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Stupidly Beautiful

“Hi, I’m Alex I’m 15 years old now and I’m crippled from the waist down; and because of the fact that my peers in school bully me relentlessly. Though to be honest I don’t care, because I’m from an alternative reality, where you and your family and friends live. I’m writing a journal of the strange happenings that the people of this place seem to notice as, regular even average daily occurrences. I’m writing this so if I ever get home people will be able to see this crazy NOT bull shit I’m going through,”

Entry Number One....

Ok so here’s how this situation started; I was going my usual route home from high school. I liked experiencing nature and spinning my wheels was no chore as I had decently strong arms. When Brandon and his chums started towards me with their car. A huge black pick up; it was barreling towards me at alarming speed. It took a path I’d never seen before, that was a fatal mistake it was a dead end in about 100 meters. Time slowed to a halt as the truck slammed into my body crushing me. Then.... I woke up in my house but there was this smell. It wasn’t abnormal but it was different. Like my mom usually cleans with this one product but she must have used a different one this time.

Anyway the smell seemed to stay gradually getting stronger as I went out side. This definitely was not my home. The house that used to be next to me was huge. Actually all the homes including mine were enormous, I had always lived on the edge of money. If I weren’t with medical expenses then I could probably travel to a new country once or twice a year. I went back inside my mom was making dinner. When she picked up the phone and said. “Daniel what the fuck your being a little shit right now come home and eat this FUCKING DINNER!” She then tossed the phone into the fire before telling me. “Look I’m sorry honey I know you wanted to see your brother tonight but that’s not happening,” wait! I have a brother. I don’t have a brother this is so fucking weird.

Later after dinner my mom said she was gonna get Daniel, and put him to bed with and oddly exited tone. She pulled out a large container of chloroform. She then went off to go find him, she came back ten seconds later carrying a tall man I had never seen before by the ankles. “Time to go to fucking bed my little one!” She screamed. Oddly enough I felt more at home here then I did at home these people with their culture will see my dark interests and help me and even praise me. I think I’m right we’re I need to be.

Today Daniel drove me to school and there was Brandon. But he was acting strange; I rolled over and asked him what was up. He grabbed my skull and slammed me into the ground, though he didn’t seem angry. Now that I thought about it it didn’t hurt. Like my head actually dented the concrete instead of the other way around. I think that it was some sort of greeting custom. Like I saw others doing it to so I, did what I could think to do and asked the teacher about it. She explained that it actually was a friendly greeting; that it meant something along the lines of down with the bad and up with the good. “Weird,” I thought.

I saw a billboard to today, apparently the time space committee was meeting for some unknown business at three AM. I went and hid behind some shrubs, they were having a huge gross orgy. Apparently here that sort of a cult is much more open here. So bizarre. Any way I went home and got some sleep. I woke up and I could walk it was unreal I just got up and walked.

I went around town, I ran into a woman that afternoon. She asked if I wanted to meet her sister Sally. She said that she had a hard time finding love. I said sure, in the blink of an eye she pulled a huge knife from her purse. And stabbed me in the leg though it didn’t hurt, so I actually let her keep going and no one seemed to bat an eye. They were on a crowded side walk. After that a little girl walked up to me. She said she couldn’t find her mom. “Finally a normal situation,” I was wrong.

She punched me so hard I was flung through several buildings. She found her mom, “mommy can you make sure he was going to backwards love me,” the girl told the woman. She teleported in front of me and threatened to rip my testiculs off.

The next day my school had a field trip to a local staged theater. We got there around twelve, we got some food and went to sit in the stands. This huge circle was set about thirty feet above the stage we saw a women hanging by some rope clipped.... to her eyes. She was hanging by the eyes. While dancing in the air and doing a show. People where cheering and clapping, it was so bizarre.

I got home that day to see what Daniel was doing. He got to go out late for a business trip, me and mom would eat alone. She talked about how she wanted to watch a movie with me later that night. “Death,” was the title, we sat there and watched static for three hours, mom and me were laughing like crazy. It was surprisingly fun, for how boring it sounded. The she asked if I would wanna do bath salts with her.

I said yes and now here we are 2 am laughing at the wall like there’s no tomorrow. Man this place is weird up to be honest, I hope I never go back home. Everyone is genuinely kind with some underlying good motivation for everything they do, even if it’s a little in convenient for me.

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