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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Pack House

“Why a pack house?” This was the first question when a five year old Ashley walked into the huge wooden house or what she couldn't pronounce 'a mansion'. Her little fingers wrapped around the huge ones of her father. He held her hand with a gentle care which she missed now. She remembered how her little feet were unable to climb the giant stairs, how she stumbled and how her father carried her in his arms.

He climbed up the never ending her climb as her eyes roamed around the wooden interior. Everything was humongous and wooden besides the electronic necessities like television and LED bulbs. The wooden couch was decorated with what seemed like a deer's skin. The tables, the floor and the walls everything showed off a different shade of brown, something that her small life haven't introduced her before.

“Daddy look, a dear.” she yelled making him stop. He looked in the direction of her sight and sighed.

“It's fake baby,” and he continued to which her eyes narrowed.

“What's a fake dear Daddy? ” she asked but before he could open his mouth, a new question was ready for him.

“Daddy, the brown is so many browns... ” she pointed with wide eyes and held her breath as she thought she made a new discovery. Lionel looked around and chuckled. “Baby, they are just different shades of brown.”

“What are shades Daddy? ” she asked and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Shades are the variety of the same electromagnetic spectrum lines. ” He said as he turned round the corner to which her heard a cry.

It was Ash. “I'm so stupid Daddy. I don't even know spec-spectrum?” and her pink lips turned into a pout as tears bud into her shining brown eyes.

“Baby, no. ” and he gritted his teeth. He was in a death trap. Ash won't spare him until she understood what 'spectrum and shades' meant. “Ash I... ”

“Mr. Parker, Welcome to The Pack House. ” A deep voice interrupted him and he looked up to see a young man in his early thirties standing in front of him. There were two men besides him who slightly bowed to acknowledge his presence.

He, being a scientist, had zero social skills and the most un-awkward thing he could think to do was to smile and return their courtesy of 'nod'.

“You may leave us now. ” The young man said to which the man who was escorting Ash and her father bowed and left. But before going, he passed a small smile to Ash.

“Let's go into my office and talk.” The young man said and led them into a room which he called 'his office'.

“Whoa Dad... It's bigger than our entire floor.” and her mouth was literally hung open. Her father's eyebrows knit together calculating the area and when he was satisfied that his daughter's remark was true, he turned to see her mouth still open. Gently, he shut it up and noticed the expensive shining wood in the middle of the room.

He walked towards it and felt ashamed of his cheap shoes walking on the out of the world interior flooring.

“Please have a seat. ” The young man said as he sat on the biggest chair or a throne as one should say.

Her father's eyes got wide and he hurriedly placed Ash on one of the chairs before pulling the other for himself. As he was calm, he stared at the area of the table and wondered how nicely he could spread his blueprints on such a monstrous surface.

“I'm sorry for not introducing myself, ” the young man said, “I'm the Alpha of this area, Richard Knight. I apologize to invite you on your first day in Arka.”

“What's Arka daddy?” Ash turned on her chair, her little feet dangling in air. Her dad didn't know what exactly was going but he knew the man had a very powerful aura.

“Shh... Later Ash. ”

Richard smiled and said, “Don't stop her Mr Parker. You of all should know that one must not bury a child's curiosity, ” and he turned to Ash, “Young lady, Arka is the name of our city. ”

“What does it mean?” she asked and Mr Parker swallowed his saliva.

“It means sun in Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages on the earth. ” Richard was still smiling and he turned his gaze to Mr Parker but as he was about to say something, another question was fired to him.

“What is an Alpha?”

Richard and Mr Parker both stiffened at this question. Mr Parker knew the new city they moved in was different and the people were orthodox in obeying their culture. His little girl had just provoked the most important figure in the city which froze his bones.

“It means a leader. ” A new voice added in the conversation and everyone turned to see a small boy with brown hair and fair skin, a splitting image of the one on the throne.

“Yes Samuel, you're right. Alpha means leader, your leader. ” Richard relaxed a bit but narrowed his eyes at his son, “But Samuel we are having an important conversation here. Why don't you go out and play?”

Sam smiled at his father and said, “Yeah sure Dad. Will you mind Mr Parker if I take Ash out to play?”

Mr Parker smiled, relieved that Ash won't push the Alpha's nerves with her questions. “You can call me Lionel and I'll leave the answer to Ash. Baby, do you wanna go out? ”

Ash looked at her father and then at Sam before jumping off the arm of the chair. Lionel's eyes went wide as he saw Ash landing on top of Sam.

“You are a dumbo. Who told you to jump?” Sam scolded her to which she just shrugged. Sam scrunched his nose and she pouted as she saw the door open. She bolted towards it and yelled, “Chase me. ”

Ash was enjoying running in a never ending corridor as she felt someone holding her arm. She stopped and took a deep breath before narrowing her eyes.

“How did you catch me? ”

Sam let her go and scratched his neck. “Because I run fast.”

“Why do you run so fast?” she folded her arms in a cross and stared him with an unwavering gaze.

“Because my legs are longer.” Sam said the first thing he could think of and stepped back.

“Why are your legs longer?” and she took a step forward.

“Because I'm taller? ” Sam said and hit the wall as he took another step backwards. Ash looked at him in the eyes and brought a hand up to her head. She matched the level and found it up-to his chest.

She brought her hand down and curled it into a fist.

“I hate tall boys. ” and she walked away with her nose scrunched up.

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