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Taurus is in her back yard, tending to her flower garden. She has her sign tattooed on the back of her right hand. Her light yellow shirt has a picture of a bull on it. Despite the loud and destructive animal pictured on her shirt, Taurus is a sweet and gentle girl. She is quiet and shy, too. Her necklace has a square of emerald in it. Bulls are wove into her jeans, which are a bit dirty as she is kneeling in the dirt to plant her flowers.

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it, Cotton Ball?" Taurus speaks to her pet bunny, who has white fur. The rabbit peaks his head out of the flowers and nods in agreement.

A few butterflies flutter here and there in the colorful flowers, sucking up the sweet nectar. A squirrel scampers around the yard as Taurus watches. The squirrel chitters and Taurus giggles, tossing out a handful of nuts for him. He gathers them and bounces off to his home. Taurus finishes planting the flowers and removes the dirt from her jeans.

"Ok, who's ready for lunch?" Taurus asks.

She goes inside and returns with a tray of different animal foods. There's bird seed and some carrots, nuts, orange slices and other fruits, and for Taurus herself, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She sets the tray down and the animals gather around her.

She hands out the nuts to the squirrels and chipmunks. The butterflies like Monarchs settle next to the fruit slices. Taurus tosses the seeds out for the birds to peck at. Cotton ball takes the carrots and nibbles on them happily.

"Isn't this wonderful?" Taurus asks, munching on her sandwich with a smile.

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