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Part 2


Dear Diary,

In every story there are heroes and there are villains. Usually stories start with heroes and end when the villain is either defeated or killed. But here I am, the villain. This is the story of a villain, story of someone who wants to die, story of someone who's already dead but pretending to be living, Me.

Others have motivation because of their parents, I have it too but not because I love them and Shit, I do love them, more than myself, but I want to die because of them.

They have frustrated me so much with their sick pretence of understanding me that the thought of suicide has embedded into my heart. The motivation to die after returning their money for upbringing me is what keeps me going. I want to do it ASAP and then disappear.

Maybe I'm genuine or maybe I'm exaggerating. But honestly, it's my life and I WANT TO DIE.

The only reason I hesitate to use the blades or the pills is because I haven't repaid my parents yet.

Everyone has criticised me in every moment I breathed, I don't want to be criticised even after I die too. I already hate that I exist. But now that I do, I don't want to end up a coward.

One day, I'll die and all these people are going to cry realising how poor they were, I'll make sure that their conscience will clench their hearts to stop beating the filthy souls. Only then I'll smile, knowing that I have repaid my debt.

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