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Gemini is walking to the library, talking on her phone. Her sign is tattooed on her cheek. Her earrings are aquamarines, her special stone. Her pink shirt bares the twin emoji. This has a double meaning: her symbol of the twins and how she loves to talk. Her hair, dyed pink, shows off how unique and crazy she is. As she talks she thinks up ideas for new stories.

"Alright girl I gotta go," Gemini says to her friend, "No cells at the lie-berry. A'ight, catch up with you later. Arrivederci."

Gemini shows off her Italian- which she was teaching herself- as she hangs up. She turns off her phone as she enters the building. Heading up the elevator, she thinks about the newest story she had come up with. Gemini has a knack for writing. Her one problem is she always jumps from activity to activity. She can't focus on one project.

She sits down at the library computer with a book on aliens at her side and her ear buds in her ears. She starts typing up her story while swaying in tune to the upbeat music playing on her phone. Gemini liked to call herself The Queen of Multitasking. She also liked to call herself The Queen of Finding Typos and The Weirdest Kid in The World.

After a while Gemini gets bored and logs off. She puts the book back where she got it and grabs another book. She plops down in the nearest chair and opens up to the first page. Before she begins reading, Gemini sends a quick text to her best friend.

Gemini heads home hours later with about three coloring pages in her hands. She had let her inner child take over once again when she had seen the crayons on the table. Gemini is now chatting on her phone again.

"My story's coming along really well," Gemini says to her friend. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows the paper out of Gemini's hands, "AHH!"

Gemini races after the papers and controls the wind so they blow back towards her. Gemini suspects another air-controlling zodiac might have done this, but she knows she has no proof. She continues talking to her friend.

"Yeah, sorry, wind blew my papers right out of my hand," Gemini tells her friend, "So, I heard someone say my name the other day."

People are usually talking about Gemini, and she knows this. She arrives home and heads up to her room to continue talking to her friend in private.

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