Love never ends

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Love never ends and fight never last between Arjun and Sneha. A romantic story between this cute couple with twist n turn Will they give second chance to there love...? Can Sneha be able to forgive Arjun n accept his love after their breakup...??? Well let’s seemegil

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1


Did I love u? I just can’t believe myself. How can u cheat me. I love u more than anything in this world but you don’t deserve me. I hate u. Never show your face again. Let’s BREAK UP...!!

Nooo... please...... shouts Sneha.

Sneha.... Sneha.... Preethi tries to wake Sneha up.

Sneha opens her eyes which was filled with tears.

Why r u crying Sneha? To when where u pleading...?Preethi asked wiping her sister’s tears.

I just had a nightmare. Sneha tried to compress her feelings.

Fine don’t worry I’m with u. Now sleep. Preethi says with concern.

I’m gonna miss u dii.... Sneha hugs Preethi

Even I’m going to miss u lot. Now sleep, we need to go shopping tomorrow to buy my wedding saree. Preethi kissed Sneha’s temple n cover her with duvet.

Sneha’s pov

Tic tic...tic tic.... good morning, I paused the sound of alarm. It’s the 5th time alarm tried to wake me up. Bt I just ignored it. I’m a lazy girl who gets up early in the morning, Yeah early means 10am. I love sleeping especially in the morning. I never wakes up by 5 or 6 six in the morning not even during my exams.

Sneha I told u that we r going for shopping today and still u r sleeping. Get up...... Preethi pulled Sneha’s duvet trying to wake her up.

Diii.... 10more minutes plz.....

No.... Preethi says sitting on the bed

Diii just get lost don’t disturb me. I really get angry if someone disturbs my beautiful sleep.

Ok Sneha. But bare me for a month. After that i’ll will be going to my in-laws house. No body will disturb u. Preethi says getting up from the bed.

Di... I love u. I hug my sister who was in tears

Hoo hooo... Save your tears for wedding day. My mom enters saying us to stop crying and get ready for shopping

We broke our hug and started laughing. My mom n Preethi went out of my room asking me to get ready fast.

I love my family. Ours is a small n cute family. Preethi, my mom, papa and me. Mrs Nithya Mohan my mom who spent all her life just taking care of her family. Mr. Mohan a business Mam who loves his wife n children more then his life. Preethi finished her fashion design n working at present. I myself finished my degree n still searching for job.

I took my shower n got ready wearing my blue jeans n red crop top with red shoes n blue sling bang with a scarf. I stepped down to the dining hall were all r waiting for me to eat breakfast fast.

See Sneha from tomorrow u ll be waking up early, we have lots to prepare for wedding and I can’t ask your sister to work for her own wedding. Did u get it? Mom asks sending me dragers.

Mama why can’t me heir a wedding organiser for dii wedding so u can be relaxed.

Look baby it’s a 1st wedding in our family after so many years. I want to and I ll do every work in my daughter’s wedding. I don’t want to be a stranger in my own daughters wedding. Now stop searching for excuses n listen to what I say. Mama became emotional.U both sisters r crazy. My father says with a smile.

We finished our breakfast and heard towards shopping.

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