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Vanessa Quinn is a girl with wit and sass. She walks around with her head held high, with confidence which makes people bow before her. With her best friend by her side, she believes that she can conquer the world! Guys find themselves hypnotized by her charm whenever she's around. But one guy in particular is not yet ready to surrender. And it doesn't help the situation when he is her best friend's elder sibling... Cameron Lockwood, the Greek-god like guy with killer looks and drool-worthy body has everything under control. Wherever he goes, heads turn to catch just another glance of the handsome man. He is arrogant but not egoistic. He knows what he is and he knows that any girl would die to just have a small conversation. But, when his little sister's best friend, who had always been flirting with him, turns her head away from him, he is in for the long game... P.S. this is my first short story so, it might be a little cringy.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1: I believe that I’ve been missed

As Cameron opens the door to his childhood house, where he lived for almost 18 years, he is prepared to see his little sister and her best friend eagerly waiting for his arrival. But what he was not ready for was getting attacked by a bear hug from an excited teenager sister. He wraps his arms around his sister’s waist as soon as he recovers from his shocked state.

“I believe that I’ve been missed.” He says with a chuckle. His sister, the little Lillian who has now grown up into a beautiful girl in her late teens, pulls away to look at her brother’s face. It’s hard for her to think of how much she has missed her brother in the past three years. But he still looks the same after all this time. The same chocolate brown hair, the same handsome face, the same clear skin with the perfect tan, same dark green eyes. Nothing has changed about him. He’s the same, except the fact that now he is more muscled, more handsome and looks more mature with a light stubble.

“You have been missed a lot.” Lillian exclaims with a giggle, earning a chuckle from a girl whose been standing in the same room and has been witnessing the exchange between the two siblings.

This brings Cameron’s attention to the beauty with honey blonde hair in a simple black t-shirt and light blue jeans which hugged her perfect hourglass figure perfectly. Cameron's mouth falls open in shock as his eyes grow wide.

"What? My future husband was coming home. Did you really think that I wont be here to welcome him?" The beauty jokes with her smirk still in place. This brings Cameron out of the trance he was trapped in. He looks at her from head to toe as she does the same.

This girl has really grown up! Cameron thinks as his eyes appreciate the girl's features.

"Vanessa was helping me in preparing the welcome home dinner and in cleaning the house." Lillian explains the presence of her best friend as her brother and best friend continue to check each other out.

"You know what? I really missed your flirting back at college. So, I'm going to make an exception for today. Come on!" Cameron says with a big smile as he opens his arms wide open for Vanessa.

Vanessa raises an eyebrow at the guy who has never been so happy to see her. She has an amused smile on her face as she observes his smile. Vanessa has always been a flirt around Cameron who never gave her a second glance and always treated her the same way he treated his little sister.

After a few seconds, Vanessa just shakes her head as she moves towards Cameron and accepts the hug, wrapping her arms around the neck of the guy she had a crush on since she was little. As Cameron wraps his arms tightly around her waist, pulling her closer, she rests her head on his shoulder while he places his face at the croak of her neck. Breathing in her vanilla like scent, Cameron realizes just how much he missed his little sister's best friend.

"From the way you are hugging me, it feels like you have really missed your future-wife." Vanessa says in an amused voice as she pulls away. Cameron just shakes his head with a small smile in reply.

"Okay, people. You both should go and have dinner. I'll be leaving now." Vanessa announces as she looks at the wall clock in the living room.

"Aren't you going to have dinner with us? It's pretty late right now." Lilly says, trying to make her best friend stay a little longer.

"Nope. We have school tomorrow. And like you said, it's getting late." Nessa says as she bids farewell and leaves the house.

"Don't tell me that you cooked all this!" Cameron exclaims as reaches the small dining table after getting freshened up.

"I didn't. Nessa did. But I did help her." She answers. Cameron chuckles as he settles down in his seat.

"So, are you dating the QB1 now?" Cameron asks his little sister in a teasing tone as they start with their dinner.

"I would never do that." Lilly replies as she pours some coffee in her brother's cup.

"Why wouldn't you?" He asks with a frown as he takes a sip of the coffee.

"Because he's Nessa's boyfriend." Lilly answers with a shrug. Cameron spits out the coffee he was drinking in shock. Lilly stops chewing her food and looks at the mess. "You are cleaning this up!" she says before continuing with her meal. She had expected this kind of reaction from her brother. After all, she had witnessed how her best friend flirted with her brother and how her brother always pretended like he doesn't care.

Secretly, Lilly always wanted her brother and her best friend to end up together. According to her, they both looked cute together and besides, that will mean that she will become her best friend's sister in law. What better way to keep her best friend around than making her a part of the family?!

"Vanessa's dating someone?" Cameron asks coming out of the shock. He never thought that the little girl who followed him everywhere will ever be going out with some other boy.

"Yes, dear brother. And honestly speaking, though all jocks are supposed to be jerks like you were, this one is totally crazy about her. Vanessa has him wrapped around her pinkie!" Lilly says with a chuckle while she laughs evilly at the sight of her brother's shocked face. Cameron didn't even notice that his own sister just called him a jerk.

Vanessa is dating someone else! That's all that Cameron could think about at the moment. He was so distracted after that he didn't realize when they finished the dinner and when he helped his sister clean up.

It was when he was laying on his bed in his room when he realized how much the news affected him. He always thought that Vanessa had a huge crush on him and he felt nothing for her. But now he realized that maybe she never really had a crush on her. And maybe it was him who felt attracted to her. And maybe it was too late now...

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