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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Wolf

Chilled air failed to penetrate the thick fur that caged the warm hearts fighting for survival. Black eyes looked upon the grey fur shining in the night sky and howled with rage. Blood oozed out of his own black fur which made the broken bones hurt more. The grey wolf stood straight, towering the black one. He looked down at his prey, surveying the art he bestowed upon the black canvas. With stern gaze, he moved ahead. The sharp canines glowed under moonlight. But as he almost caught the black fur in his grip, he heard a cry.


His head snapped to a side to see her hands roaming on his empty seat. His brown eyes flickered with fear as he saw a glistening drop rolling off her cheeks.

But before he could do anything, he heard paws hitting the ground. He turned back to see an empty spot and howled, "Ooo!" because it was the first time this Alpha heir had lost his prey.

After an ear piercing howl, he silently walked to the car on all fours. He twisted his one arm inside to let the searching hand touch his fur.

"Sam... Sam? Where did you go? Are you okay?" and more transparent liquid followed the parade.

He pushed his arm again and she said, "Oh okay, I'll shut up."

He pulled his arm out and shifted. His bones crackled but somehow Ash stopped herself from asking what happened. In his naked form, he opened the car door to find his school bag on the back seat. He got a new pair of same clothing that he was wearing and put them on.

"Things I do for you dumbhead" he murmured as he made a face. He looked at Ash who had one hand on her eyes and the other on her mouth. He chuckled and ruffled her hair, "I have to tell you soon. "

"Hey, you can open your eyes now."

As soon as she heard those words, her hands flew from their position and she turned with wide eyes. "Where were you?"

"I am sorry. I got scared and crouched. " he shrugged and Ash bent forward to give him a hug. "Thank God you're okay. I thought the wolf got you."

"Wolf got me? Really?" and he rolled his eyes. "Never in a million years..." he thought and grinned.

Ash picked up her bag from the back seat,kept her book inside and tossed it back. As soon as her hand touched the screen of her phone, it lit up.

"Always on silent mode. You're so vicious. One day you'll get scolded for that." he said as he turned the keys to liven up the engine.

"They don't have time for me and I don't have time for them. Simple." she said before she accepted the call.

"Hey dad"

"Hey kid, will you mind staying at Sam's tonight? Something got up with your mom. A nightmare or whatever about you so... I have talked to Mr. Knight already. See ya."

The line got cut and Ash brought the phone down to stare at the screen. "See... thirteen seconds, is that all I'm worth?"

Sam gulped the saliva. There were only two things that affected Ashley Parker, her parents and his family. For them, she was the most sensitive person and for the rest of the world, she was a rebel.

"Your dad's social skills suck."

Ash pouted at him with narrowed eyes to which both cracked up.

"Let's go home."

"By the way, did you change your conditioner? Your hair became softer." and to this one, Sam got tears in his eyes as he held his stomach with one hand. Ash raised her brow failing to understand the inside joke.

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