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Mute and abused

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Rosa is a teen ager who is mute and had lost her parents.She is tourtured by her aunt Helen.But her cousin Edward loves her more than anything.“There is always indeed a rainbow after all rains”

Humor / Fantasy
Kariah Adri
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A teenager girl who had lost her parents in a car accident when she was only twelve years old.After her parents died she was rared by her aunt Helen.Helen's only son Edward loves Rosa more than anything.
Golden hairs,naturaly pink lips are the beauties of her.But her words are not delivered to anyone because she is mute.
The aunt of Rosa and the second wife of Lucas.Her son Edward and her daughter Ella.She is old but she acts innocent and cute.She is evil from mind and nature.
The only son of aunt Helen.He hates his mother because she tourtures and abuses Rosa.
A man with brown hairs and hazel eyes.He is attractive to all the city girls and neighbours because of his lips .His lips and eyes makes him look more sexy and attractive.
She is not like her mother but she does not like Rosa because she knows that her brother Edward loves Rosa.
A business dealer who exports teen ager girls to other contries.He transports womens to other contries.
One of the most handsome billionare of the city.He is famous for his Poems about romance .He has blue eyes and golden hairs with very sharp jaws.He is very good at heart and his weakness are girls with golden hairs.

I hope that you all are gonna support me by reviews and please share this story to all your friends.Please forgive me for my mistakes and help me out to be discovered!___Thanku--
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