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The Time Cain Found Out

By Praise Camiwet All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

“Ferdie, this isn’t how my hair was styled” the customer had his hands pressed to his lips as he said.

The young hairstylist looked at his client “Sir I followed every word you said”

“No you did not” the man kept his pose “I specifically told you to color my hair by tone 7, you used tone 5”

“But they don’t have much of a difference sir” Ferdie wiped a sweat from his forehead.

“Oh yes, yes they do” the man spun his chair to face him but his hands were on his chin now “And you dare call yourself a student of Serge Normat!”

Gabe then put down his copy of Forbes “Dude, in the name of my great aunt Cecilia . . .” he looked up then did a small peace sign before turning back to his friend “Stop bitching about your hair!”

Patrik placed his hands on the armrest and crossed his legs “I’m simply analyzing the help of this institution and making sure they keep up with the standards of hair society”

“If this keeps up there won’t be any help you’d be analyzing cause they all quit” he pointed at a bald man who was currently washing Rachel Weisz’s hair “Kestutis can’t do everyone’s hair!”

The Frenchman turned his head “Well then, a raise for Kestutis then!”

“Why do I even come here” Gabe stood up and tried to drag his friend from the chair “And stop acting like Sherlock, his hair’s black for goodness sake!”

 But Pat refused to stand up, and Gabe wasn’t putting that much effort in pulling him up anyway “Actually he’s blond”

“No that’s Elvis” the Latino then decided to just push the guy off the chair.

Pat gasped “ELVIS WAS BLOND!!!” and with that Gabe grabbed the back of the chair and tipped Patrick off the chair making him land face flat.

Gabe placed the chair back in its original position “I do not apologize”

The mocha head (by 3 shades) mumbled something on the floor but Gabe knew that even if his face wasn’t on the floor he wouldn’t be able to understand what he was saying any way; Pat knew around ten languages and one of them happened to be Gallifreyan.

“Get up now” the raven head placed his hands on his pocket “We don’t have all day, the first thing Cain’s gonna do by the time we get to his house is recolor your hair back to green”

Pat lifted his face from the floor “Don’t discriminate my natural hair color”

“I wonder what your mother said when you came out” Gabe walked towards the door.

“Nothing” the mocha head stood up “But Daddy Michael screamed quite loud”

Cain had no idea why he was watching Sesame Street in his living room on a Sunday afternoon while eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream, he just was.

“Stupid Count Dracula” the blond muttered between scoops “Trying to make numbers look like some cryptic symbol of some donkey-assed religion”

After spending half an hour making racist comments about every Sesame Street character (except the Cookie Monster, he treated the blue creature like a brother) the boy realized that he had used up all the ice cream in his disposal.

“That was quick” he wiped the remnants of the dessert off his mouth and proceeded towards the kitchen to refill his sudden ice cream cravings.

When he had entered their medieval looking kitchen he flipped the refrigerator, every covert, stock room and even the oven (because the oven just had to be opened) and came out unsuccessful.

“SANDRINE!!” the boy yelled calling their plump Scandinavian help.

The woman came with the ever present smile of hers; which once upon a time even terrified the Guznayev twins at some point. “Yes Master Cain”

“Why don’t we have any ice cream?” the blond said with a childish pout, due to his size it wasn’t that much of a problem.

“That’s because we don’t normally buy ice cream master” she bowed “Now excuse me, I have to clean the cobwebs off the arches again”

Cain sighed “Ok” he then thought for a moment “Aren’t you 57? Why are you still cleaning the arches?”

“That’s because Collin is still in the hospital after you nearly drowned him in tar last week” she shook her head “I mean seriously master, you’re almost eighteen”

“Yes ma’am” he then left the kitchen and remembered that he was supposed to have been picked up by his friends an hour ago. “Probably went to have Muffin’s face exfoliated” he brought out his phone to call them only to see he had a text message from Cleeo for some reason.

It was still a wonder to him on how the red head had obtained his number. He opened the message and scowled as he scanned the message. “Stupid Group Messages” he outta ask Derek or Abdi on how to send viruses when he sees them.

There was a loud bell ringing indicating that his friends had just arrived from their spa treatment, finally. Since he didn’t want to give Sandrine much trouble he decided to answer the door, he was going out anyway.

As he approached the front door Patrick had already walked in as if he won the property in a custody battle with his very thrifty ex-husband and got a snake as a bonus.

Though Cain felt like something was off “Dude did you do something?”

“YOU SEE!” the mocha (by 3 shades) threw a finger at Gabe who was still in the car “Even Golden Boy knows the difference”

“Did they point something in your body scrub?” the Russian-German lifted his friends arm “You look a little wrinkly”

Pat snatched his arm back “LOOK AT MY HAIR!!” he pointed at his natural crown “IT’S RUINED!!!”

