Tears of Blood

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Deadmans Wonderland

The different branch powers in the area arrived at the foot of the mountain before Deadmans Wonderland, some wore gold robes others wore emerald green robes, all representing their sects with the respective colours, silver, red, blue, mint, pink, many more and the sect, clan, guild’s name embroidered onto the backs of their robes.

Although not every sect and guild was nearby some arrived because of the reports about the phenomenon and other rouge cultivators arrived because the villagers had already spread the word, leading to everyone knowing about the phenomenon in the forbidden valley of Deadmans Wonderland.

What was strange was that when they all arrived they were stunned because what used to be surrounded by dark clouds, rain and a demonic aura, was now a beautiful scenic valley and a sunny day.

One of the leading sects youngsters drew quite the attention other than the non-existent demonic valley. With a sword resting at his left side and a white jade guqin on his back covered with a crimson cloth with scales on it.

The young man’s crimson robe that fluttered with the slight breeze coming from within the mountain suited his physique and features well. His long black hair that was hanging down his back, the sides and bangs that stopped above his eyebrows.

His hair tied down with a silver head ribbon that was the same length as his hair also flowing along with the breeze. His head ribbon along with all the elders and cultivators from the same sect had a distinctive crimson set of twelve dragons on it that when it flowed with the breeze, it had the same effect as though the twelve dragons come to life.

This young man, the elders beside him and cultivators in the same attire all came from the Yong Sect. The members and masters of the Yong sect all have this distinctive disciplined noble air to them which made others envy them, wishing they were part of the Yong sect.

The young man leading the elders and cultivators from his sect towards the mountain valley was respected by all because of his strength and past achievements, making him the perfect role model for all of the younger generations members, male and female.

The men and woman from the Yong sect were the last to arrive because they all travelled from the north of the continent while Deadmans Wonderland is located in the south-west of the continent. Seeing that the Yong sect had arrived, many of the sects bowed welcoming them, all excluding the three demonic cultivating sects that were in an alliance together. For the demonic cultivating sects, showing respect to the righteous sects were looked down upon by them because it was distasteful and not something that they practised - bowing to the righteous was something they, demonic cultivators refused to do.

The young man leading in the front cupped his hands to all those that greeted him but did not stop for idle chat and continued forward up towards the path that still had the talisman banners flowing with the breeze.

The young man noticed that as he continued along the bath, the talisman sheets were blank. From his past memories, they used to have blood red scriptures and arrays on them which helped seal all the resentful spirits and demonic beings in this valley.

Seeing that it was like this, he unsheathed his sword and jumped lightly on it, landing elegantly then speeding off up the mountain.

Seeing that the young man who arrived with them just took off like that, the elders and cultivators from the Yong sect mounted their swords and followed his lead. Soon, did the other sects followed suit.

The young man wasn’t flying at too fast of a pace which made the others heave a sigh of relief, when one of the elders from the Yong sect managed to catch up to him he asked, “Young Kang, did you find something?”

The young man surnamed Kang did not need to look back to see whom it was that voiced their concern and answered, “Elder Tang, did you notice the talisman sheets along the path?”

Elder Tang paused for a moment and looked down, not long after he replied, “Mn, the banners lost their power.” “Mn,” answered the young man. Elder Tang looked at the young man’s back then continued to observe the surroundings.

After a few more minutes he said, “Young Kang, this elder has noticed that the dense energy that has accumulated over the past ten thousand years has disappeared, with the phenomenon that occurred during the course of the previous week, along with the missing dense energy and the blank sheets, what do you think could possibly have taken place here?”

Elder Tang was older than the young man by many decades but was still asking him about his opinion because the young man in front of him was the most talented disciple that the Yong sect has raised within the last five hundred years, he wasn’t the only but was the best so far.

The Young man’s opinion was highly valued and he could solve things that others could not, so it was better to ask the young man’s opinion before discerning what the situation really is. The young man swept his gaze across the mountain valley beneath him and answered, “No matter what I think about this situation, it can only be thoroughly analyzed once we reach the centre of the valley.”

By the time it took a quarter of an incense stick to burn they had arrived at the top of the mountain where Seungho stood. Looking down from hovering in the air they all furrowed their brows.

For some, it was their first time being here so they couldn’t understand why the current appearance of the centre of the mountain valley looked like this because from the teachings in class and the books they borrowed from the resource pavilion from their respective sects, which all depicted that the centre of the mountain valley which went by the name of Deadmans Wonderland, showed no signs of being the home to any dead man.

A young boy from the Yong sect who was at the back of his sect’s group was so confused that he voiced out his concern to his sect brother in front of him.

