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"Mr. Hotshot, just explains it all. Alex Mason is an arrogant, selfish, annoying, little cock sucker, that can burn in hell. The only thing I feel for him is anger and hatred." Is what Emma Reese would tell anyone about Alex Mason. Alex Mason is well known around the state with his resorts and fancy five star hotels. Emma heard about him but never had a face to place on the name. Emma is working one of her shifts, exhausted, frustrated, and annoyed. Emma snaps at Alex when he makes a rude comment. Alex being a top notch guy with a snap of a finger, he can ruin anyone and that’s exactly what he does to Emma. Emma struggling to find a job, sees him one faithful day and snaps at him again. Being amused by her antics, but he won't admit to that. Alex offers her a once in a lifetime job that many would kill for, to be his personal assistant. Now stuck on a floor alone together from 9 to 5, five days a week. What could go wrong with harsh comments, snapping at one another, and insults being thrown back and forth... and secrets being revealed.

Humor / Romance
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Emma Reese:

My feet are killing me. People still find a way to be stupid enough to not know what they want, even though they gotten the same plate for the last five years! Okay calm down Emma. You're just tired and hungry so you're just hangry. Once Lee comes back from break you'll get yours.

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves. I stare into the bathroom mirror. I had bags under my blue eyes from the sleepless nights. My pale skin had freckles that danced across my face. My cheekbones were more defined from days of eating little to none. My light brown straight hair was pulled back into a bun that had become messy from rushing around. I mentally prepare myself before I rush out of the bathroom to attend to my tables. Working in a diner can be hard work.

I noticed a new customer at a table and I quickly walked over.

The customer was a man wearing what looked like an expensive suit. He stared at his phone.

"Hello sir. I'm Emma and I'll be your waitress for the day."

The expensive looking man just grunts and keeps looking at his phone. Talk much? Also what is such an expensive man doing here? We don't serve caviar.

"What can I get you as a drink sir." I asked politely and added a quirky tone.

"Coffee now." The man demands with a rude tone.

"It'll be a few minutes, is that okay?" I ask sweetly to hide how annoyed I am. Coffee can't just appear out of nowhere like everyone dreams of. If that was real, Starbucks would be ruined.

"And I said now. What part of now, don't you understand. It doesn't mean in five minutes or five years. Now means this moment in time. Maybe if you weren't so stupid you would have a better paying job." The man snaps at me.

Okay hold up. What did this asshat just say?

I gave him an -excuse me- type of look, he didn't see because Mr. Hotshot had his face buried in his phone. I placed all my weight on one leg and crossed my arms. "Who the hell do you think you are? Some Mr. Hotshot? Well, Mr. Hotshot, not all of us have money. Some of us have to work day in - day out jobs. Maybe if you weren't so damn judgmental you wouldn't be sitting here alone." I snap back. "Also you're not the only person here. Patience can go a long way in your case."

I was annoyed of customers treating us waitresses and waiters like we're stupid. Some of us are still in high-school, some of us are just trying to get bills paid. Not all dead in jobs only have high-school drops out or druggies.

That’s when hotshot puts his phone down, slowly. Then looks up at me. The look he gave me told me I should start digging my own grave as I already have a leg in the ground.

I must say, he is a very attractive person but his personality ruins his looks. Mr. Hotshot has dark brown hair, styled in a quill like haircut with the sides faded and the top neatly combed back. Mr. Hotshot probably has the deepest ocean blue eyes I ever made contact with. They have a contrasting brown starting at the pupils, fading into the blue. Clear skin and a neatly shaven beard. If only he looked good on the inside as he did on the outside.

"Where the hell is your manager? I will not be spoken to like this. Do you know who the hell I am! You'll regret ever talking to me like this" Hotshot yells and stands up.

"And do you know how much I give a shit about who you are? I don't care if you're the leader of the world." I yelled back. We got right into each other's faces.

Issac came rushing over and got in between us. Issac is the restaurant manager.

"What's the matter here?" Issac looked extremely nervous and scared of the man. Hotshot is only a man, nothing to be scared of. Well, maybe in a dream, the man is a total nightmare!

"This waitress here is being extremely rude." Hotshot falsely claims.

My mouth drops open at this false accusation. "He star-"

"Emma, please go to my office now." Issac demands, before I could finish my word. Issac voided eye contact with me.

I huff and glare harshly at Hotshot and head to Issac's office, grumbling to myself.

Issac soon enough comes in with his head hanging low. "I'm sorry Emma but we got to let you go."

