hardened into that of rage as he asked, “Should I have left you to die? If you weren’t compatible with my soul would you be alive right now?”

Think it over, Jihoon became surprised, “How is it that we are compatible?”

Reqing stood up and walked over to the bed elegantly while he disrobed.

Jihoon’s face flushed and he turned away from the handsome man.

Climbing on the bed naked, he wrapped his arm around Jihoon’s waist and pulled Jihoon against him, whispering in his ear he said, “I can show you right now how compatible we are.”

“No, what, what do you mean, what are you doing?” Jihoon said as he was crushed under Reqing’s weight.

Reqing ripped Jihoon’s clothes from his body with a thought. The black flames around him wrapped around Jihoon’s body swallowing them both in.

The light was taken from his eyes and at the same time, Jihoon felt something violet him that sent his body in a frenzy of pleasure.

From outside in the garden, Lanhua could hear Jihoon screaming in pain while her young master moaned in pleasure and sighed.

In the beginning, Reqing said he wouldn’t do it but since he had only evil intension inside him, he wasn’t going easy on either of them.

Later in the evening when the sounds quiet down, Lanhua went up to the room with refreshments and knocked on the door, “Young master, can I come in?”

“If you must,” Reqing answered.

Lanhua smiled and opened the door. She looked into the room and the tray in her hand fell.

Inside, Reqing was sitting on the bed naked obviously lazy and in the air, Jihoon was floating around unconscious. Blood was leaking from his asshole, dripping all over the floor where he went and his face was covered in blood too but it had an odd trail as though he had cried blood out.

Reqing sighed, the noise the tray made was like sharp knives piercing his ears making him uncomfortable.

Lanhua quickly made it to Jihoon’s side and used her spiritual energy to lower Jihoon to eye level.

After examining him, she found that he was okay just unconscious and turned her attention to her young master and asked, “What did you do?”

Lazily glancing over at Lanhua he answered, “I connected our souls so that I can function normally.”

Lanhua nodded her head then asked, “What about the blood on his face?”

Reqing winced when he heard her question. They were surrounded by the darkness and only after her calmed down did he saw that Jihoon was crying blood.

Shaking his head he said, “I don’t know and I expect to know the answer by the end of today. Clean him up for me and have the corpse servants come clean the room. I’ll go out for a bit and clear my mind.”

Lanhua turned around and looked at him with her hands on her hips and said, “Now young master, I know you very well didn’t just order me to violate your bride.”

Reqing smirked and climbed off the bed. Pulling on his robe he said, “Just get it done and make sure he is okay, I have to tame the resentful energy within me before I end up killing my dear bride.”

Reqing disappeared leaving Lanhua to baby sit again. Sighing she clapped her hands together and said, “You heard the young master, get your shit together and clean up the room. Prepare a set of new bedding as well.”

She looked at Jihoon then waved her hands and his body followed her down the passage to the bathroom where she cleaned him and examined Jihoon.


Reqing returned and found Jihoon still asleep in the bedroom and called Lanhua to ask what her observations were.

“It’s odd but makes sense in a way. All of master Jihoon’s blood was drained when his body was destroyed by the resentful energy. What’s replaced his tears is the spiritual energy leaking through the cracks of his core that was forced together, it seems as though you did not get all of his souls fragments. On a good note, master Jihoon as retained his memories and all you need to do is make sure that he does not fall prey to the souls holding his body together, they might corrupt his mind and heart, seeing that he holds the soul of a Kong in it,” she said.

Reqing frowned, “Why do I have to work so much? I thought I was just going to find him and take him away but now… he is causing me so much trouble.”

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