“Oh . . . it’s . . . not the usual color” honestly the boy didn’t know what to say.

The Frenchman sighed “Let’s just go, I have nothing to say about this”

Gabe snorted “Yeah, feel my pain”

Pat raised a brow “That is completely out of context”

“When has the grammatical structure been my priority anyway” the raven head checked his phone “Come on Lucas can’t hold up the line for long”

“Can’t you just walk in the club?” Pat and Cain hopped into Gabe’s Mercedez Benz S Class Coupe.

“I’m temporarily disinherited” the Latino started the engine “And I rather not discuss how that happened”

His friends remained silent before they said “Your mother”

Gabe scowled “Please don’t mention her right now”

“But I love your mom!” Pat exclaimed “She’s lovely”

“And hot” this made them turn to Cain “What? Can’t a dude appreciate his friend’s mom?”

“You should have learned from the time Gabe here thought your mom was cute” Pat turned to Gabe “I mean seriously, you said she was cute as though she was one of those secretaries in your dad’s company which you and your brother occasionally bring home, my home in fact”

Cain blinked “Your home?”

“How did we get from there?” Gabe exited the Guznayev compound.

“I’m not yet done” the mocha head (by 3 shades) raised a finger “Do you still remember Betsy?”


Cain’s head was spinning even faster than Patrick’s customized gyroscope that he built for the school’s science fair (though according to everyone including Pat stated it didn’t even look like a gyroscope so it wasn’t a gyroscope).

He tried to hold on to something that would bring him back to Earth and he got a girl’s shriek as a reply.

The shriek wasn’t that loud, it was more of a declaration of presence really; it was just one of those things.

Upon hearing that the blond quickly sat on from his bed and noted that he wasn’t alone in his bed, and apparently his companion had decided to wake up at this moment too.

Mentally Cain was in quite a panic, for a second he thought he had somehow switched bodies with Gabe. But he when he checked the mirror of his closet he wasn’t.

Gabe has polluted my mind too much Cain concluded, or Pat probably both. Anyway his lady friend had just woken up and upon realizing she was naked in another stranger’s bed who was currently staring at her with the same shock she had there was only one thing she could say:

“Hi” her voice was soft.

“Get out” it came out naturally.

The girl blushed and got off the bed to gather her clothes with no complaint. Cain then got a bit guilty and helped her a bit and even told her the secret passage out of the house, because basically he didn’t want to get a lecture from his mother on his first one night stand.

After ‘disposing’ of the girl, the blond decided that he needed something to take the buzzing in his head off his system.

He was rubbing his eyes when he entered the kitchen and it was there were he saw his mother on top of the counter with a person, who was not his father.

All three people froze and had no idea what to do next.

Cain rubbed his eyes again thinking it must be an illusion but when he saw the man still she went closer to him and poked him.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” the blond looked up at the stranger “You have three . . .”

Natasha fixed herself and jumped off the counter “Look Cain . . .”

“I am looking, and I don’t think father would like to look at what I am looking” he had a hard expression on his face “Heck, I don’t even like it”

The brunette sighed “I . . . really have nothing to say”

“Good” Cain stepped back “I . . . don’t have anything to say as well”

“Please don’t . . .”

“Tell this to father” the blond snorted “You’re lucky it wasn’t Abel who caught you” he stared at his mother’s lover “You’re lucky you’re standing still right at this mo . . .”

“Cain!” Natasha scolded.

He gave one last glare at the man before turning to his mother “How long has this been going on?”

The two adults looked at each other before Natasha answered “A year”

“Well that was something to wake up to” Cain then stomped to his bedroom, the pain in his head ignored; right now something else was in pain.

“Dude your family has been having this garage sale for over 5 months” Lucas was toying with one of the boxes that held different remotes “I mean seriously you should just put up a stall or something”

Pat came wearing a monocle from a dummy “It’s like the items in here just keep adding up”

Gabe sighed “Trust me, cleaning the closet was like excavating the lost tomb, and yes my mom even dresses up for it”

“Lucas is right, why don’t you put up a stall” Abdi avoided a box of wigs (or were they tarantulas?) “Your name is enough to sell out everything”

“My dad doesn’t want another store to handle” the Latino was looking at a checklist.

While the three boys disarrange whatever Gabe was sorting Cain suddenly slammed open the giant two doors that led to the Rivera family archive room.

