Sookie's Guide to Surviving Greymoar

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Who am I? I'm Sookie Soot. I am a college student and that's really more than you need to know. Oh, I also kill demons. This is my guide to surviving Greymoar Manor, the most terrifying place ever!... Or so I'd hoped.

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Sookie’s Guide to Surviving Greymoar

Hello. My name is Sookie Soot, I am a college student and that is all you need to know about me. If you are reading this then chances are you’ve made the same mistake I did and decided to wander into the halls of Greymoar Manor. If you are of the human specimen then you are probably feeling both very stupid and very scared right now. I would try to comfort you and say something like “There, there, I was scared at first too.” But if I’m being perfectly honest, I was not. And anyone who currently is can go cry in the corner and inevitably get eaten by Shredder; One of the less friendly inhabitants of Greymoar Manor.

This book you are reading is my journal, and now, your guide to survival. Guard it with your life or simply die, the choice is yours! :)

There will be ten rules which I suggest you follow strictly.

My first piece of advice I will offer, is to never let your guard down. Some things inside the manor appear to be cute or fun! But I assure you, dear reader, that everything you can see, smell, touch, hear or even just plain sense, is far from nice. You may have noticed I missed out taste. If you did then you are paying good attention; Rule one of the Manor: Don’t. Eat. Anything.

Chapter One

The first rule

Day one: Hello journal, This is Sookie Soot. I have just entered the Manor and already things are getting interesting... I’ll be checking back in with you every now and then whenever I find something to write about.

Mood: Somewhat frustrated.

I brought some snacks so that I wouldn’t go hungry, however I have just checked my bag and the food seems to have melted into a strange sludge and my water has something floating in it. Thankfully I have a lighter and if I can start a fire I’ll be able to purify my water just in case it’s contaminated. I should have about two to three weeks before I die of starvation.

As I entered into the halls of Greymoar the air around me seemed to rush out through the door, slamming it shut behind me. I tried the handle a couple times and, as I had suspected, it wouldn’t budge. The lights were out and there didn’t seem to be many windows so all I had to see with, was my torch (Or Flash-light if you’re not from the UK). I shone the light around the room to see what it was like; In front of me, a towering split-level staircase that lead up to the higher floors. Either side of that, a mixture of halls, passageways and doors. I decided to just start walking to my left, I’d have plenty of time to explore in here.

All I needed to worry about now was rule four of the manor: Don’t stop moving.

I knew from the start that staying still in a place like this would be a bad idea but this was really hammered into my head when I came across a particular room in the west wing of the house.

For your convenience, dear reader, I have since marked this room with a symbol.

After wondering the halls for what felt like hours I finally decided to look inside one of the rooms. I shone my torch around it (Nothing interesting) and was about to turn and leave when I noticed a strange figure approaching me from the corner. It had skin like ash and tar and large, gnarled fingers that seemed to be reaching towards me (She looked quite friendly in way). I promptly turned and left the room, shutting the door behind me. But as it turns out these thing’s fingers aren’t just for decoration and they can in fact open doors, windows and any other kind of open-able object that you may have thought would be safe.


The creature, who I decided to name Darlene, has been following me for most of the day now. Luckily I have just discovered she is incredibly slow and easy to outwit, and after quickly ducking in and out of several rooms to avoid her gaze I finally watched her retreating back to her room.

I won’t be going back in there anytime soon.


I just tried to check the time on my watch. The hands are spinning anti clockwise and very fast. I shall have to guess how long I’ve been in here.

Just a little bit later...

It’s just occurred to me that I probably won’t sleeping for the next couple weeks.

Mood: getting kinda sleepy.


I can’t believe what I’ve just done... I was exploring the halls when suddenly I came across a bright shaft of light shining from one of the rooms. Naturally my curiosity got the best of me and I had to look inside. Next thing I know I’m getting pulled into the room by skeletal hands and shoved into a chair at a table. The room looked like a fairly nice kitchen and was surprisingly bright and colourful. Floral wallpaper and chequered table cloths greeted my eyes as I stared around. The skeletal hands then began to do all manner of jobs as they swiftly moved around the kitchen only stopping every now and then to prevent me from leaving my chair. I watched fascinated as they scurried along the floors, walls and counter-tops, preparing some kind of meal. When they were finished they presented the plate of food to me and pointed as if they were proudly showing off their creation. I was a little taken aback but I picked up my knife and fork and dug in...

That was a big mistake.

The food, despite originally looking delicious, quickly became extremely unbearable. It felt as if it were turning to dirt in my mouth and tasted like pure mould. After just one mouthful I spat it out and jumped to my feet. The skeleton hands seemed to take offense to this and began to crawl up my arms and legs. I batted them away and shut the door behind me as I left.

The skeleton hands can cook but they don’t appear to be able to leave the kitchen on their own. They aren’t very threatening, they just want people to enjoy their food.

I can’t help but feel like eating that food was more of a mistake than I may of first thought....

This is how I learnt rule one of the manor: Don’t eat anything.

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