"What? I'm one of the hardest workers here! You can’t just let me go." I tried to reason.

"Yes, I know Emma, but you can't argue with customers. Especially ones like him" Issac reasoned back. "The decision has been made. You're fired."

My face turns red with anger. Not towards Issac but towards that man. "Okay. I'll be back to pick up my check on payday." I stood up and stormed out of the restaurant after grabbing my bag.

I did a brief look around the restaurant for Mr. Hotshot but I couldn't spot him anywhere. Damn, I wanted to give a word or two.

I walked around for two hours until I went to my next job. I changed clothes in the bathroom. Right before I could clock in, Kayla came walking up to me.

Kayla, she is sweet and kind. She was the general manager of the clothing store.

"Emma we need to talk." Kayla says politely.

"Okay, just let me clock in" I smiled at her but I felt like crying from losing my first job. It scared me a little bit because of what she had to say.

"That won't be necessary." Kayla softly says and avoids eye contact with me too.

"What, why?" I asked worriedly. I knew it, nothing good comes out of we need to talk.

"I'm sorry Emma but we're gonna have to let you go. You're a hard worker and all."

"But what?" I ask irritated knowing there's always a but what about these things.

"We received an email from your last employer. I don't want someone who harasses customers. I hope you understand if customers find out, it'll be bad for business." Kayla says in a soft easy tone as if she was letting me down easy in a break up.

Did that asshat really make Issac email this job? Then again he did say I would regret ever speaking to him. He's just a nobody, just trying to scare me or something. He was at a diner with prices barely over 10 dollars. How important can he be?. They're probably just empty threats.

I just laugh as I stared at Kayla. I shake my head at this funny joke. "Okay Kayla, you got me."

"I'm serious Emma, you're fired." Kayla states.

I blink stupidly and in denial of any events of today. I simply turn around and walk out of the clothing store. Things can't get any worse than this. Tomorrow, they'll call, begging me to come back.

After getting home I sign heavily, as I rest my body against the front door. "Emma!" Little pitter patter sounded down the hallway and soon enough I was being attacked by a cute little four year old. "Hey Jessica." I smile down at my little sister and picked her up.

Daniel came walking down the hallway. "How was she Daniel?" I ask, looking at him with a tired smile.

"She was good. Asked about your mom again." Daniel answers. "Why are you home so early?"

"I actually got fired and thanks for babysitting her. There isn't much but here." I reach into my back pocket and grabbed whatever tips I made and held out for him to take it.

"Keep it Emma, you need it more and I would babysit this cutie any day for free." Daniel says and pinches Jessica's checks.

"Stop it!" Jessica whines and swats at Daniel.

Daniel laughs and kisses her head before we said our goodbyes and he left.


It's been about a week since I was fired from both jobs. Trying to find a job has become an udder pain in the ass. With job hunting I've gotten nothing but rejections. My phone starts ringing and I see it's from a store I applied to.

"Sorry but we're here to inform you that your application has been rejected." A female on the other end spoke. I just hang up knowing where this was going.

"Another job rejection." I sign as I placed my head into the palm of my hand and elbow on the table.

Terra and I were sitting outside of the pop shop. Terra had gotten thirsty so we stopped.

I look across the street waiting for Terra to finish and instantly become angry. Why? Well because the very nightmare itself was across the street. Hotshot was standing in line, in the Starbucks across the street from us!

I start to mumble under my breath, as I stare daggers into him.

"What's wrong now Emma?" Terra asks as she types away on her phone as I grumble to myself as I give Hotshot a death stare. I wish stares could kill.

"You see that asshole right there? He's the one who got me fired from both jobs!" I pointed towards a man in a business suit exiting the Starbucks. I had filled Terra in on this asshat.

Terra looks up with a blank look. Her eyes widened at the sight of him. "He's Alex Mason, the owner of AM Resort and AM hotels. How did you not know this?" Terra stated with a surprised expression as she looks at me. "How could you not have heard of him! He has one of the biggest influences in the city. You've done fucked up, Emma."

I listened to Terra only to frown. "No, I did not."

"Yes you did, Emma. You've fucked up." Terra states,

Of course I've heard of him. I just could never put a face on his name. I don't have time to pay attention to the news or social media. I get even angrier, I don't care if he has some type of power in this city.

"Good for him." I quickly stood up from our seating area. "Now if you excuse me, I have some words to say to him."

"Emma, where are you going!?" Terra calls out towards me as I dashed across the street, not caring about the car that almost hit me. I quickly walked down the street to catch up to him, I kept my eyes on him so I wouldn't lose him in the crowd. "Hey Mr. Hotshot, that got me fired!" I yelled out to him.

