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Chapter 1



The dark clouds hover the sky turning the weather forecast true. They rub against each other producing the lightening that illuminated the black canvas for a few seconds before the loud thunder followed it. The rain was showing no mercy as the heavy drops poured continuously. The cold wind fought them bravely but lost as the water touched the dirt turning the forest ground into a muddy bath. The dead leaves and twigs decorated it as the ground became a vicious enemy.

A pair of blue eyes looked at the moonless sky and howled as the chilled wind penetrated his blonde fur. On his all four, the wolf kept howling as he watched the chase from above the cliff.

“He's going north.” He informed the warriors though the ability of communicating through the mind over a large distance known as mind linking and kept howling to call for the reinforcements. The ground beneath him was undoubtedly muddy but the red of his blood flowed down like someone spilled their water colours beneath his claws. On a normal day, his wound would have been healed in a mere seconds but he didn't understand why the blood kept running. It decreased his speed making him useless in the chase but as a warrior he couldn't just retreat to the hospital when his target was still on the loose.

The huge pine trees obstructed his view but his eyes were sensitive enough to work in the darkness and his experience let him focus on the movements in the dark.

The rain stopped soon and he sighed, feeling the weight of time since the chase started. He sighed with relief as the water bullets stopped hitting his injured leg but before he could thank the Moon Goddess, someone interupted him.

“Beta we are losing him,” a voice echoed in his mind and an involuntary howl escaped from him. We can't lose him. He thought and felt a slight dominant aura in the air. He was the Beta of the pack, the second commander so the only people above him were the Luna and the Alpha, but they were both out of the town and the dominance was only slight.

The Alpha heir was in the neighborhood.

“Sam we need you.” He mind linked the Alpha's son and heard several howls of his defeated warriors who felt nothing but guilt on losing their chase.

“Double the training session and recheck the library,” he mind linked them before noticing a car entering the woods.

“I got him.” Sam mind linked him and he started to get off the cliff. In no way was the rogue getting away from Sam, he was relieved now. With slow movements he was running towards the hospital on his three legs, not daring to put even a slightest weight on his injured leg.

As the mud made him slow, his mind wandered off to the time when he launched himself on the black unknown wolf with no identity, otherwise called the rogue. His heavy weight and experience defeated the rogue. He fought well but he surely couldn't match the beta's years in the warrior duty but he was sly. He knew they won't kill him so he pretended to be limp. The Beta was suspicious so he himself got to the rogue to help him and when he wasn't looking, he did what the wolves would call stupid. The rogue bit him in his leg. His eyes narrowed but he thought nothing of it. He thought it would get healed like every other injuries do to a werewolf. But he was wrong. The bleeding never stopped. Everyone was shocked and in the moment their focus parted from the rogue, it went off.

For a moment, he felt his leg was paralysed like any other werewolf would have but soon the dominant genes of the Beta hierarchy kicked in and he was able to feel the pain.

He was just on the foot of the hill when he heard something that he had never imagined.

“I lost him.” Sam mind linked.

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