Lost But Now I’m Found

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My story will be about a young girl name jaylah who was once lost, but now found

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Chapter 2

** 3 Months Later **

I ran away 🤞🤞🤞 hoping and praying 🙏 this time will be for a BETTER ENVIRONMENT / EXPERIENCE WITH DCFS🤞❤️ When I ran away this time I ran to a shelter on the north side ; “ No one left behind “ shelter. I explained to them what I’ve been through so far, how hurt I am. How devastated, broken-hearted 💔 I am. Imagine, at this time I’m still 12 years of age, I’ll be 13 in a couple of months. One lady; Denise told me “ I want to help you! I want you to be with someone who’ll care for you, love you, respect ✊ you and treat you how you supposed to be treated. It saddens 😢😢😢me that you’re real mom not active in your life” I replied “ thank you so so very much. I hope I find someone just like that as well. My mom told me she’ll come and visit me she haven’t been to see me yet 💔💔💔😩😒 I don’t know WHY / HOW SHE’D DO SUCH THING AND JUST GIVE ME A WAY SO EASILY PUT ME IN DCFS. If she didn’t want me from the beginning she could’ve left me at the hospital at least , maybe I would’ve found someone who’ll genuinely love and care for me” it’s so chopped and screwed to me how my mom was here for me, very active in my life. Sweet to me very loving kind and caring to one day 💔 NOT AT ALL. Still til this day I BLAME ME. I BLAME MYSELF😒💔😢 how / why ? WHERE DID I GO WRONG ? WHAT DID I DO ?? I want to be loved and treated correctly. I want to be a FAMILY 💔 I WANT AND STILL LOVE MY MOM ❤️💔😩 I’m just confused on what happened and where did I GO WRONG AT 💔 why am I going through all of this, why would she want to hurt me so bad ? What did I do ? WHAT DID I DO ? WHERE DID I GO WRONG ? I NEED AND WANT ANSWERS!!!!

**!6 Months later **

I’m 13 now. I wonder if I can work a summer job? I stay with a lady name Angela. She treats me very nice 👍 we read books and cry 😢 together 🤞💕 she tells me every morning and night that she loves me ❤️ this makes me feel very wanted and happy 😃 Even though my mom let me go 💔 I’m appreciative that I can feel love from another mother who’s not my biological mom but she treats me as such. Two months later, She help me find a job at the library 📚 I go to school 🏫 everyday M-F from 9-2:30. Then I work at the library 📚 3:30-7:30 - just 4 hours and every two weeks I see $500.00. Angela takes me shopping with my money. She allow me to buy nice things, she help me save $200.00 every two weeks. I been working at the library for 6 months now and so far I have saved up $2,000. I thank Angela so much for coming into my life, loving me, guiding me and helping me to save and budget my money.

** Two years later **

I’m 15 years of age now. I still work at the library from 3:30-7:30 seeing $500/Every two weeks. Last month, Angela passed away 💔💔💔💔💔💔😳😳😳😳 WHEN SHE DIED MY HEART BROKE INTO PIECES !!!!!! 💔 me and Angela had a bond out of this world 🌍🤞🔐 Angela became my BEST FRIEND 💕🤞😭😭😒😢 I love and appreciated Angela so much for all the wonderful things she did for me. The $2,000 I had saved from last time, I helped put that towards Angela funeral ⚰️ arrangements 😢💔 I’m very very sad and depressed that she’s gone 💔 I’m questioning myself “ who’ll love me and show me what she did. Who’ll treat me right and take care of me as she did ?“ “ who ? 💔Who ? who ? “

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