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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 :


Samuel took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before following his mom. Her red hair glistened under the light and the high red heels she was wearing gave her the same look as she was twelve years ago. Being a werewolf, it was nothing new for him but he wondered how long it can go before Parkers sense something was odd. Lionel and Olivia were cooped up in their lab all the time. The only interaction they had with the outer world was their garden and a few important phone calls besides Ash. He skipped a stair as they reached the fifth floor and turned to see the hallway deserted. He stared at the big window on the other side as he remembered Ash's reply when he asked about people not aging in their city, "I don't know Sammy. I guess there is something special about the winds and the water of Arka, everyone seems to be lively and young. See, even I think that I look like a thirteen year old."

"Best of luck," Cherry said as she stood near 'the door to doom', a name given to the Alpha's office by him when he was a kid. She patted his head and her grey eyes held a storm within. He knew he was in trouble when he informed his mom about the encounter but looking at the dullness in her eyes, he knew something big had happened.

"Love you Ma," he said and Cherry passed a small smile before entering the room. Sam waited a few seconds, since he couldn't hear anything because of the soundproof walls, before opening the door.

"Come in," a deep voice spoke in his mind, something that werewolves call 'mind-linking'.

As he opened the door, his eyes fell on the huge table in the middle of the room where his dad and mom were sitting. They looked like the match made in heaven as one radiated power and aggression tamed with experience, the other had a calm and soothing aura.

"Luna, Alpha," he bowed with respect.

"Come here," upon hearing his dad's command, he raised his head and his eyes fell on the Beta Marcus and he nodded slightly to pay him respect. In return, Beta lowered his eyes as Sam passed by him to stand near his father.

He noticed the neatly stacked papers on the table and the screen of his computer showing the map of his land with blue dots blinking in several areas. As he was observing the position of the dots, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in. ” Richard replied and Sam's eyes followed everyone to stare at the visitor.

His Gamma entered the room and bowed, “ Luna, Alpha, Beta. ”

Richard cracked his knuckles as Cherry looked at the papers whole time.

“Come in. ” she said and raised her eyes. “Fire storm,” he muttered under his breath. Every time when he saw his mom turn into the Luna, he couldn't stop being awed about the transformation. His mom was calm, forgiving lady while the Luna was calculating leader who missed no detail.

“What did he want?” She demanded as Gamma stood with his eyes lowered. He looked like a man in his mid thirties but he was much experienced than that. The black suit he wore screamed an unforgiving aura but right now, his head was hung low with shame.

“He was found in the forbidden section of the library. We were informed when the alarms of the library were on, ” he replied slowly as the memories brought poisonous taste in his mouth.

“Is anything missing?” Richard asked as he massaged his head. Although his genes prevented him from aging faster, the last few fours were too hectic. The lines on his forehead were the proof.

“The Keeper is out of the territory right now. We informed him but he said it would take him a day to return.” Marcus replied. He was watching the whole ordeal from the periphery and made notes in his mind.

Cherry's lips turned into a straight line and she wet them with her tongue before speaking, “This is the first time we have lost a rogue. And I have a feeling that this isn't his last trip. ”

To this, all heads turned to her. “Increase the border security. I believe that after his fight with Samuel at the northern border, he won't be able to travel far. ”

After hearing Cherry's order, there was a moment of silence before Richard froze. His fingers curled into a fist and his eyes went wide.

With a stern voice, he said, “We found a dead body. ”

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