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Wolves are killed and time machines are built. In the chaos where the boundary between science and magic blur, both worlds are forced to collaborate. The enemy is unknown while the heroes are lost. Can a scientist join hands with werewolves to save the both realms or is it the end of the whole universe?

Humor / Drama
Pranjali Aditi
4.4 10 reviews
Age Rating:

Author's Note

P. S.



Hello everyone!

Thanks for choosing this book to read.

And as the title says, CRAZY ME, I would like to say that I'm a crazy too to go on with my this project.

It sounds stupid, it really does (even to me). But since I write just as my hobby, so I must let my thoughts run wild too.

Because hey!

I'm not a professional writer and I'm not pretending to be one.

My book will be filled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and will surely have bumps here and there.

So please be kind and help me out.

Point the mistakes if you find them.

And it's my first time trying humour and werewolf stuff. I don't know how well I will be able to do.

So let's just... Get Started!!!!

Don't expect anything from me because I am not expecting anything from myself either.

I'm very, very excited for this project. *Jumps around*

*fingers crossed*

Because science fiction and werewolves together... Well? What can you expect?

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