Tears of Blood

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The Founders

Before walking through the gates of the Heavenly Soul Cultivating academy, Jihoon was stopped by two guards who asked him for an identity token that the academy provided their students with. Confused at first but then he explained to them what happened and why he was here.

The guards pointed Jihoon in the direction of the library pavilion but Jihoon being the oaf that he is, walked along the path and stopped in front of a statue of a dragon, phoenix, turtle and tiger that had a stone plaque with ancient characters engraved into it.

With the power, he gained Jihoon was able to read the words written on it but it did take him some time to decipher it.

On the plaque was written, “This cultivation academy was built by the founding fathers, Bei Zhu Hong, Dong Gui Lei, Xi Long and Nan Lao Hu.

“The four of us were enemies but during the war against Kong Wuqing, we worked together, united all the sects and eliminated the evil that was Kong Wuqing.”

“After the war, the four of us returned to our respective homes to count our losses, the result was disgraceful, much could be prevented if we joined forces in the beginning, we would not have lost so many of our clansman.”

“The Heavenly Soul Cultivation academy is the agreement established between all sects including the demonic sects to prevent the loss of our brothers and sisters, we will work hard to improve and together we shall defend our land from those hiding in the dark.”

Jihoon’s expression distorted as he was reading this, he knew who Kong Wuqing was but the in-depth of the history was off to him. He had already been standing in front of the statue for over an hour and lost track of time.

The elder who he was supposed to go see stood in front of the library pavilion speaking to another elder who walked past Jihoon and stopped to observe him. This elder wasn’t the only one who was observing the young man standing in front of the statue frowning.


Jihoon was pulled back to reality when he heard this, he hesitated for a moment and inhaled.

“Seungho oppa, is that you?”

[This voice, it can’t be Ming Ah’s voice, can it?] he thought to himself but as he was thinking his body was pulled, losing his balance he turned to the side and found himself facing the person who called out to him. The girl looked down at him since she was taller by a head and hugged him tightly.

This girl was exactly who he thought she was, his younger sister, Yoo Ming Ah who was three years younger than him.

Before in Deadman’s Valley, Jihoon had a different face but over the years that he was with Lanhua, the two of them went back and forth arguing about his original appearance.

Lanhua told him that although Yoo Seungho was dead by name, his original appearance suited him more and although he was “dead” he would have to face his family one day. Lanhua stated that the face of the spirits he had was beautiful but wouldn’t he be more comfortable with his original face?

The main reason why he wanted to keep the face of the spirits was that no matter how powerful he was the scars were still there, the confidence that the new face gave him made him happy but Yoo Seungho was never someone to win an argument, so he gave up and lived with his original appearance.

Yoo Ming Ah’s tears were already falling. The cultivators who accompanied her came over and tried pulling her away from him but she refused to move pulling Jihoon with her.

The stunned Jihoon left her to hug and pull him but regretted this because a familiar figure walked over and stopped in his tracks when he saw him.

“Brother XiaoYi?” This person was none other than Kang XinYi from the Yong sect.

Looking over him, Jihoon saw that he no longer had that immature look on his face and was handsome as his father and elder brothers.

Yoo Ming Ah let go of Jihoon and ran to XinYi’s side, “Elder brother XinYi, you see it too right, there is no mistaking it ngh? He looks just like my oppa!”

XinYi put his hands on Ming Ah’s arms and looked at Jihoon who was patting the creases out of his robe’s sleeves that Ming Ah created when she hugged him. When he was done he folded his arms in front of his chest and looked at them.

Seeing this XinYi, “Ming Ah, is that you?”

Jihoon who was no longer stunned turned his head to look behind him then faced XinYi again and asked, “You are talking to me right?”

XinYi, “Yes, there is no way you can’t be him... I mean the two of you have the same face, voice and air surrounding you.”

Jihoon looked at him and was about to say something when he heard his name being called from behind Yoo Ming Ah and Kang XinYi. Everyone’s heads turned to the man in a crimson robe that called out “Jihoon.”

Jihoon’s face lit up, he jumped in his steps then ran past XinYi and Ming Ah and their other friends. Running up to the man, the minute he was close to him Jihoon jumped into the air surprising the man who called him, widening his eyes and dropping the sword he carried in his right hand. He caught Jihoon’s body in his arms. When he did Jihoon swung his arms around the man’s neck and hugged him.

This scene stunned everyone who was watching including the elders.

Jihoon, “RuiHaan~ I thought I wouldn’t see you again.

RuiHaan sighed in relief, holding another man in his arms was awkward and all but remembering Jihoon’s personality, he wrapped his left arm tightly around Jihoon’s waist and patted his back with his right hand saying, “There there, no crying, I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye last week.”

Jihoon pulled back his head to look at RuiHaan and frowned, “Put me down,” he ordered. Doing as he was told, RuiHaan put the pouting Jihoon down then bent down to pick up his sword. Jihoon wiped away the tears in his eyes, glaring at RuiHaan.

Seeing this, RuiHaan couldn’t help but smile. Slanting his eyes evilly while smiling he said, “Every time we meet it is at the strangest of times... Maybe we are fated to...”

Not giving him a chance to finish Jihoon kicked his leg and asked, “Fated to what?”

The kick from Jihoon did not hurt him but RuiHaan bent down to rub the spot where Jihoon’s foot hit and said, “Nothing, nothing.”

He looked up at Jihoon who was no longer pouting and was bearing his white teeth at him. Thinking of something RuiHaan asked, “Sect brother XinYi, did Jihoon cause you trouble?”

XinYi looked at Jihoon who was staring at RuiHaan with a smile. He turned to look at RuiHaan, “Brother Haan, this fellow is?”

RuiHaan, “Her name is... Uh... This fellow is called Jihoon.”

XinYi, “Jihoon?” he repeated.

Jihoon couldn’t be bothered with XinYi right now, he was glaring at RuiHaan who called him a “she..” RuiHaan looked away guilty for the words that came out, he still hasn’t confirmed whether or not Jihoon wanted to be called mistress.

RuiHaan, “Don’t look at me like that, it was an innocent mistake.”

Jihoon, “Innocent mistake my foot!!”

RuiHaan, “Alright, alright I’ll take you out to eat as an apology, how about it?”

Jihoon smiled again and wrapped his arms around RuiHaan’s left arm and said, “Deal!!”

RuiHaan smiled then suddenly asked, ” Jihoon, why were you standing here?”

Jihoon’s eyes widened, remembering the reason why he was here, he started panicking.

Jihoon, “RuiHaan, which way is the library pavilion?”

Pointing to the pathway, right up ahead Jihoon saw the pavilion then dashed off. RuiHaan raised a brow thinking that something might be wrong excusing himself from his sect brothers and ran after Jihoon.

Jihoon stopped before the two elders and greeted them stating why he was here then took out the letter and handing it over to the elder with a pin through his hair.

Opening the letter he was surprised but this didn’t show on his face. Looking at Jihoon again he sized him up and said, “So you are the one brother Teng sent me.”

Jihoon, “Eh?”

The second elder looked at Jihoon with a strange gaze than the two of them led Jihoon into the library pavilion. Just as Jihoon was about to step in, RuiHaan caught up and stopped beside him. He asked Jihoon what this was about but he too was confused and didn’t know. Afterwards, the two of them walking in behind the elders.

XinYi and Yoo Ming Ah also managed to catch up to them and walked in and so did the others who were with them.

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