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Taming His Twin Alpha's

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Meet Caelan he is a 18 year old boy who has a troubled and depressing life that he just wants to escape from. One day is all it took for his life to be turned around for the best. But is he ready for his Two Strong Alpha Mates that is willing fight for the love that they think he deserve. But first what's an omega?

Humor / Romance
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What project???

Caelan woke up. Not to the sound of his alarm clock but to the loud banging on his front door, after several knocks he knew "mom's gone again". Caelan lived in Springmut, Colorado and was a senior in high school and practically lived alone because his mom was barely around. He got used to her constant abandoning him for Antonio his so called "father" who came in and out of the picture whenever he felt like it Caelan didn't care though, Antonio isn't a father of mine he thought to himself. Looking out his window he saw Eylin's mom quickly, he put on a shirt and opened the door.

"Wassup Ms. Rivera?" Caelan said as he yawned, rubbing his eyes and motioned for her to come in. She declined holding her hand up. "Have you seen that no good daughter of mine?" she said with a sour look on her face. "um I think she say that she was staying the ah... night with Gabby." with a unsure look on his face. She sighs and turn around walking away. "well when you see her let her know that her ass I mine and she is so grounded when she comes home." Getting in her car driving off. "Ummm ok...?". Shutting the door and thought for a moment "Where could she have gone on a Thursday night?" he moved in a fast pace taking a shower, brushing his teeth and throwing on a sweater, jeans, and a pair of Timbs looking at the mirror though he saw himself he absolutely look delicious, the Jean's made his ass look so thick with three k and his fitted white sweater showed his shape of with perfection. Focusing again he grabbed his keys, slid his phone in his pocket, all the while forgetting about his biology project in the fridge.

It was cold enough to catch hypothermia even with eight sweaters on Caelan turning on his heater he blew on his hands for a good five minutes he grabbed the steering wheel and pushed his foot on the gas pedal driving slowly, keeping an eye out for Eylin.

Getting out of his car he kept saying to himself "She's okay, after school I'll find her and she'll be okay" he got his backpack out of the passenger seat and a pack of unopened lemon heads he left in the glove compartment from the day before and putting them into his pocket.

"Hey Caelan" a light fariiliar voice said.

Caelan hit his head on the dash "Hey. . . Gabby" he said finally realizing who it was "What's up kid?" raising his eyebrows he hugged her.

Caelan Knew Gabby since 8th grade she was always changing her hair color, skate boarding and smoking weed. He always thought it was weird for someone who was Latina to act that way and to be so beautiful too because the people he usually saw like that had metal all over their faces and had mow-hawks or make up that made them look like they were clowns for a 3 year olds birthday party but Gabriela Leva was normal. Looking at her now, her hair was brown again but cut like Mel from Pulp Fiction and she wore fishnets underneath her shorts and a green tank top and on her shoulders, a light blue jean jacket.

"Ugh Gross, do you have the cake?" she said pushing herself out of his embrace, giving him a look that burned through his soul.

"Uh. . ." opening his car door again pretending to look for it, he knew he forgot something. "I was kind of in a rush this morning" he said closing his door once more, and closing his eyes preparing for the agonizing pain he would endure.

"What in the actual fuck Caelan? All you had to do was keep it in your refrigerator and bring it to school today" she looked at him as if she was going to devour him right then

and there. "I at least deserve to know what made you stupid enough to forget about our project" mumbling in Spanish she finally spoke again "Well."

"I was helping Eylin's mom look for her" he knew after he said that he would be man slaughtered in the parking lot.

"I don't care about Eylin, Her mom, or you trying to find her. YOU'RE the reason I'm gonna fail this project and YOU'RE the one who told me I could count on you to do this one SIMPLE thing. It was so simple and you couldn't even do that instead, you're off looking for that lardass"

"But she's not even fat though" Caelan said laughing at her choice of words.

"That's not the point you ass, the point is you forgot our project over something stupid" she was furious now. Gabby and Eylin hated each other since 5th grade Eylin never told Caelan the story but he was sure it was it was something reasonable.

Eylin. Eylin was Caelan best friend she was always there for him, listened to his poems and begged him to make a graffiti picture of her on her bedroom wall which he gladly did. He knew she had it harder than him though, her mom only cared about what she brought home moneywise to support her addiction and she always made Eylin leave when she brought random men home who she called "visitors" or "tourists" . Maybe she finally had enough, she always talked about running away or at least getting away from her mom or maybe something vile happened to her these thoughts haunted and made him feel guilty like a scary movie he wasn't supposed to watch when he was little.

As the bell rung Caelan and Gabby rushed to biology flying into Mrs. Donavon's classroom trying to catch their breath and taking their seats not noticing that they were the only ones in the classroom. Everyone had fled in the class 10 minutes late and Mrs. Donavon who hadn't been paying attention to what time it was spoke with an excited tone.

"Okay my amazing seniors, who wants to share their project first?" Mrs. Donavon asked with a fake smile on her face. Everyone looked around as if they didn't hear what she said the first time. "Alright then, how about Mr. Parks and Ms. Leva?" she said motioning for them to go to the front of the room.

"Mr. Parks forgot to bring our project" Gabby said, still fuming.

"Is that true Caelan. Parks?" Mrs. Donavon said now glaring at Caelan.

"Uh" he mumbled getting ready to explain his situation but not getting his words out fast enough.

"Take your time sweet cheeks, we don't want the lil brain cells left in your head to die." Malcolm said with a smirk shaking his head as his girlfriend giggled like an evil hyena.

Caelan stood up with his fists bawled while Gabby tugged on his sweater for him to sit down.

"Caelan sit down you big goof" Gabby whispered to him then in a regular voice while death staring Malcolm she said, "Shutup you asshole".

"ENOUGH" Mrs. Donavon shouted "If you bring your project on Monday I'll still grade it okay? Just don't let it happen again" she threw a look of consideration at Caelan, and he nodded.

The bell finally rung and Caelan dashed out of the class "If only I could punch him in his throat" he said lowly. With him being all riled up he didn't see the huge figures that he was about to bump into until it was to late.

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