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Mary-Anne Harper is one of the best stories I've ever thought of writing on Inkitt. This story is mainly based on a brown-haired, sassy and naive teenager going through what she calls "an emotional and rollercoaster twisting plotted year." Of course, some things have started in other books with the main character in high school but for Mary-Anne, it's camp. She finds friends who turn out to have kept a huge secret from her to an emotional and confusing rest of the day at home. For all, in summary, this is a book that talks mostly about what the dear girl does in order to finish of her last year before becoming a senior in high school, this is "Mary-Anne Harper"

Humor / Drama
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Chapter 1

I grabbed the book from his hands and glared at him, "You could have asked!" I exclaimed, my hands in the air. He pouted and licked his chapped lip, "Please Mary-Anne! I was the one who bought it for you!" he cried, trying to grab the book but failed. "Weren't you the one who gave it to me as a present?" I asked him, my hands on my hips. He scratched the back of his head and nodded softly, knowing that he failed to get the book back and stomped away. "Mary, you should have let him read it." mom had said while chopping the carrots. I smiled and walked over to her, making sure to snatch a carrot and eat it, making her playfully glare at me. "Mom, he could have and I would have let him, but at the time I was reading it and he just snatched it from my hands!" I said, innocently. "No, you would have not!" Harry said and walked towards us. "Were you eavesdropping?" I asked him. He sheepily smiled and ran away, making sure to steal the book from my hands.

"Mom!" I whined, which had made her laugh. "Want to help me make the chicken broth?" she asked me, as I sat down on the chair. I nodded and walked towards the kitchen and got the necessary ingredients and immediately started to cook. Harry, later on, had come down with the book and laughed at himself, "That book was great, especially at the ending, wow I did not know that sir James-" I cupped my ears and started humming to myself to make sure he did not spoil it. I heard mom yelling for him to go play outside, which he had done shortly after.

I watched my favourite tv show, Grey's Anatomy, the reason being that I wanted to work in the ICU soon or later as my dad. My father and I never had a special connection, the reason being that he never came home. He probably never came because of loads of patients he had to work with, every time he came back home, he would instantly head to his room and sleep. I never cared as much when he left us for some model and her child. It never really hurt me because I and he never shared anything special. So really, I did not care at all and I did not need to care, mom was doing so much better than she was before and I was so happy that she moved on. Mom actually has a crush on her CEO, which to me sounds like some type of cute romance type of novel.

We three all ate during dinner and never did speak once, that reason being that my mom had strict rules when eating dinner. Rule one was to never talk with your mouth when it's full, two was to be nice, three was that no fighting should take place and four was to not even talk and complain about the food if we did complain, she'd start with the talk about the poor and the scared kids. There was a knock at the door, mom told Harry to get it and of course, we could not complain, so he went over to the door and opened it. "Mr. Parker? What a surprise, please come in," he said, smiling. "Why thank you, young man." Mr. Parker smiled back and got inside. The snow from his jacket fell off and I immediately smiled at how mad mom must have been right now, but as usual, she kept that fake smile on her face.

"Why, good afternoon Mr. Parker. What brings you here today?" Mom asked politely. He placed his coat on one of the hooks and walked towards the table and took a seat in Harry's seat, making me chuckle lowly, seeing Harry mumble something. "Well, I wanted to tell the kids about..that," he said to mom. Mom looked at me and Harry and gulped, nodding slowly. "So, kids, there's something we need to tell you," he started. "We are getting married." mom finished for him. I and Harry looked at each other and smiled, "What? You thought we wouldn't know? We have seen the way you both have looked at each other!" I said, smiling. Mom and now my father both smiled and kissed each other, making me look down.

Harry and I both searched our rooms for our bags, once finding them we went out to grab our water bottles and our food, making sure to pack everything before leaving with mom and Mr. Parker. We were heading to this camp and after we were heading to the wedding that they were going to have in a few weeks. Too many emotions filled in my head, I could not seem to register which ones were the main ones.

We got out of the car and looked around, this place looked like a castle, like a place that Harry Potter and his friends learned magic. I was sadly never much of a Harry Potter lover. I walked more closer but Harry stopped me, making me look back at him with a raised brow.

"Look." he said pointing to a sign that I had not paid attention too. 'Orangeville's Prison' it read, making me blush. I turned to the camp and frowned, it smelt like cow dung here. How was I suppose to spend my time here? I followed everyone to the registration table. The lady smiled at all of us and asked our mom the personal questions, which made me zone out for a bit while looking at the kids who were all playing. How could they be okay here?

After the registration process, mom and Mr. Parker waved us goodbye and Harry and I waved back. "So, excited?" he asked me, grinning, walking beside me. "Are you kidding me? This place smells like cow dung." I retorted. He points to a pile of dung and I groaned in agony.

This was going to be a bad week.

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