Alex stopped and turned around, with an annoyed expression. Oh yeah, he knew who exactly was talking to his ass. Glad I could leave such an impression.

I angrily walked up to him and poked him right in the chest, roughly and angrily. "Okay Mr. Hotshot. You might be thee Alex Mason, but just cause you were born with a silver spoon so far up your ass that magnets come to you. Doesn't give you the right to talk down on people or walk all over them. What you did, got me fired. Quite frankly, I don't care who the hell you are, but have the decency to at least apologize!"

He looked down at me and laughed, then smirked as he got right into my face. Can you believe the nerve of this guy!

"Took you long enough to realize who I am." Mr. Hotshot egotistically smirks down at me.

My face turns red with anger and what did I do next? Well, I slap him, really hard in the face too.

His head snaps to the side then looks at me. His eyes now balls of anger. A red hand print slowly makes its appearance on his check. Serves him right. I smirk right at him.

"Awe what's wrong. Afraid of a little girl! Well I don't care. You're rude and have way too big of an ego for that small head of yours. Just cause you're rich and Mr. Bigshot doesn't mean shit. I won't hesitate to put you in your place or mess up that pretty face of yours. Now apologize, because I don't think you have any idea the shit I deal with on a daily basis or how you just made it worse!" I demanded and ranted at the same time.

I knew I shouldn't have smacked him but I was angry at the world. Angry at him for making it worse for me. I was just angry that things didn't go according to my life plans.

My chest heaved as I took hard breaths as I became light headed from the hard breathing.

"You're gonna regret this. You're nothing but a stupid woman." His cold piercing eyes stared right into my angry ones.

"Yeah well, good for you cause I'm gonna make you eat your own words, you arrogant ass. Then we'll see who's the stupid one here." I confidently stated and crossed my arms.

"Such big words for a stupid person." Alex proudly smirks down at me.

Alex straightened himself and squared his broad shoulders. I didn't notice how tall or big he was until now. He towered over my small frame.

"I bet my clit is bigger than your dick. Actually you might have more dick in your personality than in your pants." I really have no idea where I'm going with this. I was just angry and trying to win whatever the hell kind of argument this was now. I wanted to better him.

Alex makes a cocky smile "Well if you just wanted to see my dick. You could have just asked, lady." He smirks. Oh how I just wanted to add a matching hand print to the other cheek.

"In your dreams asshat." I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "You got me fired from both of my jobs, now how the hell am I supposed to pay my bills."

"I don't know. Sounds like a personal problem to me." Alex shrugs his shoulders, seeming bored with this conversation now.

My jaw drops. "Listen here Hotshot. My personal problem is about to become my foot up your ass if you don't fix this."

"Why are you so angry or are you just naturally a bitch." Alex had an annoyed expression.

I blinked my eyes a few times as a way to hold back whatever anger I had. "I am not a bi-"

"Oh my god! Fine." Alex raised his voice in an annoyed tone as he interrupted me.

I was about to continue my sentence, but he continued. "There's a spot opening as my personal assistant. Take it or leave it."

"I'll take it." I quickly reply without weighing out any correct pros and cons. Oh trust me, I would turn it down in a heartbeat. If only I didn't have mom in the hospital and Jessica to look after. I needed the money and I'm willing to work with this asshat to help my family.

Alex forces a smile. "Oh goody. " He sarcastically stated. "Here's my personal card."

Alex reaches into his suit interior pocket and pulls out a little white card with two phone numbers and his name. How creative. The numbers were his office and cellphone.

"Tomorrow morning call for details okay, stupid." Alex smirks. He turns and leaves.

I glared at the back of his head and flick him off when he couldn't see me.

"Maybe flicking him off isn't gonna help you." Terra stated beside me as she sipped from a Starbucks cup.

The sudden voice from Terra makes me jump a little. "Oh cheesus Terra." I place my hand over my racing heart.

Terra just looks at me with a poker face as she sips more of her drink.

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked her

"Just now, but I heard and saw everything. You're really gonna work for him?" Terra asks

"I have to. He's the only job offer I have." I answered as I watched Mr. Hotshot disappear within the crowd of people, glaring of course.

"Good luck, you'll need it. It's after all Alex Mason." Terra says as she starts to walk away.

"Good luck? What is that supposed to mean Terra? Wait! Terra! Wait up for me!” I call out to her fast walking pace as I follow.

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