Tears of Blood

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Eum-Ag Sect’s Young Master

The cultivators were preparing to leave when XinYi ran up to the cultivators of the Eum-Ag sect.

XinYi, “Brother Meng please wait.”

The one he called out to was the second disciple of the seventh elder of the Eum-Ag sect, Meng Fan, seeing the approaching XinYi, Meng Fan smiled lightly and asked, “Young brother Yi, do you need anything from me?”

XinYi, “Mn, my grandfather gave me permission to visit young master Seungho since I wasn’t able to attend his sixteenth birthday celebration, will brother Meng be willing to escort me to the Eum-Ag sect so that I don’t inconvenience my brother Kang?”

Hearing this Meng Fan frowned and so did the other disciples of the Eum-Ag sect, seeing their reaction, XinYi and the others who were looking at the elders and disciples of the Eum-Ag sect raised their brows.

Hearing no response from Meng Fan, XinYi called out to him, “Brother Meng, will you not accompany me?”

Meng Fan relaxed his facial features and smiled bitterly but still did not answer him, he turned to the elder who accompanied them to Deadmans Wonderland.

Meng Fan, “Elder Ming, this… is not for me to tell.”

Elder Ming that Meng Fan called to look at him with furrowed brows, he thought for a moment then spoke, “This can’t be helped, you all will know of this sooner or later but before the rumours get out of hand, this is what happened, our young master Seungho has been exiled from the Eum-Ag sect by the master.”

XinYi felt like he was struck by a bolt of lightning when he heard this, not believing this he forced a smile and said, “Elder Ming, please don’t lie, how could Master Yoo exile his son?”

The gaze in which elder Ming looked at XinYi grew soft with a trace of sadness almost wanting to cry as he answered, “Young master… No I mean Seungho is no longer a member of the Yoo family and all ties have been severed. Seungho he… disappointed his family and was sentenced to his death.”

The cultivators who were all listening were stunned, they all knew that the Yoo family loved Seungho with all their heart and spoilt him rotten. Why would they do this? What was the reason?

XinYi didn’t want to believe Elder Ming’s words and immediately looked at the other people who were standing in front of him but they all looked down as if they were guilty of something.

XinYi suddenly thought of something and scratched through his robe for a talisman and fished it out, it had Seungho’s essence on it that could lead him to find his friend.

A smile appeared on XinYi’s face when he saw it but the minute he looked at it he noticed that there was only a drop of blood on it and nothing else… before Seungho’s name was written on the talisman with blood but now, just a drop remained.

Seeing this his eyes constricted and he immediately ran to the young man’s side who led them all here.

XinYi, “Brot..brother, brother h.h.help m.me, S.s.seungho’s es.essence is g.g.gone.”

Seeing his little brother who was panicking and tears already falling from his eyes he looked at the talisman in his hands. He took the talisman and a red flame wrapped around it eating the last of the blood on the sheet.

The flame let go of the sheet and floated in the air in front of XinYi then slowly flew in the direction of the mountain path they just came from.

XinYi and his brother mounted their swords and followed the flame up the mountain path. The other cultivators followed suit and they all arrived at the edge of the mountain where Seungho stood before he jumped off.

The flame slowly descended against the side of the mountain and stopped in the middle where a ripped aqua blue robe that was died in blood hung, lonely drifting in the wind depicting a sad scene for the others to see.

Flowing with the wind, it couldn’t move further because of the roots from the plants that grew on the mountains steep side clung onto it.

The crest on the back of the robe was also dyed with red. Elder Ming, who saw the robe swaying with the breeze, said in a hoarse and frightened voice, “Y.young master?” Not daring to believe his eyes and the thought that came to mind.

Dropping to their knees the disciples of the Eum-Ag sect felt their souls leave their bodies and their blood run dry. Before they left the sect, their mastress asked them to bring Seungho back to her even if he was dead so that she could bury him but who would have guessed that there was nothing but his robe left - Deadmans Wonderland was empty and there were no dead bodies in the vicinity.

XinYi began screaming and kicking his legs, he wanted to jump off and find his best friend, the one he grew up with, the one he called brother but he was being held back by the young man surnamed Kang who shared the same father like him.

Elder Ming picked the robe from the roots that held onto it and placed it in his spatial ring for keeping, he looked back at XinYi and the young man and said, “Young Kang and young XinYi, I will now return to the sect and present my young master’s robe to mastress.”

The disciples of the Eum-Ag sect got up and bowed to the other cultivators and left.
At the Eum-Ag Sect

Holding the robe that was handed to her by Elder Ming, Mastress Yoo yelled, “Ahhh!!!” with pain and anguish.

Elder Ming and the disciples who returned with him were all kneeling on the ground with tears forming in their water lines. On the side, the servants and the young mistress, Yoo Ming Ah, were also kneeling while crying.

The other disciples who were cultivating came out, saw this scene and was confused. The master of the Eum-Ag sect came rushing to the courtyard after he heard his wife’s yell and stopped when he saw this scene.

His wife was crying with her face facing the heavens and holding tightly onto what seemed to be a robe that resembled the one the disciples wore but just drenched in blood.

“Baeuja?” he called out.

She turned her head and looked at him, her red eyes looked at him with hatred. Her head dropped down and she slowly walked to her husband, as she walked she said while choking on her tears.

“Yoo Sejung, I gave you everything you wanted and I even bore two sons for you at your request. Why did you do it? Why did you kill my son? Seungho loved you the most yet you, his father dissolved his cultivation, stripped him of his rights and sentenced him to his death? Why didn’t you go die instead of my child?”

“Yoo Sejung, do you know that there is not even an intact corpse left of our son?” Saying the last sentence she looked at her husband with a smile on her face that frightened the onlookers, “Are you happy now, your son is dead?”

Yoo Sejung looked at the robe in his wife’s hands and opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. His wife looked so pitiful but what could he do, he knew that after his anger exploded on his son he couldn’t take back what he did or said and chose to live with it, saying that he regretted every action - he couldn’t admit this.

He ordered all the disciples to resume training and the servants to take care of his daughter and wife. Arguing with his wife about the death of their son right now while she was pregnant with their fourth child might be detrimental towards the infant inside her because both of them were high levelled cultivators and who knows what his she would do.

Yoo Sejung regretted his actions and wished that he could turn back time to the moment when his child spoke to him. The look Seungho gave him told him that he was scared of his father and regretted telling him the secret he had hidden in his heart for so many years.

But even now, he still couldn’t forgive Seungho no matter what, because this was the way of life and it couldn’t be any other way.

Baeuja - Consort
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