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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Welcome Back

"Hey Sam?" Ash asked as she remembered something while watching the silent forest trees.

"Yeah?" he said as he focused on the road, his mind somewhere else.

"What if... all the 'mantras' old sages used in Indian and magical texts are just some coding and programming?" she said with her eyes wide. Her breath stopped as her mind yelled 'Eureka!' and slowly she turned her head to see her best friend sighing. His hands clutched the steering wheel tightly, turning his knuckles white.

"Listen Ash, some things are really beyond science."

Ash pouted and made a face at him. She turned away with an eye roll and said, "There's nothing beyond science."

Sam frowned upon hearing her words. He opened his mouth to speak but decided against it as he saw a huge wooden building come into the view.

His brown eyes roamed over the simple yet huge building with raw wooden walls with shining white to preserve its beauty and show the deep intimacy of earth and heaven.

Ash smiled and took a deep breath, anticipating the delicious home cooked meal. After inhaling as much as she could, her anticipation was clear and her olfactory system gave her a thumbs up.

The discouraging rude bestie was the last thing on her mind as she tried guessing the source of the heavenly smell. “Oh my... Is this the sweet smell of heavenly, heavenly chicken wings?”

Sam smiled as he led the car beside the building, slowly going in his personal garage. He loved his toys and the only person who was allowed to touch them was Ash. “Yep” he said popping the ‘p’,“I asked Ma to cook some for us.”

Ash gave a teethy smile and quickly got out, slamming the door loudly as she ran. “I hope you are still hungry.” Sam yelled back but he knew she was already in.

Her eyes were wide while she struggled not to run to be obvious but walk fast enough to reach the kitchen as soon as possible. Her sneakers made a squeak as soon as she opened the door. She bowed with embarrassment as she looked at the wet footwear, covered with dirt.

“Stop right there.” she heard a female voice stop her which she recognised quickly. Her eyes went to the small feminine figure with a petite body and red flaring hair.

“Hey Ma,” Sam greeted her with a smile, standing behind Ash to which he received a glare. “Stop there.”

She looked down at his shoes and frowned. Sam followed her line of gaze and bit his lower lip. He looked at Ash pleading but she just shrugged.

“How many times do I have to tell you to leave your dirty shoes in garage?” she said, her size of four feet nine inches, yelling at a 6'3 making the scene a little amusing. But the woman somehow made sure to look scary to which the whole pack house agreed.

“But mom, who does that?” Sam scratched his head trying to remember a pack house where dirty shoes weren't allowed.

“I don't care who does what. Go change them. ” she said and Ash stuck out a tongue at him but took it back when she heard, “Both of you. ”

Her face fell down as both of them turned. “Your mom is such a neat freak. ”

Sam shook his head as he put his hand on her shoulder, “Tell me something new. ”

They both went into the small room where a robotic shoe arranging bot was present. They both opened their sneakers and threw them inside along with their socks to which the machine cried, “DIRTY! DIRTY!”

Both of them laughed and stuck their foot in one by one, letting the poor machine do a quick cleansing before drying it off.

“I don't know how bare foot allows me to connect more with the soil. ” Ash says while looking at her washed feet and go inside to watch the cleaning robots cleaning the floor. She pouted but thought of it as 'OCD' and shook her head before yelling, “Where are my chicken Cherry?”

Sam's mother, Cherry looked at her and then her feet with a glare which soon turned into a smile. “Welcome back dear. ”

“Yeah,”she hugged her quickly and looked around, “But where's chicken?”

Rachel and Sam laughed at this as Ash pouted. Rachel smiled warmly at her before saying something which made her dash into the dining room, “It's in the dining room. Go quickly before someone else finishes it. ”

Sam watched Ash's eyes go wide with horror as she ran for her life. He was about to follow her trail when his mother stopped him, “Your dad wants to see you. ”

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