Abdi was about to say some sarcastic remark but was greeted by the blond throwing a duffle bag at him “Dude I need a place to crash”

His two friends looked at each other before looking at him then to Lucas, who raised a brow “I have enough dogs in my shelter”

“Anthony isn’t that bad” Patrick raised a finger “He just needs to be introduced to proper hygiene”

“And there is the reason why he is a dog. I have even more degrading  names for him but I might be sued by Homeland Security for discrimination” Lucas pointed at Gabe “And my free lawyer hasn’t graduated High School yet”

The raven head did a pout “What do you mean free?”

“You’re not of legal age to be sued” the mocha head (by still 3 shades) adjusted his monocle “Or I believe so”

“I don’t wanna break him out of juvi” Cain spoke “So who’s willing to adopt me”

“We could always auction him” Gabe checked his papers “Kazakhstan or Yemen?”

In a sudden turn of events and a couple of drinks and a few tranquilizers later it had been decided that Cain’s care taker for at least a night was to be: Cleeo.

The change did not look good on paper, in thought and Cain was sure it wouldn’t work in general. Though due to stubbornness he decided that it was only one night, sure he had the option for going to a hotel but his mother might track his credit card by then.

So the boy had no choice but to swallow up his pride and honor and watch The Wedding Planner with the red head in her bedroom. “CC can I ask you a question?” the girl suddenly asked when she came back from the washroom.

“Why do you call me CC?” the boy snorted when the girl finally realized that she was planning the guy she liked wedding.

She plopped beside him “’Cause you won’t let me call you Neiko-chan”

“That’s my sister” he then frowned a bit “Don’t tell her I’m here”

Cleeo laughed at a scene before turning back to him “Don’t worry, I won’t”

“You’re gonna ask me why I crashed in here are you?” Cain leaned his head back against the sofa.

“Maybe, but I know you wouldn’t give me a straight answer anyway” she brought her legs up and hugged them “No there’s something else”

He stared at her red ceiling “What?”

“Do you guys hate me?” she said softly.

“You honestly think that” Cain turned his head around to face her.

She was staring at the TV screen but wasn’t really watching “Honestly I do”

“Well I did crash in here Bluey” he shrugged “So I guess I don’t”

“How about Gabe and Pat” she held her legs tighter “I mean this week . . . the past year, they’ve been pretty much avoiding me”

“Well they’re busy doing their own stuff, Pat’s pretty dedicated for a Vice and you know how Miss Onyx guns Gabe to finish an article for The Metier and you’re busy with the choir group so . . .”

Cleeo sighed “We’re drifting apart aren’t we”

“Was that a question” Cain decided to pause the movie since neither of them was watching it “Is there something I miss?”

She shook her head “It’s nothing really”

“My mom’s screwing another guy by the way” he didn’t care if Kage was gonna kill him for not telling them first, he’s the one who threw him to the emotional wreck beside him.

The girl stood up “SHE’S WHAT!!!?? LIKE AW MY”

“Did your parents make your room sound proof as well?” he was too tired to yell.

She lowered her voice “Sorry . . . it’s just wow, I always thought that it would be Hailey’s parents that would go down that road”

Cain’s ears peaked “WHAT!!?”

The following day Cain went up to the suspected but surprising look of a distressed Hailey, he was mentally hitting himself for not noticing it until Cleeo pointed it out to him last night.

But before he could even approach his beloved he was already beaten by the resident eye sore. “Hailey!!” the long chinned woman screeched “Derek rejected me again!!”

The girl rubbed the sleep off her eyes and looked at Opal “Really? What did he say?”

“HE SAID I WAS A DUCK!!” the woman wailed “Could you believe that guy?”

Cain came beside her and patted the girl’s back “Don’t worry, you’re still a frog to me”

Opal snapped at him “Just because you never went through rejection doesn’t mean you could say stuff like that!” she pointed a finger at him “You’ll never understand what is to feel emotional pain cause you don’t feel at all!”

Hailey tried to stop her friend “Opal, please that’s enough”

“You’re just lucky!” she continued ignoring her friend’s protests “You never got hurt, you never felt betrayed the only thing you know how to do is hurt people!”

Screw gender equality the blond thought in his head “There are bigger problems in the world than Derek turning you down” he said calmly.

“I know but you don’t have to make fun of it all the time!” she poked his chest bad mistake “I get hurt you know”

Lucas seeing the exchange shook his head “I suggest you don’t do that”

“And why!” she continued poking the boys chest “You do it all the time!”

“There is a huge gap between a frog and a human” Lucas chuckled “You should be very thankful you’re a woman”

That blow did for Opal “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THAT!!” she could have pushed Cain to the floor if the blond didn’t get a hold of her arm.

Speaking of which his hold on her hand was getting quite painful at the moment she turned to the boy “LET ME GO!!”

“You want to know the truth?” Cain seethed “You wanna know why we sometimes wish we never met you?”

