Imani Thomas

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'Fighting for a change does not mean your life will change for better. It just means people's life who live around you will change for better'. This phrase is applicable to my life. I, Imani Thomas did not get to live the life i fought and struggled for. Instead I ended up behind bars left with no one in this world apart from younger sister. This is not the kind of life a 10 years old would have dreamed to have. Well, the harsh lightning of life struck me on the day my mother went into the labour room.

Humor / Thriller
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Miss Imani Thomas, you are hereby sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment with hard labor for murdering with Mr Deyo Thomas. This is my final judgement.′Judge Hillary concluded.

At this point, I honestly wished I had been sentenced to death. I heard a loud cry behind me, turned around and saw my younger sister. The only relative I had left in this world. Her beautiful face was filled with terror and sadness. I returned her cry with a small smile.

I remembered something my mum once told me. ” Those who fight for a change, for a sweet life never get to taste out of the sweet life.” All my life, I have fought and struggled so hard so as to have a better future with a good job and lovely family. I would be out of jail by the age of fifty. Where do I want to begin from? This thought made me bitter.

The reason why I smiled at Dakaria was because my struggle was not in vain. She had a good job, lovely husband and a very cute twin. She was living the life I dreamed and wished to have. But I was happy for her. As long as she is happy, I am happy.

When I got to my cell, I began to think about my life. How did I end up here? Why me? Am I cursed? How will I survive here? Am I ever going to taste out of a sweet life? Then, I began to remember how I got here. Every single detail about my life since I was a child. Well not every single detail but majorly the ones that landed me behind strong iron bars. It is quite easy to remember my childhood despite how old I am since they were really bitter.

Let me take you back, to how it all started. The day my mum gave birth to Dakaria. The day she heaved her last breath. And the day the harsh lightning of life struck me.

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