The Montoya Family

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I thought being a vampire was going to be fun and exiting, but boy I was wrong. When my dad turned me and my brothers into vampires we accidentally ate our house keeper which is fine. Apparently living for about half a million years, you would think that you’ll be able to be good at being a vampire, well not us. Living with four brothers and a father that are vampires is exhausting. Welcome to the Montoya Family.

Humor / Drama
Dakota Byron
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Chapter 1

“SAVANNAH!” Leo screams. “WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW?!” I scream getting out of my bed. “Can you get us another house keeper?” Leo asks walking into my room. “You ate Maya?” I ask getting out my phone. “I don’t know her name. But I was hungry.” “Thats why we have a freezer of blood in the basement,or you go to the hospital, so you don’t have to keep eating our house keepers.” I point out while hiring a new house keeper.

My name Is Savannah Montoya, and I’m a vampire. I have four brothers, Leo, Ace, Jax, and Fox. Leo is the oldest at 18, Ace is 17, Ace is 16, Jax is also 16, and Fox and I tie at 15 years. Fox and I are twins, which means we do everything together. My dad is Hayden Montoya, single dad at 32 years and raising five kids, which is going well, so far. Just because we’re all vampires doesn’t mean anything, we still go to school, party, sleep for two weeks, you know normal teen things. I love my life, it’s great. Only one of my best friends knows that my family is full of vampires, mostly because my best friend is a hybrid. Half vampire half werewolf. My best friend is Dimitir Rodriguez, and he’s Jax’s boyfriend, so he’s always at my house.

“JAXON MONTOYA!” My dad screams. “Ohh looks like someone’s in trouble.” Fox teases. “SHUT IT BOY.” My dad yells. “What’s wrong, dad?” Jax asks all innocently. “What happend to the last slice of pizza?” My dad asks. Also just because we’re vamps doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy pizza. “Why don’t you ask your daughter.” Jax says while pointing at me. “Don’t blame your sister for your idiotic behavior.” My dad says while giving me a smile. If you ask me it’s kind of great to be an only girl. “Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean that she’s all innocent.” Jax says while giving me a glare.

“Don’t come at my best friend.” Dimitri says while giving me a hug. “I thought you were supposed to be on my side.” Jax says with a sad tone. “I’ve been with this little cougar since the 1st grade. I’ve started dating you two years ago.” Dimitri says all seriousness while we all laugh except for Jax. “I’m just saying, if you ever. EVER. Touch my pizza again, I’ll take away your Xbox.” My dad threatens. “You wouldn’t dare!” “Oh yes I would. Well I’ll let your sister take it.” My dad says giving me a smile.

“NO! She’ll throw it off the balcony!!” Jax says running to his room. “Good one dad, you know how he is with the Xbox.” Fox says giving dad a high five. “You kids better get ready. We have to go to the main hall.” My dad says going to the kitchen. “Why do we have to go? Nothing bad happened recently.” Ace says with disappointment. The main hall is only for vampires, which there all the vampires meet up and talk about how much we messed up. The Montoya Family is one of the oldest vampire family’s ever, so we are pretty popular there.

“Well, someone keeps eating the locals in Santa Fe. Which is a rule if you want to live here, so we have a meeting.” My dad says while drinking out of his glass.

“Fox, did you eat the locals?” Leo asks while studying his face. “Not recently.” Fox amits. “What about you Savannah?” Ace asks. “No, I go to Albuquerque if I wanna eat the locals.” I amit. “Well, Jax, Dimitri, and I go to the basement or the hospital.” Leo says. “Guys go get ready, we’re leaving in thirty minutes.” My dad says.

After a few, we went to the main hall, and I should probably say that I really do hate other vampires, they are so inconsiderate beings. While my dad leaves to talk to the councils, and my brothers run away from their fan girls, I’m at the lounge waiting patiently for my glass to come. Until Fox’s ex-girlfriend, and my enemy, Evie comes and sits next to me.

“Oh, well look what we have here. Savannah Montoya, what a surprise.” Evie says with disgust. “Look, I really don’t want to pull your hair extensions out at the moment, Evie, so back off.” I say grinding my teeth. “Oh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.” Evie says while wrapping her arm around my shoulder. “You’re asking for a fight, aren’t you?” I ask. “Well, I really don’t want to fight with you, because you are a Walmart version of me and I have a reputation to keep up. Unlike you.” Evie says with a light tone. “Listen here you wanna be Barbie, I will kill you, and I’m one of the most powerful vampires to exist, so if I were you, I would shut the fuck up, Herman.” I spite trying to get her to leave me alone. “Well you know how to get me to shut up. Just grab Fox.” Evie says tempting me. “Oh that’s it!” I yell.

I got up and pulled Evies arm and threw her onto the wall, breaking it. We were fighting till Fox pulled me off of Evie and held me making sure that I can’t escape. My whole family hates Evie with a strong passion.

“God, am I gonna have to babysit you?” Fox asks me while keeping me from moving. “She started it.” I say. “Don’t be silly Savannah, you always start fights.” My dad says. “Now Evelyn..” “it’s Evie” Evie interrupts. “Don’t you ever interrupt me. EVER again.” My dad comands while his eyes turn to red. “Ok..” Evie says quietly. “Now you, If I ever see you around my kids ever again I’ll kill you myself.” My dad promises.

“Can I have everyone’s attention.” A councilor announces. “Can I just go over there?” I ask Fox. “No, I know what you’re gonna do. You can’t kill another vampire because you don’t like their shoes.” Fox tells me, tightening his arms around my waist so I can’t escape. “She hurt you, and she said things.” I say. Fox and Evies breakup was heated. They were in Fox’s room and were arguing, since vampires have súper hearing, my brothers and I heard the whole thing. I felt so bad for Fox.

“Hey, it was months ago Sav, I’m fine okay?” Fox tells me giving me a hug. “Okay Im gonna let you go but, if you’re not in my sight I’m handcuffing you to me ok.” Fox asks. “Ok..” I say moving a little father away toward Dimitri.

“Since we’ve noticed that a vampire from this city has been eating the locals, we want to set a curfew for twelve. And if we see you after twelve, we’ll send you to the graveyard.” The mayor of the vampires announces. The graveyard is if you break any of the rules of living in Santa Fe, you go there and you basically starve for hundred years. It’s actually pretty painful to move if you’re starving for blood.

“Do you have any idea who this can be?” I ask Dimitri. “I might, but you’re not gonna like it.” Dimitri says looking at me.

“If you’re implying that I’m the verdict of this terrible crime, I’m kind of hurt.” A voice comes from behind me which was familiar. “Remember me Savannah?” The voice comes infornt of me. “Keith...”

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