Quarantine; A Memoir of Me

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Do you have something better to do with your life. Yes, ok take time from work, chores, or people your avoiding and reas me, read me I'm trash. PS might laughter if that's a bonus

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Now shirt has hit the fan

I cuss and my grammar is not the best, so bear in mind and enjoy πŸ˜‰

PS its shit so if you want to leave now please do I don't need yo negativity in my life.

So this is a story about bullshit. The bullshit known as my life. I'm a sad, slightly pathetic (scratch that mostly patheric) teenager, yeah Gen Zer and all that jazz, and I don't want to be fucking quarantined. I thought I would like cause people are mostly shits, but no I'm sick and tired of my little brother, we'll call him Z, and my mom being the only people I see. Where's my dad the nosy fucks might ask, he works a lot, but he has wed. So, it's me, my mother, and a 12 year old boy. Oh, but how old are you oh wise female, I'm 14.

Yep going to high school next year, yay πŸ™„. If its litterly anything like, Be More Chill, or Heather's, or Mean Girls (I hoping not Spring Awakening 🀒). If you didn't guess by all those musicals I'm a thespian. No, not a lesbian as many idiot might think, a THesbian. That is a person who like drama and theatre. So, do I like acting, no, no I don't. See I'm a, pardon the term, a backstager. I build props and tell actor to shut the fuck up backstage because despite what they think you can be heard.

Now at this point in you hearing about my life many of you be like oh wise 14 year old sage what is your name and how do you appear so I may worship you like a god. Well I'm 5'6" with wavy red hair, pale skin, grey green blue eyes (they change color depending on mood), nice hourglass figure if I do say so myself, And we'll just call me C.

So have fun picking apart my life you vultures of literature.

Ok people first chapters the easy one so please wait around to read the best one
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