Tears of Blood

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9. Four hundred and ninety-nine

Reqing stepped out of his palace and onto the balcony. Looking over at the hill ahead of him, he saw Jihoon running around.

Lanhua was by his side to make sure Jihoon didn’t run off too far in the domain because there were certain things he was not ready to see yet.

“Jihoon!” Reqing called to him.

Jihoon’s head turned in the direction of the palace and smiled. He ran towards Reqing who was shirtless and jumped on him.

Reqing of cause caught Jihoon effortlessly and kissed Jihoon under the chin.

Jihoon was very ticklish in this area and giggled, “Okay enough stop!”

Reqing smirked, he looked up at Jihoon and said, “I have to go to work, will you stay here or come with me?”

Jihoon pursed his lips as he thought about it then said, “It depends, what is your job?”

Reqing shrugged and put Jihoon down who started pouting, “I asked you a simple yes or no question, why should I explain?”

Jihoon wrapped his arms around Reqing’s neck and pulled him down. The two locked lips and let go only when they were out of breath.

Looking up into Reqing’s eyes, Jihoon answered, “Okay fine, but I want to eat something first.”

Reqing scrunched his nose and nodded, “I will get you something to eat after we leave here.”

Jihoon nodded his head and climbed onto Reqing’s back and they both disappeared. Lanhua walked slowly towards the palace as she thought, ‘Time to get ready for another event.’

The pair appeared outside a school. Jihoon jumped off of Reqing’s back and asked, “A school, what are we going to do here?”

Reqing gazed at Jihoon’s happy smile and narrowed his eyes, “This school belongs to the Choi sect on Naeb planet.”

Jihoon turned to look at him and raised brow, “Okay, so what is your job here?”

“Well… we are going to go play with the children,” Reqing answered with a blank expression.

Jihoon burst out in laughter, “I didn’t think you were the type to play with children.”

“I’m not,” Reqing answered and walked towards the school gates.

The elders stepped out and said, “Who goes there, this isn’t a place just anyone can visit.”

Jihoon stopped beside Reqing and looked at him confused, “Did they not know you were coming?”

Reqing shook his head. He held his hand out towards the elders and a silver sword appeared in his hand.

Reqing waved his hand and sent a powerful slash towards the two elders that killed them instantly.

Jihoon gasped and pulled Reqing by the arm, looking at Reqing’s blood stained face in disbelief he asked, “What are you doing?”

“I told you already, I am here for work,” Reqing answered and kicked the gate open.

The loud explosion alerted everyone and the teachers came running out, “Who dares?!”

Reqing’s sharp eyes flashed across all the teachers then they all dropped to the ground with their throats.

“REQING STOP!!” Jihoon yelled at the top of his lungs.

Reqing frowned as he looked at the buildings, he could see all the children hiding away frightened and sighed.

Waving his left hand, he demolished the buildings and sent the debris up into the air.

When Jihoon saw the children his eyes widened, from where he was sitting he could see that they were between the ages of five and twenty.

All the children were trembling in fear where they stood. The man before them was scary and extremely powerful!

Reqing narrowed his eyes on the children and exhaled.

Jihoon heard multiple pops and the air around him smelt like iron. The scene before him was terrifying and his husband was in the midst of it all.

Blood came falling from the sky and coated both Reqing and Jihoon.

Jihoon’s stomach churned and he puked, now that he thought about it, he was grateful that he did not eat before they came here.

Reqing walked up to Jihoon with a giant sphere of golden spiritual energy and looked down at him with a smile.

Jihoon whimpered and asked, “Reqing, why did you do this?”

Reqing lowered the giant sphere of golden spiritual energy over Jihoon and his body absorbed it immediately.

Jihoon felt his body become light and the purity within him blossomed. Nature became clearer around him and so did the smell of blood.

He pinched his nose and looked at Reqing that was suddenly clean and so was he.

Reqing wrapped his arm around Jihoon’s waist and hoisted him up, looking at him Reqing said, “To make you immortal.”

“But why the children?” Jihoon asked, holding back his tears.

Reqing smirked, “All you need to know is, one school down and four hundred and ninety-nine left to go.”

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