Tears of Blood

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I Don’t Want to Die

Jihoon looked behind him to see all these people following them and he couldn’t help but ask RuiHaan, “RuiHaan, do you perhaps know why they are following us?” RuiHaan turned back to look at them than facing the front he answered, “I should be asking you that!”

Jihoon looked up at him frowning, “While I was standing in front of the stone statue the girl in the olive green dress grabbed me and kept calling me brother oppa... Do you know who this brother oppa is?”

RuiHaan looked back once again because Jihoon wasn’t whispering and because of this, they all could hear him including the elders.

RuiHaan, “The maiden in the olive coloured dress is called Yoo Ming Ah, she is the third young miss of the Yoo family who runs the musical cultivating sect, Eum-Ag sect. The man beside her is called Kang XinYi, he is one of the young masters of the Yong sect who are the descendants of one of the four founders Bei Zhu Hong, the secondary sect I belong to.”

“The Seungho they both speak of is maiden Yoo Ming Ah’s second elder brother who went missing ten years ago...”

Jihoon, “Missing?”

RuiHaan, “Maybe.”

Jihoon, “Maybe?”

RuiHaan, “Mn.”

Jihoon, “Why?”

RuiHaan looked at Jihoon who looked at him with an expectant gaze, sighing inwardly he looked behind at XinYi with an apologetic expression. XinYi nodded his head approving of him telling Yoo Seungho’s story.

RuiHaan looked back at Jihoon continuing, “It is believed that he fell to his death.”

Jihoon, “Eh??”

RuiHaan, “There was a falling out in the family.”


The two of them stopped and looked towards the two elders who stood in front of an array.

The elder who was in charge of the library pavilion was called Elder Liu, he is the elder with the hairpin in his head.

Looking at Jihoon he said, “Step onto the array.”

Jihoon looked down at the array on the ground. He looked at elder Lui and said, “No!” Not expecting this answer the elders and other cultivators around him all looked stunned.

Furrowing his brows elder Liu said, “Step onto the array.”

Jihoon, “Why should I?” he said as he wrapped his arms around RuiHaan’s arm.

Seeing this elder Liu thought of something and asked, “Why did you come here?”

Jihoon, “How would I know, the elder told me to return today and give you the sheet with my name on it.”

Elder Liu, “Did the elder not say anything else?”

Jihoon shook his head. Elder Liu rubbed between his brows cursing his sect brother elder Teng. Finish cursing in his heart and with a smile on his face he said, “You will be tested to find yourself a backer and also a sect in which you can cultivate at the academy.”

This time Jihoon furrowed his brows, letting go of RuiHaan’s arm and folding his arms in front of his chest saying, “Am I not going to cultivate and learn from the teachers within the academy, why do I need a sect to support me?”

Elder Liu, “It’s the rules of the academy.”

Jihoon, “I don’t care about cultivating anymore!” Saying this he turned his body around ready to leave but a pair of strong hands grabbed him by the waist and disappeared.

When they reappeared they were standing on the teleportation array. Jihoon looked up at who it was and this person was RuiHaan. Immediately the teleportation array lit up and the two of them teleported to a hall. When Jihoon opened his eyes again it was red with terror, clinging on to RuiHaan the tears didn’t stop with his body trembling frantically.

RuiHaan didn’t understand why Jihoon was so scared and patted his back trying to calm him down.

The two of them were standing in the middle of the hall and this hall was full of cultivating sect heads and other rich cultivating families who were all looking for talented individuals to nurture. None of them was expecting to see such a scene after waiting for several hours for the last individual to arrive.

Taking a closer look at the two who just came through the teleportation array was a maiden and a male who seems to be from the Yong sect. Soon the two elders and the rest of the cultivators teleported into the hall after Jihoon and RuiHaan.

Elder Liu turned to look at Jihoon and RuiHaan then asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

RuiHaan shook his head looking down at Jihoon.

Everyone, “Him?”


After a few minutes, Jihoon stopped trembling and his crying stopped but he didn’t let go of RuiHaan. With red eyes, Jihoon looked ahead at the people in the room who were staring at him, as he did this his eyes stopped on his sister who was looking at him and standing next to his eldest brother and father.

These two people that hated him were looking at him tentatively as if trying to figure something out. His father stared right at him with an expression on his face that he had never seen before.

Jihoon then looked at the other cultivators and his eyes landed on the person who he had been wanting to see this entire time - Elder Teng.

Jihoon’s eyes lit up. Immediately letting go of RuiHaan he ran to elder Teng’s side and hid behind him glaring at RuiHaan and Elder Liu. Feeling helpless RuiHaan could only smile and head towards his sect, seating down next to his fellow sect members.

Gripping onto Elder Teng’s robe he then glared at Elder Liu who made him enter the array. Seeing this Elder Liu wasn’t happy, “Brother Teng, this person doesn’t know why he hears, how could you not inform him?”

Raising his brow at Elder Liu’s question he turned his head to the side and asked Jihoon, “You, why don’t you know why you are here?”

Hearing his question Jihoon raised a brow and stood on his tippy toes peeking his head out from behind Elder Teng and looking up at him, he answered, “But you didn’t say anything, you just told me to return and hand the sheet to that person,” pointing his finger at Elder Liu.

Elder Teng frowned and glared at Jihoon, “Don’t you know how to speak?”

Jihoon, “I do but I don’t like that man!”

Elder Teng, “Didn’t you just meet him, how can you not like him already?”

Jihoon turned to look at Elder Liu who was angrily looking at him and said, “He made me stand on an array.”

Elder Teng, “The teleportation array?”

Jihoon, “Mn.”

Elder Teng, “...”

Jihoon, ” ...”

Elder Teng wanted to facepalm, he completely forgot that Jihoon was good at not speaking.

Elder Teng, “Answer me!”

Jihoon, “What’s the question?”

“Ha” escaped RuiHaan’s mouth. He quickly covered it and looked down with his mouth covered but anyone who looked could see that he was laughing because his shoulders were moving. Elder Teng and Jihoon looked at RuiHaan and frowned. Shaking his head Elder Teng turned to Jihoon and said, “Why didn’t you want to step into the array?”

Jihoon, “I don’t want to die.”

Elder Teng, “Why would Elder Liu want to kill you, does he look like someone who would kill a weakling like yourself?”

Jihoon, “...”

He then slowly turned his head to face Elder Liu and stared at him.

Elder Liu, “...”

Jihoon, “...”

Looking back at Elder Teng he nodded his head.

Elder Teng, “...”

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