“You guys wouldn’t even be friends without me!” she yelled “I’m the glue that sticks all of us together!”

“What a bunch of bull . . .!”(It’s a Sunday no cursing on Sunday).

“Miss Xavier!” Miss Jennifer called out.

Gabe and Pat who suddenly walked in with all the commotion looked at each other “Why do I feel like we’re in those high school movie confrontation scenes?” Gabe mused.

The mocha head nodded “Yeah, so should we join in or she we scramble?”

“That’s enough!” Hailey finally screamed causing most of the people in the hallway to look at her, who knew she had such a pitchy scream? “I’m sorry but . . .” she looked down on the floor “I guess this is all my fault”

Cain let go of Opal’s hand “Don’t say stuff like that”

“It’s true” she sighed “All I wanted was to be with my friends, I didn’t realize that you guys didn’t even like to be with each other”

Gabe whispered in Pat’s ear “Hit me in the ribs before I say something insensitive” the Frenchman was more than obliged to comply.

“So Gabe what did you call me in for?” the read head closed the door as she entered the broadcasting room where they usually film the news show for the school.

“Hey I’m here to!” Pat was currently spinning around in the swivel chair by the anchor table.

The raven head sighed, he hated breaking the ice, “What he tell you?”

“He told me?” she pointed at herself.

“You know what I mean” he went closer to her “He didn’t know about Hailey’s parents divorcing until this morning thus resulting into an almost fist fight, if that was possible, with our favorite frog humanoid”

Pat raised a hand “In Golden Boy’s defense it was seriously Frog’s fault”

“And knowing you and him, you probably exchanged some valuable information of the same value” Gabe lifted her chin “Now spill before I do something”

Pat stopped swirling his chair and faked gasped “You wouldn’t dare!!”

Cleeo slapped his hand before she lost her balance “You know you could have just asked!”

Gabe blinked “I technically did”

“No you weren’t!” she distanced herself from him “You . . . you . . . you were going to seduce me!”

“Just because I did that doesn’t mean I was going to seduce you” he shot a look at Pat “And don’t you dare start a lecture here on how to seduce”

The Frenchman raised his palms “Hey, I don’t have my props”

“Still” Cleeo continued “Admit it you were gonna do the Spanish Inquisition on me!”

“Unlike Cain I actually believe in gender equality”

Pat snorted “Yeah right”

Again Gabe shot him a look “I’m getting there don’t rush me”

“Also unlike Cain you two” she looked at Pat as well “Avoid me!”

“Avoid you?” Pat was a bit surprised “Machere, I don’t do that at all”

“Really?” she crossed her arms “You don’t?”

“Why is there a lot of drama today?” Pat pinched his nose “Dude why didn’t you just ask her, you’re starting to act like your father”

The raven head just couldn’t stop glaring at his friend today could he? “Thank you mother, but I believe it was your idea to ask her here in the broadcast room and you even had to dim the lights, I almost tripped”

“You guys just love to flirt don’t you?” Cleeo rolled her eyes.

“Oh you should see Derek and Lucas, they bring whatever you see in Dirty Dancing and Ghost to shame” he raised a finger.

Gabe sighed “Fine, I’ll ask politely” he turned to the red head and tilted his head “Would you please tell us what’s wrong with our friend?”

“You had to act cute” she bit her tongue and damn it actually working.

“Excuse me!” Pat raised a hand “I have to take this call” he jumped off the anchor table and sashayed out the door but before closing the door he told the two to use protection which Gabe threw a bouquet at him because he lacked the item for something harder.

When Pat was gone he turned back to Cleeo “Just tell me and I’ll pass it on to him later”

She sighed “It’s kinda a major thing you see”

“Did he actually shoot Abel?”

Cleeo paled “What? No”

“Sorry, it just seems . . . continue”

“His mother’s having an affair” there she finally said it.

Gabe stood silent for a moment “Walk in?”

“Walk in”

“In the kitchen?”

“In the . . .” she gave him a look “How did you know?”

“Similar thing happened with me” he shrugged.

“Who did you walk into your mom or your dad?” her and her big mouth.

Though the boy didn’t mind the question “Neither”

Cain was looking into every room the school had in order to look for Hailey, after the whole incident in the hallway he didn’t see much of her the rest of the day.

He was already tired when he reached the Lab room “Hailey?” he opened the door “Are . . . AHHHH!”

Right there he saw Miss Jen on top of one of the tables with her skirt up, blouse discarded and totally disoriented. Right with her was his friend who just dropped his pants only he was still capable of having a shocked expression on his face.

“Cain?” he managed to say.

Automatically he slammed the door ran for dear life and phoned his other friend “GABE! WHEN DID PAT START $%&*(%# MISS JEN!! 

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