“Sect brother Cheng, why is there no dense fog, bloody smell and resentful energy?” The brother he called out to looked back at him and frowned, “Younger brother Kang, I am also looking for someone to asked that question too.”

The young boy surnamed Kang folded his arms and raised his left brow while saying, “Now ask so you can answer me!”

Brother Cheng looked at this youngster who spoke to him informally and berated him, “Don’t you know how to speak to your elders?” Kang XinYi looked at this elder brother of his and shook his head while making a tsk tsk sound, answering, “Brother Cheng, you should be more worried about all the dead bodies that decided to wake up and walk away than whether or not I know how to speak to my elders.”

Brother Cheng was about to speak up when suddenly the sounds of a gentle hum came from the other side of the mountain across the valley. The young man in front was the first to react and flew in that direction.

When they arrived they saw a young man with his head submerged in the river water which used to be dyed red with blood. His body was laying on the grass while his face was under the water. Not long after everyone arrived, they saw this scene and at the moment when one of the leaders was going to speak, the young man dress in dirty clothes jumped up and began to run as if he was in danger.

This action startled the cultivators making them suspicious and was about to chase after the man but he jumped into the river head first and yelled “Finally!!!”

The cultivators froze as they hovered in the air, all wearing puzzled expressions on their faces. The young man in the river struggled for a bit then stood up in the water and pulled out a salmon from the river. Carried it out to shore then threw it on the grass, the salmon flapped its tail a few times but stopped after the fifth flap.

The young man walked towards a tree and climbed it then started forcefully stamping against the trees little branches, breaking them off. After a whole pile of branches lay on the floor did he stop his inelegant stomping and jump off. As he landed on the ground he fell back onto his butt and started yelling while grabbing onto his legs and shaking them.

Cursing at his own stupidity, “My fuckin legs!!!” After rubbing his legs a few times he stood up and limped to the fish. Grabbing it by its tail and walked towards the tree where the branches were.

He lit a fire and shoved one of the branches inside the salmon’s mouth and placed it above the fire while four other branches were holding it suspended in the air. Then the young man did the unthinkable and started singing, “If you are hungry, you must eat. If you are starving, grab something to eat. Don’t throw the food away, beggars can’t be choosers, food is food, we must eat.” His voice made the cultivators observing him frown while some closed their ears blocking away the horrible singing - what’s worse, the song was rubbish.

Up above the clouds, brother Cheng was holding XinYi’s mouth shut because the youngster roared with laughter seeing the young man curse at his own stupidity. XinYi was red in the face and couldn’t keep his laughter to himself also being one of those blocking the shitty singing from entering his ears.

The elders of the Yong sect all planned to properly teach this disciple a lesson on how to behave when they returned to the sect after this investigation.
The young man who was on the grass under the tree laid down on the ground and looked up into the clouds at the cultivators in the air. Seeing his sudden action XinYi stopped laughing and his eyes sharpened, not only him but the other cultivators too became alert.

Outside, it seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the cultivators the entire time, this was incorrect, the young man had noticed them when they were all still at the foot of the mountain. The young man was the previous young master of the musical sect, the Eum-Ag Sect, Yoo Seungho.

It had already been a few days since he recovered and woken up after what happened to him. He remembered all the events clearly and he could have left the scene but was too lazy and wanted to make the valley his home, but he still needed to gather material and in order to buy material, he needed money - which he did not have.

He cursed the fact that the dead did not provide him with wealth! He was so lazy and did not want to work for his money, because before he never did but now he must! For what good reason? ( ̄ー ̄;)ゞ

Looking up at the cultivators in the clouds, he recognized all the sects and felt bitter because the sect he used to belong to was also there. He suddenly frowned and laid on his side towards the fish and watched it sizzle as it cooked.

He watched as the fire danced closing his eyes not too long after...

The cultivators in the clouds saw his facial expression but did not know what to make of it. They also couldn’t confirm whether or not he noticed them. The cultivators and elders from the Eum-Ag sect too were puzzled because it looked like the young man was looking at them, mostly because as his eyes landed on them, he frowned and turned over.

This may be just their imagination but all the others saw it too…

Seungho no longer had the same features as their young master previously had because he went under the transformation and became a new person, well he could no longer be called a person because inside his veins were no longer blood but the essence of what was in the valley. There was one thing that all the direct descendants of the Eum-Ag sect had and that was the birthmark along the left side of his neck that was the shape of a snake but was actually a string from the guqin instrument.

All his insides were replaced but the skin was still the same and since he was wearing the clothes he found in the valley, the robe covered his birthmark, making him or well the others unable to identify who he was. Seungho did not die, nor was he reborn or revived he is now the embodiment of what was and is ten thousand years he is… Lee Jihoon!

The name appointed to him by them?

Yong - Dragon

Eum-Ag - music

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