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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Butterscotch

Enormous paws hit the moist soil with huge force carrying its master in a wind-like speed. The tiny drops falling from the dark sky hit the already drenched fur with no mercy. Chilled air covered the wounds causing the injured to clench his sharpened canines.

“Ooo!” a beast howled to which his disciples rhymed in piercing the silent blanket of atmosphere into heart wrenching cries.

Their hearts were beating fast, begging for their owners for a stop but they knew that their chase was tired too.

Quick breaths and sore muscles adorned them and they, the beasts of night, craved them.

“It's raining cats and dogs, ” Ash sighed and her brown eyes hovered over the dark clouds reigning over the night sky. Her fingers drummed the steering wheel as the gears of her mind worked their magic.

“And... ” she started, popping the 'D', “This is the perfect weather for CHICKEN WINGS.”

Samuel removed his eyes from the phone and stared at her. He blinked twice to which she replied with a flying kiss.

“Chicken Wings?” With his eyes wide he caught a glance outside the glass. “You sure Ash? You had them in lunch dumbster.”

“So what?” she looked at the traffic lights turn from red to green and smiled. She slid her specs down a bit and winked. “If good things are only subjected to single use, then we would be doing one night stands everyday. ”

Before Samuel could form his smart comeback, Ash turned her attention. She sped through the highway, making him clutch the armrest. “SLOW DOWN.”

“Come on, it's already” and she looked at her watch, “9:30, you know HELM'S closes at 10.” and with that she pushed the accelerator harder.

Rain splashed on the hood crueler making it difficult for them to see anything. The road was wet too, Sam could feel the friction fading away as Ash turned her green Mustang in a hypothetical Hermes carriage. She wrote about it in her aerodynamics paper last week but he didn't know she was so determined to make it true.

His heart beat raced while sweat beads rolled down his forehead. He looked at Ash for a split second and felt his body thrown to a side.

“What the ---”

“Oops Sorry.” she smiled at him, flashing her teeth and led her beast to a silent street.

She slowed down and Sam sighed as he noticed trees becoming prominent, taller and darker. The huge pine trees came into view and thankfully, the rain slowed down too.

He rolled the glass down a little bit, letting the cold air come in. Ash looked at him and her lips turned into a curve as she turned the air conditioner off.

“Freaking Neutrinos!” Ash slammed the door and ran towards the only building in the view. Rain had stopped but the cold air freezed her bones.

Warm tears formed as she read the sign, “CLOSED” hanging on the glass door. She swallowed the saliva and exhaled. With her eyes cast down, she looked away. Small pebbles surrounded the pond hidden away in the dense forest and with slow steps, she went to it and stood near it.

“Hey, hey, hey... ” huge arms engulfed her in a hug and she found herself sobbing harder.

“This day just keeps getting worse. First dad and now this.”

With slow movements on her back, he tried calming her down. “Parents scold. It's not a big deal.”

With a push, she distanced herself. She looked up, something she always did while talking to him closely, “You know mine never scolded me. He... He just saw my Hermes paper and yelled. He said I'm fooling around. How could he? Can't he see how serious I am... Can't he? ”

“Shh... Calm down. He must be frustrated about something else and you became the outlet.” he said, pulling her into a hug again.

“Maybe. But it hurts.” she mumbled, wrapping her arms around him.

They stood like that for a few moments before Sam said, “Well, there's nothing that a cone of butterscotch can't fix. ”

They were in the car again but this time, there was no rush. Sam was driving while Ash read Cosmos by Carl Sagan for a zillionth time.

Glasses were rolled down and the cold breeze flooded the car with earthly smell. The green Mustang camouflaged itself in dark environment.

Everything was silent when the tires screeched.

“Ouch!” her book was thrown ahead while she picked it up and rubbed her forehead. “What are you...”

Words were stuck in her throat as she looked outside. Her eyes went wide as her body froze.

There was a giant wolf standing on the hood.

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